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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kennedy Hours - my own usuryfree wampum ...

A long time ago, a very good friend of mine gave me a piece of good advice about group or committee work. He said: "The best committee for action, - to get things done - is a committee of three, where two stay at home."

I have been advocating the concept of "usuryfree community currency" since I first learned of Michael Linton's initiative in the early 1980's when he created the usuryfree, LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software to facilitate trades/exchanges among community participants in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

I was active with the Ottawa LETSystem in the 1980's and 1990's until it folded for lack of 'interest,' (pun intended). I helped found and launch the Tamworth Hours project in 2004 and the Unity Project in the Madawaska Valley shortly thereafter. These projects flounder along with a only a few dedicated and active participants while most people choose to stand by the sidelines and wait to see if the concept works.

Well, various models of usuryfree community currency have evolved since the first LETSystem was created. All of the models work, now we can create hybrids by adapting the optimal elements from any or all of the proven models of usuryfree community currency.

Additionally, the concept of shopping within our own loyal networks of 'locavores' - people who make a conscious decision to shop locally instead of shopping with the giant transnational corporations is gaining widesparead support. So, instead of waiting for any group or committee to launch a usuryfree community currency, I have taken the initiative to launch my own, personal, usuryfree wampum called "Kennedy Hours."

I prefer to refer to "Kennedy Hours" as my personal, usuryfree wampum to avoid any hassles from the so-called "authorities" from any and all levels of government. The words "money" and/or "currency" seem to rattle the bureaucrats who are intent on serving and protecting the usurers - the banking cartel that has been ruling the world for centuries.

I also prefer the model of a time-based, usuryfree personal wampum, as it can be traded locally, nationally and/or internationally - since one hour of time has a value of 60 minutes everywhere on planet earth. It is my humble observation that we can trade time without paying exchange fees to any orthodox, financial institution.

I have deemed my hour of basic, unskilled labour to be equivalent in value to $13.00 (Canadian Funds). I happen to like the number "13" and therefore, it is my choice to use "13" to value my one hour of basic, unskilled labour. This is more than the minimum wage BUT not greedy or excessive. Other private traders might choose to value their one hour of time at $12.00 (Canadian Funds) - simply because the number "12" is more easily divided and/or multiplied. Either value works and trades can be negotiated even if the hour values are different.

For example, I offer my time and basic labour to others within my loyal networks of family, friends, neighbours, and business associates in exchange for a one hour, usuryfree, time-note - the "Kennedy Hour" or a usuryfree, time-note of equivalent value, from any other family or clan known to my directly and/or indirectly.

When I offer consulting as a "usuryfree creative," it is valued according to my research, re-education, energy and time that I have invested over the past 30 years.

My offer of consulting as a "usuryfree creative" is valued at $104.00 (Canadian Funds) per hour. Another way of stating it is I offer one hour of consulting as a "usuryfree creative" in exchange for 8 "Kennedy Hours" or 8 usuryfree, time-notes of equivalent value. The mathematical calculation is as follows: 8 x $13.00 = $104.00

Any professional can do the mathematics and multiply the basic hourly rate by the multiplier to calculate the fair, market value of any skill or service offered.

I also offer various products and I agree to accept a portion of "Kennedy Hours" or any other usuryfree community currency as complement with a negotiated amount of federal cash. For example, I offer 500 ml bottles of colloidal silver as a natural anti-biotic. The retail value of a 500 ml bottle of colloidal silver is $30.00 (Canadian Funds). I accept $20.25 (Canadian Funds) and 3/4 of a "Kennedy Hour" (valued at $9.75) for a total of $30.00 - when I sell a bottle of colloidal silver to a participating locavore.

I offer various books for sale. For example, I offer the new book "Escape In Prison" by Madame Ghis. The retail value of the book is $20.00 (Canadian Funds). I accept $13.50 (Canadian Funds) and 1/2 of a "Kennedy Hour" (valued at $6.50) for a total of $20.00 - when I sell this book to a participating locavore.

I offer quality, organic healthy foods. For example, I on an order of organic foods with a retail value of $100.00 I accept $87.00 (Canadian Funds) and one "Kennedy Hour" (valued at $13.00).

I trust that these examples display how creating your own, usuryfree, personal wampum can be mutually beneficial for all who choose to participate.

You are invited to create and spend your own usuryfree, personal, wampum and list your "offers and "requests" and thereby expand our loyal and inter-connecting databases.

I live in eastern Ontario BUT know that I have negotiated exchanges with participating traders within my loyal networks in Tamworth, Napanee, Toronto, Brantford, Cambridge, Trenton, Kingston, Montreal and smaller towns in between.

NOTE: Readers are invited to view samples of other usuryfree community currencies at this link at Facebook:



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hey dude- this is long beach ca.-names chester, pleased 2 meetcha. looking for some updated downloadable info about the lets system and kennedy hours- any info greatly appreciated...... e-mail at thanx


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