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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Water Crimes, Stockwell Day plus more ...

"The surprising announcement that former Canadian politician, Stockwell Day, has joined one of the McMillan/Lang Michener Gang, a major Canadian law firm that is a defendant in the Water War Crimes lawsuit, comes as no surprise to the readers of the Water War Crimes web site.

Although Stockwell Day entered Canadian federal politics by riding over the water on a jet ski he was totally unprepared for the sharks, alligators and barracudas swimming in Canada's most treacherous swimming hole - Ottawa - the nation's capital.

Almost immediately after he was elected as Canadian Alliance Party Leader of Canada, Stockwell Day was advised of the political opportunity to destroy the career of then Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his government by exposing their mis-conduct in relation to the Water War Crimes. Instead of defending justice and the the rule of law, which would have given him a real chance of becoming Prime Minister, Stockwell Day chose the path of cowardice and said nothing.

Stockwell Day had learned some hard lessons and he was clearly afraid of Canada's powerful and unaccountable legal profession.

When he and Canadian politician, John Reynolds, made accusations of corrupt judicial manipulation by Prime Minister Jean Chretien in respect of a Chretien appointed judge in Quebec who made orders that clearly assisted Chretien cover up his involvement - for a time - in what became known as the Shawinigate Scandal, the judge threatened a lawsuit against Day who whined to the public that he was not a rich man and did not have much money. Day clearly did not have the guts for the job of Prime Minister and, in the ensuing federal election Chretien political operative, Warren Kinsella, mocked Stockwelll Day's religious beliefs on CBC television so effectively that Day was destroyed.

Stockwell Day had also made the equally applauing blunder of hiring the giant Calgary law firm of Bennett Jones to defend him in a ridiculous defamation lawsuit brought by a small town lawyer from the City of Red Deer, Alberta. Bennett Jones is a highly political Canadian law firm with many linkages to the Water War Crimes and their legal strategy nearly killed Stockwell Day's career before Warren Kinsella finished him off so that Chretien could go on to win another election he did not deserve to win if he had had a qualified opponent.

Political observers are asking if McMillan/Lang Micherner hired Stockwell Day as a pay off for his assistance in covering up their prior participation in the Water War Crimes." (snip) ...

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