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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Bank Math by John "The Engineer" Turmel

LETS Banking Systems Engineering Math
Banking System Blueprint
by John C. Turmel, B. Eng.


In GRACE AND MORTGAGE by Bishop Peter Selby, Bishop of Worcester, ISBN 0-232-52170-0, page 116:

"As Galbraith remarks, higher interest rates, it is hoped, "will curb inflation." These comments of Galbraith illustrate why, although the raising of interest rates is the weapon against inflation chosen by those who profit by it, it is also clear that as a method it cannot finally work. John Turmel, a Canadian civil engineer and campaigner against usury, has in two long articles brought algebra, plumbing and poetry to bear on the task."

JCT: Just as ClimateGate exposed the big lie that CO2 is causing global warming, InflationGate exposes the Big Lie of Economics
that interest fights inflation based upon the assumption that inflation is more money chasing the same goods, Shift A, whereas
I've proven that it is actually the same money chasign less goods after foreclosure, Shift B. Shift B inflation is unknown in economics but the following analysis explains why inflation in Argentina went from 1000% down to 36% after several provinces instituted local provincial LETS bond currencies.

The problem of exponential growth of debt is created within the banking system and therefore a thorough understanding of the banking system is helpful. The money system is the only mechanical system which is under the jurisdiction of economists, not engineers. Improvements are taking place in all system areas except the financial system. It's time engineers turn their attention to this errant system from which come all the financial woes of the world.

As an electrical engineer to have specialized in banking systems, I will endeavor to explain the inner workings of this mysterious system and its effects on users and debt. Though this might sound daunting, I think I can present an easy way of handling subjects such as:

- plumbing modeling of flows of money with pipes
- simple algebra
- exponential functions
- differential equations
- Taylor Series
- Laurent Series
- Laplace transformations
- control system circuitry

The two Big Double-thinks of Economics are that:
1) Banks lend their depositors' savings.
2) Interest rates fight inflation;
Banks do not lend out their depositors' funds, they lend out brand new
money. InflationGate means Interest does not fight inflation, it causes it.


The inner workings of the engineering design of the global "fractional reserve" banking system are mysterious to many but no
matter how complex the actual process of creating money is, it can accurately be simplified to "HAVING THE MONEY PLATES," whether they be plates for changing metal to coins, plates for changing paper to notes, or plates inside a bank's computer changing electrical blips to bank deposits on which checks may be written.

Since changes in the money supply are regularly reported, money must enter the supply from a source and leave through a sink. Our liquidity system has both a tap and a drain. Since the government borrows money itself, it does not have control of the tap. Who controls the tap and the drain of the money supply?" (snip) ...

Read the complete article and view the accompanying charts at this website:


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