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Monday, February 15, 2010

The UsuryFree Resolution

The Phi Curve otherwise known as the Fibonacci Series is named after its founder, Leonardo Bigollo Finonacci. The Phi Curve is a series of numbers defining the natural order of things in the universe. Phi (1.618033989) is a magical, mystical, unending number which creates a rapid spiraling energy. Perhaps the Phi Curve can be used to accelerate the UsuryFree Resolution – note it’s a ‘Resolution’ and not a ‘Revolution.’

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The Phi Curve:
1 + 2 = 3
2 + 3 = 5
3 + 5 = 8
5 + 8 = 13
8 + 13 = 21 etc.

Since the number 13 is within the spiraling Phi energy and prominent in the evolving pyramidal shape, some usuryfree creatives are adopting what they believe is the optimal strategy to advance the UsuryFree Resolution during these transitory times. They are valuing their one hour of time for basic, unskilled labour at $13.00 (Canadian funds).

This is above the minimum wage as legislated by the federal government. Any community launching a usuryfree time currency with their one hour of time valued at $13.00 (Canadian Funds) can quite easily multiply to find the value equivalent for more than one hour or divide to find the value equivalent for less then one hour.

Obviously, the value assigned to one hour of time may vary in different communities. Other communities prefer to have their one hour of time for basic, unskilled labour valued at $12.00 – since it is more easily divisible. There are already participating time-traders within different group who are trading and they are simply accepting each other’s time currency at par – regardless of the value assigned by any particular community.

At some future point, there may be consensus within the various communities – whether they use paper notes with a dollar equivalency or a time equivalency to agree on a simple, universal value where the minute is worth one unit and the hour is worth 60 units.

The visionary, usuryfree creatives view a usuryfree time currency as the optimal tool to facilitate trading between sovereign individuals as well as municipalities, provinces and countries in the shifting paradigm. This is because one hour of time has a value of sixty minutes everywhere on planet earth, thereby abolishing exchange rates that are currently in operation under the present economic paradigm.

There is also an understanding that we, the usuryfree creatives must create a universal network (database) on the Internet that will serve us locally, nationally and internationally. This network must be self-managed and without borders or a central structure. To be a participating trader calls for impeccable self-management, high integrity and keen responsibility.

Potentially and ultimately, each trader will assume responsibility of his/her own accounting. There ought to be no association, no registration fee, nor any annual subscription fee. Any traders who choose to advertise their products and/or services will pay a fair market fee for this service.

Trading agreements are to be negotiated between any two traders. The trading process must be free and unconditional and guided by the free market. During these transitory times various communities will choose to print paper notes of a usuryfree community currency in different denominations to facilitate trading. The printing costs of these paper notes can be financed by local participating businesses that willingly pay some federal dollars to advertise on the backs of the paper notes.

Indeed, there are signs everywhere that the usuryfree community currency movement is coming of age, as our orthodox money supply continues to diminish in value, and communities continue to suffer at the hands of the banking cartel. This usuryfree community currency movement was re-birthed in the early 1980’s when Michael Linton, from Courtenay, B.C. Canada created the first usuryfree trading software called the LETS (Local Employment Trading System).

The LETSystem permitted networks of traders within local communities to organize and operate as a perfected model of a usuryfree banking system – much like any casino bank where the chips never inflate and never lose their purchasing power.

All participants in a community were enrolled and their data is stored in a computer. Each trader was initially assigned an account number and a beginning balance of zero. A file was then created which listed a description of products and/or services offered and requested.

These items for exchange were negotiated for a ratio of any usuryfree community currency that was accepted as a complement with federal cash. All members used the telephone to record their trades and the local sysop (system operator) input the data into the LETS software program and each member received a monthly statement which closely resembled an ordinary bank account – minus the interest or usury.

Since the early 1980’s, the usuryfree community currency movement has evolved and now most communities prefer the more popular medium of exchange – paper notes. Let the UsuryFree Resolution grow and expand to become all inclusive so that everyone living on this planet can experience the reality of usuryfree living.

The UsuryFree Network offers consulting services to any group or network that is ready and anxious to launch a usuryfree community currency. Contact: The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1 Email:


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More background information by Robert Paterson "Natural Scale - PHI and Our World"

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