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Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Invitation From John “KingofthePaupers” Turmel

By John "KingofthePaupers" Turmel

Request to be a friend with John “KingofthePaupers” Turmel at Facebook – for a Hell of a Ride to Heaven.

If you're only getting your Adventures of John The Engineer in the postings at Yahoo Groups, you're missing 90% of the jokes. Of course, the humour is only for insiders and posterity who possess the key to the code.

What humanity could do to save itself? I'm sure everyone feels we should throw every resource we have at cleaning our environment, putting out best minds to work on saving our planet from catastrophe. Good idea?

Is there anyone who would not want us to get organized to maximize useful industrial output with all our scientists and technicians all full time working to save our biosphere while the rest of us are working to provide them food, clothing, shelter. Make sense? Good idea?

So we'll feed and clothe them as they work to save us. Good idea? Oops. No money for them to obtain food and clothes. No go. We have the human, material and tools but everything is stalled for lack of tokens to trade. How silly. Not enough poker chips to run the game right.

Contemplating the switch from Hell to Heaven, banking done on Earth as it is in Heaven, was always rosy thinking for me. What a great heaven we'll end up building with all this great technology once not-wastefully used.

But after Fukushima, with Heaven switched finally on, looks the first few thousand years are going to be spent cleaning up the radioactive mess left from when the Rothschild Gang were in charge of the world's credit.

Well, ASA, (Amnesty, Security, Anonymity) forgive and forget, let me turn on the levers of industry to full financing for productive enterprise and zero financing for non-productive enterprise (war, etc) and we'll skip the Nuremberg Trials for those who oppressed us while we were caught in Satan's Mort-Gage Death-Gamble trap. ASA may be one reason I'm still around. is where I post all the interesting news URLs I find in a day with whatever comment or joke I can think of. It takes me just a few seconds to post the link with the comment I left at the site. Ten, maybe twenty different yuks a day I just could not post to these newsgroups. Everything I post to USENET groups I link there too!

So pop on over for your daily Turmel News at if you want to stay abreast of everything that's going on in the adventures of John - The Engineer – KingofthePaupers – Turmel.

"Who is John Galt?" "Who is John the engineer Galt?" Who is Atlas Shrugged?" Who is Atlas Shrugged Not? Lifting the world back up coming up. Watch the end game between the Gambler and the World Bankers at

Better yet, friend me for a feed to your wall so your friends find out some important facts.

Best yet, no one needs wait to set up their own online UNILETS Timebank account. I did at my Facebook Info Page where my Offers and Wants, Hours Given and Received, for the past dozen years are listed at:
An instruction page on setting up your own facebook UNILETS timebank account is at Do your first transaction.

Email that you've posted your first Thank You Hour owed for my having provided you with this UNILETS Timebank interest-free credit account
for your immediate use.

Get set for bad times and having a network of people you can pay with time will be your lifeboat in turbulent financial waters. And every trade you can do with your time is cash freed up from your regular paycheck at the bank to settle the tough cash only bills.

Pay for the kids' music lessons by washing the old lady's car, or having the kids taking the lessons wash the old lady's car, and that's cash that stayed in the bank! Make your kids put a Timebank account in their Info page and see if they can't use them to settle debts and chores.

Just go to uniset.htm and fill in your ID, WANTS, OFFERS, HOURS GIVEN, HOURS RECEIVED and you're ready to invite anyone into your barter network who'll set up their own UNILETS-compatible Timebank Account.

Get your company to sign up and who knows how much LETS barter might help them. But all the action, comments on world events, feedback is logged most conveniently at my Facebook page (sad you can't search for specific periods when things happened but must page back, impossible with thousands of links and comments over the past 2 years.)

But if it's on a Big Lie being exposed, that makes my wall, if it's on how to save ourselves with baking soda and sea salt from nuclear poisoning and other relevant data, it makes my wall.

LETS were called anti-poverty systems in the UK, financial "life-boats" in Australia. I've developed a Person to Person P2P anti-poverty lifeboat for global use. If you don't set up your lifeboat and start developing trading networks now, you'll only gain more misery. Timetrading is the work of the future, published volunteer Hours is the medium of exchange.

Get set for a Hell of a ride to Heaven as we reprogram money-lending on Earth as it is programmed in Heaven.

John Turmel's email:


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