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Saturday, August 22, 2009

James Hart says: "Congress Can Issue UsuryFree Money."

Stop Promising Tax Cuts We Can't Deliver - Issue Usury Free Money - Only Then Can We Cut Taxes

"The politicians who tell you they will cut taxes are playing you like the shareholders of Enron. Don't you believe it. The fact is that taxes can not be cut because the budget cannot be balanced because of usury, euphemistically referred to as interest on the national debt. This usury has compounded for years until it is now in the trillions of dollars. Why do American workers have to pay usury/interest on their own money? Ask you congressman. If the government can print usury bearing treasury bonds to finance the government, as they do today, why can they not just as easily print usury free dollars like Lincoln did? If he had not been assassinated, our national debt today would be zero. There is absolutely no reason why workers should allow bankers to claim a divine right to usury today any more than King George III had a divine right 200 years ago. My first task as congressman will to be vote to issue usury free dollars, only then can I cut your taxes.

The statutory authority that gives congress the power to issue usury free money is clearly derived from article 1 section 8 of the constitution, which gives congress the power to coin money and determine value thereof. Clearly, if the government has the right to issue usury bearing bonds as they do now, they also have the right to issue usury free paper money as Lincoln did. It is a waste of time, it not outright dishonesty to pretend that we can solve our financial problems with tax limitations, tax reform, tax relief, balanced budget amendments or spending restraints. What we need is honest usury free dollars and I propose to give you exactly that. Every year inflation destroys the purchasing power of our dollar. Today it is not even half what is was twenty years ago. Someday it will be zero. You can thank your congressman for that."

From the website:

James Hart is running for Congress in Tennessee.


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