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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Global Power Project: Is the Bilderberg Group Picking Our Politicians?

By: Andrew Gavin Marshall

27 November 2014 - Originally posted at

 his is the second installment in a series examining the little known activities and individuals behind the Bilderberg Group. Read the first part here.
When it comes to the secretive meetings of the world’s financial, corporate, political and technocratic elites at the annual Bilderberg conferences, a common criticism from conspiracy theorists and others is that the group pre-selects major politicians – choosing presidents and prime ministers in private before populations have a chance to vote themselves.

Bilderberg participants contest this framing, suggesting that Bilderberg participants simply invite up-and-coming politicians who appear to have a bright future ahead of them.

The truth is that it’s a bit of both. Bilderberg invites politicians who appear to have an influential future in their respective nations, but their attendance at the meetings (depending on their ability to impress Bilderberg members and participants) can itself have a very significant influence on their political futures. This is because the industrialists, bankers and media moguls in attendance hold significant individual and collective power over the political processes across much of the Western world.

The main ideologies that pervade the group are an undeterred commitment to corporate and financial globalization, support of a Western-led world order, and the advancement and further institutionalization of global governance. Politicians who share similar views are more likely to be invited. As former Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon explained, “automatically around the table [at meetings] you have internationalists” who support European integration, the WTO and trans-Atlantic cooperation.

The result: invited politicians who impress the attended members and guests through speeches or contributions to debates are likely to gain the support of some of the world’s most powerful individuals and institutions. This is no absolute guarantee of political success for higher office, but there are numerous examples of politicians whose attendance may have provided supportive – or even pivotal – influence in their reaching higher office.

As Bilderberg’s former Steering Committee member Denis Healey explained in an interview with the Guardian, “Bilderberg is a way of bringing together politicians, industrialists, financiers and journalists. Politics should involve people who aren’t politicians. We make a point of getting along younger politicians who are obviously rising, to bring them together with financiers and industrialists who offer them wise words. It increases the chance of having a sensible global policy.”
Of course, the notion of what is “sensible” is clearly biased toward policies that benefit the interests and objectives of financiers and industrialists.

The Thatcher and Clinton Factors

One good example of this is the rise of Margaret Thatcher. In 1975, when Thatcher became the leader of the opposition in British Parliament, she was invited to that year’s Bilderberg conference. A Financial Times article that year by C. Gordon Tether noted that Thatcher and other British participants “were engaging – in company with a handful of British banking and industrial chiefs – in ‘completely private talks on world problems’ with the top-most brass of the international business community – the super-capitalists.”

The article noted that “if Bilderberg is not a conspiracy, it is conducted in such a way as to give a remarkably good imitation of one.”

Jon Ronson interviewed the member of Bilderberg (who remained anonymous) that had invited Thatcher to the meeting. The former Bilderberg member recalled that Thatcher had sat in silence for the first two days of the meeting, leading to some participants “grumbling” about this lady who “hasn’t said a word.” So the Bilderberg member spoke with Thatcher, and then, “the next day she suddenly stood up and launched into a three-minute Thatcher special… The room was stunned. Here’s something for your conspiracy theorists. As a result of that speech, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and the other Americans fell in love with her. They brought her over to America, took her around in limousines, and introduced her to everyone.” Four years later, Thatcher was Prime Minister, and her reign left a legacy of privatizations, neoliberalism and profit for the powerful.
But Thatcher is not the only politician who reached great heights after attending a Bilderberg meeting. Bill Clinton was invited to a 1991 meeting in Germany when he was the Governor of Arkansas. Two years later he would be the U.S. president. Clinton was invited by his friend and Bilderberg Steering Committee member Vernon E. Jordan Jr., a major corporate figure in America who later became known as President Clinton’s “closest confidant.”

As the Washington Post reported in 1998: “Plenty of governors try to make that scene; only Clinton got taken seriously at that meeting, because Vernon Jordan said he was okay.”

Vernon Jordan later recalled that after Bill Clinton won the presidential election and became president, “the steering committee of Bilderberg came to Washington in January, and I called the president up and said ‘Mr. President, they’re here’ – and he came to the Four Seasons hotel, and the Europeans felt like they owned them because they met him when he was totally unknown.”

Shaping Canada, America, the U.K. and beyond

Among the Canadian politicians who attended Bilderberg meetings before they became prime ministers were Pierre Trudeau, Paul Martin, Jean Chrétien and Stephen Harper. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had also attendedbefore becoming prime minister of the UK. Virtually all presidents of the European Commission attended Bilderberg meetings before being appointed to office.

In 2004, as John Kerry was running for president against George W. Bush, a potential running mate, John Edwards, was invited to speak at that year’s Bilderberg meeting. According to a report in the New York Times, John Edwards “spoke so well in a debate on American politics… that participants broke Bilderberg rules to clap before the end of the session.” A friend of John Kerry’s who had attended that meeting recalled that the speech by John Edwards “was important… I have no doubt the word got back to Mr. Kerry about how well he did.” Shortly after, Edwards was selected as Kerry’s running mate (though they clearly did not win the more important election that year).

Bilderberg’s Influence on Obama

In fact, it was a Bilderberg member, James A. Johnson, a prominent American corporate executive, who John Kerry tapped for choosing a running mate. And in 2008, that same Johnson “was tasked with spearheading Barack Obama’s 2008 search for a running mate.” As the Financial Times reported in May of 2008, James Johnson was appointed “to head a secret committee to produce a shortlist for [Obama’s] vice-presidential running mate,” though the Obama campaign refused to comment “on this process.”

From June 5 to 8 of 2008, Bilderberg was meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, just as the campaign to win the presidential nomination was heating up between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. As is typical during campaign season, the candidates traveled with a regular entourage of journalists. But on the night of June 5, following a campaign rally in Bristow, Virginia, Obama’s press entourage was “whisked away to Dulles Airport outside of Washington, D.C., to board a flight to Chicago,” as CBS reported.

The press waited on the plane for Obama, who was said to be doing interviews with local reporters. After an hour of waiting, the pilot informed the press that the plane was about to take off, without Obama on board, leading many journalists to feel that they “had all been duped.” Robert Gibbs, Obama’s communications director (and later press secretary) informed the reporters on the plane that Obama decided to stay behind in Washington for “meetings,” though he refused to say whom the meetings were with. Gibbs explained: “It wasn’t an attempt to deceive in any way, it’s just private meetings.” 

Shortly after the plane landed in Chicago, Gibbs informed the press that Obama had gone to meet with Hillary Clinton, though provided no details of the meeting or where it took place.

At the time, there was speculation that both Obama and Clinton had gone to attend the Bilderberg meeting taking place nearby. Though never confirmed, the question remains, and two days after the “private meetings,” Hillary withdrew from the race and Obama became the presidential nominee. Later, as president, Obama gave Clinton the role of Secretary of State.

In the summer of 2012, John Kerry attended the Bilderberg meeting, and he went on to replace Hillary Clinton as Obama’s Secretary of State for the second term. Forbes noted that Kerry’s attendance at the Bilderberg meeting may have helped his selection as secretary – also noting that Canadian Mark Carney had attended his first Bilderberg meeting in 2011 when he was Governor of the Bank of Canada, and was invited back in 2012 when he attended alongside British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. Within a couple months of the meeting, Osborne announced Carney’s appointment as the Governor of the Bank of England – the first time a non-British citizen was appointed to head the institution.

Just prior to being appointed as President of the European Council in 2009, Belgian politician Herman Van Rompuy attended a “secret dinner” of the Bilderberg group’s Steering Committee in order “to promote his candidacy.” He was invited by then-Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon, and attending members included other leading industrialists and financiers as well as influential figures like Henry Kissinger. Van Rompuy impressed the audience. He later served as President of the European Council from 2009 to 2014.

Attending Bilderberg is not a guarantee of higher office, but it can often support a rapid rise to state power for politicians who impress the members and guests at the annual meetings. As Etienne Davignon explained, Bilderberg’s Steering Committee “does its best assessment of who are the bright new boys or girls in the beginning phase of their career who would like to get known.”

Andrew Gavin Marshall is a freelance writer and researcher based in Montreal, Canada. 

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Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Reasons Why Usury Should Be Banned From Society

[these are all intrinsically related]
1/. We had ought to learn from cultural history
Usury is banned from Islamic society and was originally banned in orthodox Christianity. Unfortunately a vast amount of Muslims do trade within this usury-based system. However these religions have already worked out the pervasive and destructive force in their societies of making profit from borrowing. Interest off of interest. They knew it was simply wrong. It works against nature, against social structures and of course against God’s laws. 

This is why ‘Jubilee’ was created, in order to wipe out debt after seven years.
These people of these cultures, within these religions were not idiots; their social and ethical values had substance. We must reflect on what has worked in society and what doesn’t. Usury doesn’t work for the benefit of society. It only works for the benefit of the satanic controllers of society – because that is what it is designed for.

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
 2/. It is an indirect form of slavery
Why should one class of people benefit off the sweat, toil, hardships and sacrifices of others(?) It keeps huge amounts of people in bondage – from their natural state of freedom. It binds society down on every level. People every day in almost every region of the world are getting up each morning to work for usury and not really for the benefit of their families or society. And they don’t even know it. This is how deceptive this cancerous judaic system is.

kUsury = slavery

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
 3/. It enables societies to become usurped
It’s not money which these usurpers want. They have enough of that, as they print the stuff. Money is just their weapon, in order to accumulate vast amounts of real WEALTH, forests, land, minerals, people, industries, etc.

Usury is just a clever deception tool to carry out THEFT

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
 4/. It accumulates vast amounts of finances by one set of people to be used for death and destruction
It’s always always the bankers who finance wars. Who just happen to be of Jewish origin. It also finances eugenics programmes, such as: vaccines programmes, AIDS epidemics, abortion and euthanasia as being normal. Plus all the other forms of killing for other non-human sentient beings such as: vivisection, slaughterhouses, blood ‘sports’, etc.

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
 5/. It draws people away from spirituality
It maintains people’s mindsets in the illusory material world. It maintains us all in this snatch n grab mindset of every ‘thing’ in society must have a monetary value to it, rather than just having value within itself for the benefit of us all – for society. We cannot just give, provide for one another through simple giving, just for the sake of giving, without being pressured to gain from some sort of usury exchange. This maintains us in a worldly and even body consciousness – not a spiritually driven soul consciousness, where we are simply serving others.

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
 6/. It captures people in a false sense of lack of abundance
Despite us all frantically working, there just never seems to be enough resources. Never enough food, shelter, water, medicines. We always seem to be in a state of ‘if we just do this and if we just do that – then we’ll get there. One day. It is insanity. The world is indeed insane. There always has been abundance and there is today. There is no excuse for people lacking basic needs and essentials to live. No need for people to live without relative comfort, and no need for this constant artificial fear of lack off.
It is only because we have all been tricked into believing material objects have a fiat-based monetary value to them, that we are conditioned to believe there is not enough to go around. The power of deception.

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
 7/. It plays on people’s lower states
Gotta have, gotta get, gotta pay back, gotta have more. One could argue, mankind has always been this way; but usury keeps people in such a worldly bondage. It predominantly keeps people locked into attachment mode, because we have such a false, almost inverted value on material possessions. Desire/lust and greed are also part of this equation. Then ego gets dragged into all of this as the cherry on the usury cake. These are all elements within our low vibrational state of being, but usury really is the lubricant which helps keeps all these destructive elements flowing.

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
8/. It is a murder weapon Not only does it finance wars, but it indirectly and directly destroys people’s lives through accumulative stress and strain, which in vast amounts of cases, ends up prematurely killing people. Also the staggering amounts of people who have committed suicide throughout the ages due to interest-driven debt.

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
9/. It enhances separatism 
There are many people in society who look down on others who are not financially secure. There are divisions between financial classes. This has always been to an extent, but usury enhances this due to the way it is driven. It’s foundation is built on feeding off of others – off their labour and resources, which in itself creates divisions. There is a big difference between this and traditional simple exchange of goods and services. We can see more than ever now in society the financial class divisions; even between siblings.

Which society has now been conditioned to think as being NORMAL behaviour.
10/. Usury disables society
It ensures people are always in a basic survival mode. Entrapped, enslaved, keeping most of us just about getting by, or head above water. Because most of us ‘waste’ this precious existence with this hamster wheel approach to life, we don’t really get a chance to stop and contemplate what’s it all about. This is lethal on every level. Socially, ethically and of course spiritually.

That is why society never really seems to evolve, despite us always talking about progress, progress, progress. We are not progressing as people, we are regressing all the time. Usury always the curse on society, always holding us back. It is because the global markets are perpetually punctured by this demonic sword, we are never really able to progress for the sake of altruism and goodness of mankind. We could easily eliminate all diseases, all wars, all social disruptions, had we not allowed ourselves to become entangled in the shackles of usury.

Usury is demonic and EVIL!
1/. We had ought to learn from cultural history
2/. It is an indirect form of slavery
3/. It enables societies to become usurped
4/. It accumulates vast amounts of finances by one set of people to be used for death and destruction
5/. It draws people away from spirituality
6/. It captures people in a false sense of lack of abundance
7/. It plays on people’s lower states
8/. It is a murder weapon
9/. It enhances separatism
10/. Usury disables society

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winged Lion Awards for UsuryFree Week 2014

The Winged Lion Awards are in honour of the ‘Winged Lion’ – which is the historical symbol of usuryfree money. The Winged Lion Awards are presented to the winners from the nominated usuryfree creatives on behalf of the UsuryFree Network during the Annual UsuryFree Week scheduled from November 13th, until November 19th, each year. This year we celebrated the 10th Annual UsuryFree Week.

Nominations are commonly accepted from local, national and international usuryfree creatives.

The winners of the Winged Lion Awards are honoured at a special event each year during the celebration of UsuryFree Week.

Nominations are currently open for the following 15 categories for 2015 - ideas for additional categories are welcomed:

1. A community that has launched new paper notes of usuryfree community currency during the current year. This community must have done something unique for their launch of paper notes of usuryfree community currency. Samples of the paper notes and details of this unique activity must be submitted with the nomination.

2. An individual usuryfree creative who has authored a unique article about the design flaw of usury during the current year. A copy of the article must be submitted with the nomination.

3. An individual usuryfree creative who has authored a unique article about the usuryfree community currency movement during the current year. A copy of the article must be submitted with the nomination.

4. An individual usuryfree creative who has authored a noteworthy quote about usuryfree living during the current year. A copy of the quote must be submitted with the nomination.

5. A newspaper or magazine that has published at least one article about the usuryfree community currency movement during the current year. A copy of the newspaper or magazine containing the article must be submitted with the nomination.

6. An individual usuryfree creative who has traded for more than $1000.00 worth of any usuryfree community currency or any combination of two or more usuryfree community currencies during the current year. Proof of amount of trading must be submitted with the nomination.

7. An internet company that is facilitating the completion of an online database of usuryfree creatives who are committed to advancing the mission of connecting the various usuryfree community currency groups – locally, nationally and internationally. Details of the project must be submitted with the nomination.

8. An individual usuryfree creative who is dedicated to the political application of usuryfree living at any level of politics – municipal, provincial/state or federal. Details of the political activity must be submitted with the nomination.

9. An individual usuryfree creative who has produced a DVD or video during the current year wherein the problems of usury and/or the solutions as offered by the usuryfree community currency movement are presented. A copy of the DVD must be submitted with the nomination.

10. An individual musician or a musical group that has written a song about usury-based economics or usuryfree economics during the current year. A copy of the song must be submitted with the nomination.

11. A duly registered political party that officially endorses the usuryfree community currency movement. Proof in writing from the duly registered political party must be submitted with the nomination. This duly registered political party may be provincial/state or federal.

12. An individual or group of usuryfree creatives who has/have planned and hosted a usuryfree community currency conference during the current year. A copy of the schedule of events for the conference complete with the location and date must be submitted with the nomination.

13. A charitable foundation/organization that openly supports the usuryfree community currency movement. Details of how this particular foundation/organization supports the usuryfree community currency movement must be submitted with the nomination.

14. A member of the clergy (from any denomination) who is actively speaking out against the design flaw of usury and its eveil effects on individuals and on society. Proof of his/her usuryfree mission must be submitted with the nomination.

15. An individual usuryfree creative who incessantly seeks justice in matters relating to taxes and usury in their JUST-US system of commerce where it is enforced by their judges. Details of how justice is sought by this individual usuryfree creative must be submitted with the nomination.

NOTE: Readers are invited to suggest additional categories that could be considered for a nomination for a Winged Lion Award in the future. Send your suggestion to the The UsuryFree Network at the address below.

All nominations for 2015, must be submitted in writing. All nominations must be signed by the nominee and the seconder and mailed to: The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1 

OR email your nomination to: with “Winged Lion Award” in the Subject line. And do this before October 30, 2015, so that the awards can be prepared for UsuryFree Week.


UsuryFree Creative: ‘One who is dedicated to living a usuryfree lifestyle.’
UsuryFree Network: ‘A private network of usuryfree creatives who are actively promoting the usuryfree lifestyle.’
Winged Lion: ‘The historical symbol of usuryfree money is re-born and is printed on various paper notes of usuryfree community currency in this 21st Century.’
John Jensen accepts the Winged Lion Award for Cinema Academica

Jean-Serge Brisson accepts his Winged Lion Award
Sydney Whites accepts her Winged Lion Award
John Turmel accepts his Winged Lion Award
Rev. Lindsay King accepts the Winged Lion Award for The Family Life Foundation

The nonimees for Winged Lion Awards in for the 10th Annual UsuryFree Week, November 13th to 19th, 2014:

1. Wayne Walton

2. John Turmel

3. David Wiley

4. Jean-Serge Brisson

5. Cinema Academica

6. Anthony Migchels

7. Tom Greco

8. Sylvain Henry

9. Matthew Racicot

10. Joyce Riley

11. Family Life Foundation

12. Sydney White

13. David Lindsay

14. Canada The Nation

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From the Middle Class to the Mutual Class

By Paul Glover

Americans have the tools and money to create an America where all workers are employed, whose every square mile is beautiful; whose cities are safe playgrounds for children; whose food is fresh and affordable; whose waters are clean from sea to crystal sea.  An America run by Americans for Americans is fully capable of rebuilding all homes so they're earthquake-proof, hurricane-proof, tornado-proof, flood-proof, drought-proof, fireproof, and bank-proof.  When Americans take control of money, we are wealthy enough to build an America where it's easy to stay healthy and to get healed; where costs of living get smaller and our lives get bigger.

What blocks these goals?  Both Us and Them

On the one hand, all of America's institutions have become too big to change.  Like sumo wrestlers in a basketball game, they move too slow.  Big Government, Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Finance, Big Agriculture, Big Highway, Big Education, Big Military, Big Prison, Big Police, Big Poverty-- these feed on disaster and control.  They no longer exist primarily to fix problems, but to grow.

Then on the other hand, millions of us are employed by these institutions to enforce the past.  Millions of us depend on their stocks.  Many of us watch their commercials and obey their laws.  Many prefer dull safety to risky action, even to save America.  We drive straight, even when the road curves.

Therefore the American economy wallows like a car stuck deep in mud with an elephant sitting on the roof, dragged by a lazy donkey, going nowhere but deeper.

As a result, the Middle Class dream has become a burden sinking millions through mortgage, insurance, utilities, tuition, credit card fees, cars and fashion.  Consumerism by liberals and conservatives alike has depleted America's essential resources and our national sovereignty.

The next American generations will never achieve Middle Class excess.  That standard merely rubs it in.  Fortunately, though, Millennials can become a prosperous Mutual Class by starting genuinely nonprofit mutual aid systems that enable them to live well by sharing resources.  Such programs were widespread and successful one hundred years ago.

Through them we create millions of jobs that revive our neighborhoods.  We give ourselves raises by lowering prices.  And all our current skills are employed while we enjoy new talents.

Young and old, we will become the government as we create these regional food systems and regional stock exchanges, establish green co-housing programs and green labor administrations, reduce dependence on fossil fuels toward zero, replace automobile space with train and bike space, convert vacant urban land into greenhouses and orchards, develop co-operative health plans and clinics, issue our own education credentials and our own community money.

Such local systems prepare us to take power by creating parallel authority.  By taking power together we regain time for creative individuality.  We move from dependence to ownership.


The Mutual Class will also pioneer Mutual Enterprise-- local businesses committed to community, ecology, and social justice.

Let's look at a sample Mutual Day.  We start with sex and music, then breakfast.  We walk or bike to work, four days per week.  After three hours work, we return home for a long lunch and sex, or we eat with co-workers: we discuss work plans, utility and durability of product, marketing, sales, prices and wages.  Then two more hours of work.  We have time and energy for an afternoon stroll or game, then prepare dinner, make music, make love (Why so much sex?  Because we're relaxed).  We finish with an evening stroll in our beautiful neighborhood.

To achieve such better dreams, Americans must at the same time confront anti-American institutions.  Laws that forbid urgent change are a cage for us to die in.  Regulations must be broken when they  block American liberation from debt, layoffs, foreclosure and bankruptcy, earthquakes, tornados, floods, heat waves, cold snaps, blackouts and traffic jams.

This is merely the revolutionary American tradition that ended slavery, gained votes for women, won the eight-hour workday, secured civil rights, and started this nation.  By contrast, conferences and elections are powerless displays.

Yet the most direct path to deflate bad authority is to withdraw personal dependence.  Time to leave the car in the mud and get back on track.  Use train, bike or feet rather than car.  Shop less and shop local.  Move your money into a local bank or credit union.  Insulate your housing.  Be a creator, not a consumer.  Eat less meat or none.  Have one or fewer children.


The next America will look entirely different than the one we know.  We'll have fun building it and our grandchildren will thank us.  America went to the moon.  Now America will go to the future.

Paul Glover is founder of Ithaca HOURS local currency, Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP), League of Uninsured Voters (LUV), Citizen Planners of Los Angeles, Patch Adams Free clinic, Ithaca Health Alliance and a dozen more groups that transfer power to America's grassroots.  He is author of Health Democracy, Green Jobs Philly, Hometown Money, A Crime Not a Crisis.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In Pursuit of the Truth About Usury

I love the inquisitive expression on the boy's face as he asks the question:
One more article for sharing as we approach the end of yet another UsuryFree Week (November 13th to 19th, 2014 - The 10th Annual UsuryFree Week.

 By Tom J Kennedy

The exacting of interest (which ought to be correctly defined as usury) on debtor’s loans and mortgages has been so universally accepted for so long that any suggestion that diverts attention from the usual understanding of such is likely to be considered as outright heresy.

For the entire 20th Century and into this 21st Century, it has been taught by the “authorities” in the system that usury is a necessary and beneficial function of our orthodox, economic system of debt money.

This false teaching has been accepted by the multiple millions of debtors (individuals, families, businesses, governments, countries etc.) who are unknowingly subservient to their greedy creditors.

Over the years there has been some evidence of minimal dispute, but these occasional objections have a history of being “lunacy” and/or “impossible.”

The exacting of usury on money (show me any piece of money that can pro-create babies of its own accord?) has been the accepted, false teaching about money and the repercussions are now being felt by the debtors all over the world as we witness a global, economic decline.

During this 10th Annual UsuryFree Week, November 13th to 19th, 2014 (and for the other 51 weeks of the year) readers are invited to do some research on (a) the design flaw of usury and how it inflicts economic pain on debtors and (b) the usuryfree community currency movement and how it liberates its participants from the albatross of usury.

Find out if what debtors have taken for granted is factual or false in the light of Natural or Divine Law.

Some useful recommended resources to review as you pursue the “truth” about usury: 

1. Resources To Be Shared During The 10th Annual UsuryFree Week

2. Seeking UsuryFree Utopia in 2015 and Beyond

3. Hold Usury Unenforceable

4. My Presentation at the 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba

My Blogs:

5. The UsuryFree Eye Opener
6. The UsuryFree Network
7. UsuryFree Creatives
8. The UsuryFree SDI University

Relevant Quotes:

“Usuryfree trust is like communal trust - it is very co-operative, wholesomely honest, full of integrity and more vast than you can possibly imagine.” - Tom J. Kennedy

“Share what you know, so that other may learn ‘what they don’t know they don’t know.” Marvel at honour and rejoice in becoming usuryfree. Enjoy the beauty of the world about you in this incarnation. Steer a course that leads to universal truth and invites others to follow your path. Keep a vision in your mind, a song in your heart and respect the worth of each person with whom you come into contact. Love your fellow man and aspire to experience the reality of usuryfree living.” - Tom J. Kennedy

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Jekyll Island - A New Film Documentary

A new film documentary scheduled for release on December 4, 2014.

Witness the greatest rip-off in history: the real ways money and debt are created and controlled. This affects everyone on the planet, and is the root cause of all of our economic problems today.

What's the problem with the world economy? It's debt -- too much personal debt -- too much corporate debt -- and most importantly, too much government debt.

"People have a natural tendency to want to spend now and pay later. They will usually take any type of loans offered. It's the same for governments. If governments can spend by borrowing, they will do it. What's government's option; anger the voters in the here and now by having to raise taxes immediately to cover their reckless spending to get themselves re-elected? No way! If loans are offered, governments will always choose borrowing.

The problem is that debt carries interest and the interest is strangling the life out of the economy of every nation on earth.

But most importantly, it's not just the amount of interest paid to the banks - those who give the loans -- it's the control over political process this debt gives the banks. We can never fix the instability in the world economic system until we forbid government borrowing.

Why? Because as Proverbs warns us: "The borrower is servant to the lender."

Economic instability always favors the banks and financial speculators. Economic stability always favors we, the people and the cause of human freedom. If banks are in control of the money, there is NO WAY they will ever create a stable system.

This will come as a surprise to most people, but today nations do not control their national money supply. Today, most money is created by banks -- as loans. It's not what backs the money that is important. It is who is controlling the quantity. Today, banks are in complete control of the quantity of the money in every nation. As a result banks have seized control of the entire democratic process and will, by this seizure, reverse humanity's thousand-year march towards freedom.

The good news is that it doesn't need to be this way. Banks don't need to be in control. Governments don't need to borrow. Governments don't need a national debt.

This is a relatively recent phenomenon. As long as we allow government borrowing -- the cancer at the core of all our economic problems -- we will never return governments to true democratic republics. They will all be just shams -- fakes -- appearing to go through the motions of free elections when in reality the big banks have effective control over the democratic process. This means that no government which borrows from banks can ever pass effective legislation to reverse this usurpation of humanity's quest for political freedom.

Yekra Player
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Jekyll Island

In this powerful, eye-opening film, investigative journalist and award-winning filmmaker Bill Still (“The Money Masters” and “The Secret of Oz”) unravels the secretive 1913 formation of the privately owned Federal Reserve and the creation of National Debt by Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and representatives of J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and Kuhn, Loeb & Co., at Jekyll Island in Georgia, USA . Still reveals the greatest rip-off in history: the real ways in which money and debt are created and controlled. Jekyll Island argues the case that economic depressions are abnormal, that nations across the globe do not need national debt, and that governments are not printing too much money, but borrowing wildly. In the face of mounting debts and a reduction in the standards of living worldwide, he explains that those who are profiting from this crippling financial problem, want us, the public, to remain confused about what money really is and how it was created. However, Jekyll Island’s good news is the claim that we can fix this global problem, without wars or a revolution; just a clear understanding of the problem and its surprisingly simple solution.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Teacher in Mexico Dares To Teach About "Chemtrails"

Hans Oellers

"First teacher in the world who teaches about chemtrails at school! - Finally the truth is taught. In Mexico City a teacher in a University is talking about NWO topics to the students. As we all know normally these kinds of topics are forbidden to talk about. School books are manipulated and censored (like the media is). 

But Hans Oellers, a true activist and language teacher gives a shit about the "rules" and does it his own way. He says: "If we don´t wake up this and upcoming generations there will be no hope of a positive change. Children have to know what´s really going on and learn the truth. We have to open their eyes to fight the NWO with their dirty plans and save the future of humanity." 

Ok, it´s me, Hans - I hope more people copy my idea and help to wake up others (sheeple). It´s on all of us who are awaken. It´s not too late. We can do it!"

Spanish Translation:

"Primer profesor quién enseña a sus alumnos asuntos sobre el "Nuevo Orden Mundial". Su primer tema fue "Chemtrails". - Por fin se enseña la verdad. En la Ciudad de México un maestro de idiomas incluye estos temas en sus clases. Ya sabemos todos que normalmente estos temas son prohibidos y no se tocan en público. Los libros de enseñanza son manipulados y censurados (así como los medios son). 

Pero Hans Oellers, un activista y profesor de idiomas le valen mutter estas reglas y encontró su propio camino en la enseñanza. Él dice: "Si no despertamos esta generación y las que siguen no habrá esperanza para cambios positivos. Los niños deberían saber la verdad y lo que está pasando en el mundo. Tenemos que abrirles los ojos y combatir con este conocimiento los planes sucios del nuevo orden mundial y salvar la humanidad." - Bueno, soy yo, Hans Ya saben, soy muy rebelde y quiero lo mejor para todos. 

Espero que otros también hablen de estos temas para despertar a los que aún creen en los gobiernos y la tele. Todo depende de nosotros quienes conocen lo que está pasando. Aún estamos a tiempo. Y si se pued." 

NOTE: This posted is copied from the Facebook group titled: The Chemtrail Girls.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Seeking UsuryFree Utopia in 2015 and Beyond

By Tom J. Kennedy

November 13, 2014 is UsuryFree Day and the following week is the 10th anniversary for UsuryFree Week. It is exciting that more and more debtors are awakening to the need for a shift from usury-bearing, debt money to usuryfree community currency - with a specific focus on usuryfree time currency as the optimal choice for local, national and international trades or exchanges. 

Each year during UsuryFree Week - November 13th to 19th, usuryfree creatives share information and resources on two specific topics (a) the problems associated with the design flaw of usury on our orthodox, economic debt money system and (b) solutions as offered by the usuryfree community currency movement.

During this coming year, more local communities will launch a usuryfree community currency and it will be mutually beneficial for all who choose to participate. AND know that a usuryfree time currency is the optimal community currrency.

On UsuryFree Day (November 13th) and during UsuryFree Week (November 13th to 19th) and in fact for the other 51 weeks of the year, we-the-usuryfree-creatives invite debtors everywhere to participate in the re-education process by sharing printed documents and/or video documentaries on topics related to money, banking, usury-based debt money and usuryfree community currencies. 

Together, we are showing the economic world a new direction for monetary reform. All debt-burdened debtors will eventually follow our example. 

The voice of usuryfree creatives who reject usury and the New World Order has been sorely missing from the ongoing debates about cutbacks and the ever-present shortage of funds. The awakening of my fellow-Canadians is helping to shatter that silence. In recent months, I have been hearing from countless Canadians like myself and my family.

They are rejecting the erosion of freedom and the intrusion of the police state. They are sick and tired of being over-taxed while rising usury rates diminish their monthly earnings. They are sick and tired of usurious service charges on their debit and credit card accounts, thereby creating record profits for the banking corporations.

They are sick and tired of the relentless attempts by Big Brother to shore up their cash by instilling fear in merchants so that they are afraid to accept $50. and $100. bills for the purchase of products and/or services. And they are especially sick and tired of politicians at the municipal, provincial and federal level of government forsaking leadership - and selling out to the usury elitists.

In summary, they are sick and tired of being financially enslaved, foreclosed upon, bankrupted, unemployed, destitute and dispossessed when their property is being seized, They correctly view their earnings or money as their property as well as their material possessions. Fourteen years into this 21st Century, we the usuryfree creatives, who are awakening, are vowing to spend our money differently to achieve a different result.

Our plans for a local and national network of home-based and small to medium-sized community businesses nudges the door open to initiate barter and trade within our own loyal database whereby each of us will create and spend our own usuryfree time currency. It has been suggested that we refer to this new database as the Third Market Network.

Indeed, we-the-people are prepared to break the cycle of oppression now that we have identified it and learned from where it comes. To understand the enslaving effect of the design flaw of usury, we must understand a few things. What is usury? What is its function? Who is really in control of the usury machinery? What can we do to effect change NOW?

What is usury? Usury is the correct word to define “interest on debt” as exacted by bankers. Usury is never created and issued into circulation simultaneously with the principal when a loan or mortgager is issued by the banking institutions. BUT, usury is exacted as a monthly payment. Its function is to directly legalize plunder by stealing the wealth from we-the-people.

The banking syndicate is really in control of the usury machinery. They are rich and we are poor BUT we are changing that. We are making change happen by making conscious decisions to spend our money differently. Permit me to clearly explain the problem and then I’ll focus on the solution.

Contrary to popular belief, money for consumer loans/mortgages is not borrowed from depositors’ funds. For every new mortgage, personal loan or vehicle loan, new money (the principal) is created out of nothing by the stroke of a banker’s pen because the federal government has given him/her the license to do so.

The rate of usury which is exacted on the loan is never directly created, therefore, the usury rate percentage as demanded by the banker on the debt is never in our orthodox monetary system. Consequently, the debt can never be repaid, instead more money is borrowed into existence and the debt grows exponentially.

It is important to understand that if one individual or business is fortunate to be able to earn sufficient money to pay back the principal and the usury, it follows that another individual or business will be short of funds and face bankruptcy or foreclosure. This is the reality of the design flaw of usury. There is simply not enough money circulating in the monetary system for the sum of all our loans/mortgages to be paid back.

We-the-people are playing in a usurious game of financial chairs whereby we are all scrambling to earn sufficient money to pay our usury and taxes while the system teaches us to try to take advantage of each other to earn that little extra to ensure our financial survival.

We have come to accept that selfish gratification at the expense of others, is acceptable in this vicious cycle. The shortage of funds that causes debt slavery and permeates every level of society is directly related to the function of usury, and it’s everywhere. Our current usury-based monetary system is immoral and genocidal. It’s time to change it NOW by spending our money within home-based businesses and/or with small to medium-sized businesses in our respective local communities.

It is time that we-the-people create a Third Market Network to enable astute consumers to purchase our goods and/or services from within a loyal database. By committing to do so we can also revive the concept of negotiating trades/exchanges for the mutual benefit of all who choose to participate.

After all, why should we-the-people keep using their (the bankers’) money and keep paying them a fee (usury) when we can now create and spend our own usuryfree time currency for FREE?

By covering our wholesale costs with federal cash and agreeing to accept a portion of our profit margins in UFOH’s which will be gratefully accepted by other participating traders within the Third Market Network, we are empowering ourselves and re-building the spirt of local community.

Indeed, we-the-people can effect the change we envision NOW by making a conscious decision to spend our money differently in 2014 and beyond. As an informed and astute consumer, you are invited to embrace the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry and make a commitment to spend a portion of your monthly purchases of products from your own home-based business and from other participating SDI entrepreneurs, thereby facilitating the bartering process which is being networked by awakened leaders in the SDI industry. More relevant information is posted at the UsuryFree SDI University.

This is money that you are spending anyway to support your lifestyle, so you will be simply making an informed choice to spend the amount of money differently. There is no additional expense to simply switch your shopping habits to shop-at-home and there’s many benefits available to those preferred customers who choose to do so. 

Readers are invited to research the home-based businesses and the SDI industry and seek to network with active SDI entrepreneurs in your respective, local community, and make a conscious decision to participate as a trader within the usuryfree time currency movement as it becomes more popular in this 21st Century.

I have proposed a (UFOH) UsuryFree Ottawa Hour - with a value of $12.00 for one hour of basic, unskilled or student labour. (see sample below) 

We need to raise sufficient funds to print the paper notes of UFOH’s and invite willing participants to create a list of “offers” and “requests” and then we can start negotiating trades/exchanges.

For more information send an email to: with “Third Market Network” or “UFOH” in the subject line.

Sample of UFOH (UsuryFree Ottawa Hour)

NOTE: Other relevant articles for the 10th Annual UsuryFree Week:

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