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Saturday, March 26, 2011

YOU - The Court of Public Review: The Highest and Most Supreme Court in Canada

By Tom J. Kennedy

Something is wrong in Canada. In the greatest nation, country and society and amongst the most proud, honest, and clever of people ever to grace Planet Earth, something is seriously wrong. Too many fellow-Canadians trust too few of their elected governments - whether they be municipal, provincial or federal. The word “politician” too often brings a feeling and expression of distrust and contempt. In a nation that represents honesty, pride, patriotism, freedom, free enterprise and greatness to all who truly love being Canadian, such distrust should not exist, and that it does, certainly is a sign of some sort of problem.

Canadians currently hear and are told by the mainstream print and electronic media, the politicians, the law enforcers, and their government funded schools, that they live in a true democracy - with majority rule and all that. Canadians inheritantly know that Canada, Canadian life, society and government are supposed to be run “by and for the people.” What is the difference or is there any difference between “majority rule” and the true concept of “by and for the people?”

Most Canadians believe and have been sold the idea that the way they run their country is by voting at election time. Yet, in recent municipal, provincial and federal elections a dismal turnout is the rule rather than the exception as millions of Canadians choose NOT to participate in the running of their country. Apparently, many Canadians believe many Canadians know their vote does very little to influence the running of their country in a manner that benefits them.

Do Canadians really have “majority rule?” Too few voters actually vote politicians into office. Do you believe that you run your country to your satisfaction by simply voting at election times? Are too many Canadians aware that elections results always show evidence of the “same machine, different driver?” Are you one of those Canadian who is requesting that (NOTA) None Of The Above be included on all election ballots? Are you one of those Canadians who is requesting to have his/her name removed from the registered voter’s list?

On March 26, 2011, a 37-day, federal election campaign was announced. Indeed, the 41st general election since Canada became a country in 1867 is under way. What will you do?

Yes, there is something wrong in Canada. The “running of a nation” or the “business of government” implies the ability to create and/or enforce laws. If Canada really is run “by and for the people,” the people would have some easy, simple and direct way to (a) say what is and what is not law (b) say and control what government can and can’t call law and (c) tell government exactly what their job is, was and always will be in a country and society of freedom like our country should be if this is still Canada we live in.

Growing numbers of Canadians distrust and are dissatisfied with their current governments/ politicians. Why? Is there something which can be easily named, largely agreed upon, self-evidently obvious, and simply resolved that the current government/politicians are doing to betray Canada and Canadians?

Canada and these issues need to be put on trial before You - The Court of Public Review. The issues referred to above and the ones which follow need to be addressed with a sense of urgency.

What is Canada supposed to be? What is Canada really? What does it mean to be Canadian? Is Canada a corporation or simply a nation functioning as a corporation? What forms of government does the real Canada represent at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government respectively? What forms of government currently exist in Canada? How come increasing numbers of Canadians have an intense dislike for the “government mafia” - the agents who invoke gestapo tactics to collect “money” for the (CRA) Canada Revenue Agency? Is the Canada Revenue Agency a private corporation?

What is all the noise about ‘Tax Protestors,” “Untax Crusaders,” “Freemen of the Land,” and “Sovereign Individuals” and “Lawful Rebellion?” Who are these growing numbers of Canadians who claim to be living, flesh and blood, free will, full liability men and women? Why do they challenge the legal definition of “person?” Why do they choose to be ruled by Common Law? Why do they seek to avoid contract or operate directly with the current, fictional, corporate world - this includes all levels of government? Many people are asking: “Is there a law that governs government?”

Why are more and more people questioning the “all capital entity,” (KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH or THOMAS JOSEPH KENNEDY). Is this “all capital entity” a “limited liability” without “free will” and is therefore, subjected to needing licenses and is obligated to follow numerous regulations and be subjected to a host of controlled by governments (municipal, provincial and federal)? Similarly, many individuals believe that the “all capital entity”is vulnerable to government retaliation.

Is this “all capital entity” a monetary document indicating that the federal government is imposing a monetary value upon the newborn child pledging it as a chattel to the trustee of the bankrupt Crown?

Prior to December 11, 1931, was the Parliament of Canada an auxiliary organization attached to the Corporation Sole of the British Governor General?

Who and what is the most Supreme and Sovereign Power in Canada and how is that power easily exercised if this really is Canada we live in? These are a few of the questions and issues demanding answers in the potential trial of Canada as exercised by You - The Court of Public Review.

The goal of usuryfree creatives is to put these issues and Canada and what Canada is all about on trial in the highest and most supreme of Courts in this land.

Most Canadians have heard of the Supreme Court, most have heard of Federal Courts, Provincial Courts, Municipal Courts, Tax Courts, Peoples’ Courts, and Kangaroo Courts. There is however, another court, which few, if any Canadians know about or have heard of. It is the Highest, most Supreme of Courts in Canada, higher even than the Supreme Court. For some reason, the government funded, public school system is not teaching Canadians about this court. I repeat, it is the goal of usuryfree creatives to teach Canadians about this most Supreme of all courts in Canada. In that court, and during this 41st federal election, usuryfree creatives intend to bring Canada and these issues to trial and hopefully, some day very soon, freedom, justice, honesty, integrity, peace, prosperity and usuryfree living in the true Canadian tradition will reign King. The major charge and/or question to be answered is: “Is this Canada we live in? ... or not?

Who and what is the highest, most Supreme of courts in our land, if this is Canada? And how is this highest court called to order? Is it called to order during a federal election campaign? The highest and most Supreme of Courts in our land is called: “The Court of Sovereign Authority” or “The Court of Public Review.” This court is made up of any and all free will, full liability men and women who rightfully, proudly, and with a sense of patriotism and honour would call themselves a “Canadian.”

Readers are invited to search the internet for related topics and read the articles posted at The UsuryFree Eye Opener: Know that countless, meticulous researchers are reporting their findings on the internet and in real life workshops and seminars to inform the awakening public. In the process, the design flaw of usury is being exposed as the ultimate fifth pillar that has been holding their fraudulent, money matrix system that is being used to scam us financially as it ruins our lives and undermines our freedoms, while treating we-the-people as slaves to their oppressive - but faltering - “usury-based” economic system of debt money.

As each reader reads this article and tells and shares it with family and worthy friends, the Court of Sovereign Authority or The court of Public Review is called to order and Canada and these issues are brought to trial before the highest and most Supreme of Courts in our land - you and me, otherwise known as we-the-people.

The 41st federal election is underway, court is now in session ... All Rise - You, the Honourable reader are presiding - “Is this Canada we live in? ... or not? What is a Canadian and who has the ultimate power to say so? This article does not have all the answers. In fact, it suggests a number of questions and readers are invited to question any answers. To know usuryfree creatives and to follow The UsuryFree Eye Opener is to follow a definite course of de-programming and re-education as you seek answers to questions. The author and growing numbers of self-educated and/or re-educated Canadians hope you are motivated to ask more questions and question more answers.

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” - Abraham Lincoln


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