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Friday, January 07, 2011

The Communal Solution ...

"Community in the truest sense of the word, based on consensually held ethics and goals, shared resources and democratic decision making."

What are we proposing

"To create a rich social environment (150-300 person intentional community) on a large land base (several hundred acres) of forest and fields where members can contribute a small portion of their time in simple or skilled labor (4 hrs/day or less) toward meeting their basic needs of food (prepared) and shelter; as well as towards the resources required for cleanliness (bathing and laundry) and learning and communication(library and internet access).

Meeting other personal needs and desires would be the responsibility (and the freedom) of the individual to achieve or acquire through creative and productive efforts, either individually or in collaboration with others. The consciousness this reflects is, as the social philosopher Eric Fromm often expressed, the valuing of "the freedom to be and to do" over the value of "having or owning". Indeed, we see personally "having and owning" as often a serious impediment towards achieving the personal freedom required "to be and to do"....not to mention a disaster environmentally and socially." (snip) ...

Those interested in "The Communal Solution" are invited to spend some time at this website and learn lots more.


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