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Monday, July 11, 2005

Support The Dorean Group ...

Usuryfree Creatives are invited to support The Dorean Group who are exposing the banking fraud, speciifically in the area of mortgages.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger usuryfree said...

Plaintive Cry of Borrowers

“We sought money from a creditor (lender) and became a debtor (borrower).

We borrowed the principal and unknowingly signed an impossible contract to repay the principal plus the usury.

We borrowed for possibilities and experienced impossibilities.

We borrowed for gain and achieved loss.

We borrowed for convenience and became inconvenienced.

We borrowed for social purposes and became anti-social.

We borrowed to get ahead and fell behind.

We borrowed to lessen our worries and saw them multiply.

We borrowed to experience heaven and ended up experiencing hell on earth.

We borrowed for power and joy and felt weakness and sorrow.

We borrowed in pursuit of ecstacy and experienced agony.

We borrowed to succeed and failed.

We borrowed to be free and found ourselves enslaved.

We borrowed to be empowered and found ourselves disempowered.

We borrowed to win and lost.

We borrowed to cope with economic life and experienced financial death.

We borrowed to have and now we have NOT.”


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