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Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Second Money System

By Rod Morin

The greatest enemy humanity has ever faced is now very close to winning the war for total control over the planet. They have reached this pinnacle of power through various means but the most powerful of which is certainly the money system.

Through control of the money system, The Powers That Be (PTB) have captured the minds and energy of the entire human race. I have to hand it them... they have been exceedingly devious and successful.

From my point of view, solutions to the current problems threatening the earth and all of humanity seem to be band-aid solutions and none of them that I am aware of, speak to the underlying cause of the problem. So I thought it wise to learn from the masters of manipulation and from where I sit, the answer lies in the problem.

If the money system is the problem, then the money system is the solution. The PTB would not have chosen the money system as their weapon of total control if it had not been the absolute best device to control humanity and therefore the earth. My solution therefore uses the same device (the monetary system) but the outcome will be 180 degrees from theirs.

In this essay I will outline the BASICS of the system in hopes that a conversation can be started. I do not claim to have all the answers. In fact, I know I should just present the idea and if the concept has merit, much brighter minds than mine will add to it until a truly workable solution is ready to present to all of humanity.

The Basics

Any new system must meet the following criteria: Simplistic and transparent Easy to understand, adopt and use Encourage creativity and productivity. Be intrinsically fair to all who use it Help humanity rather than enslave it. Any new system must be designed to prevent: Greed and Control

The Unit

It is my view that we do need a medium of exchange. It is also my view that basing this medium of exchange on a tangible such as gold is as dangerous as the fiat system. Instead, I suggest we base the monetary unit on a consistent and universally understood intangible - Productive Time (which essentially equals human energy). I propose the monetary unit be designated as a “second” (as in 60 seconds equal one minute). For every second of time a man is engaged in productive work he earns one second monetarily.

Monetary Seconds are exchanged for a man’s time. A second spent working is a second earned. Every man’s time is of equal value. We must abandon the concept that a speculator can “earn” millions sitting at a computer betting on which way the market will bounce while people who do outstanding work such as teaching our children or caring for the elderly receive a tiny fraction of the speculators win-fall for their time and effort. This paradigm shift accomplishes many things, not the least of which will be an end to unemployment and sweat shop production. This will be explained later.

The New Working Paradigm – Passionate Production

One of the great changes the Second system will introduce is the ability for everyone to do what they are either good at or simply love to do.

If you like accounting then you will go to work for a corporation helping to determine pricing. If you wish to be a policeman then you may fill that requirement. If you don’t know what you specifically wish to do, then you just find some position that will help the community in general until you do find out exactly what it is that you are passionate about.

Corporate profit (aka - greed) will be eliminated from the new paradigm (discussed in the Corporate World section) thus anyone can go and work for any corporation they choose. The corporation will welcome the help bringing their product or service to market as they no longer need to compete with others and trim production costs to maximize profit.

No one ever worries about changing jobs due to pay structure as everyone is compensated by the second and one may work where ever they choose.

People get to try various occupations without the fear of quitting a job and being without income. This allows true productive freedom and creates an atmosphere of curiosity, creativity and expansion. Gone are the days of trudging off to work at a job you hate because you have to pay the bills. Everyone can now try being a plumber or teacher or truck driver because as long as you are working you are earning seconds.

The question of merit pay invariably pops up about now. What of the man who can outperform the other man? Since he is no longer rewarded for his productivity he will only do the minimum of what is required of him. This argument is certainly true when thought of from a communist perspective. The difference with the Second system is that the man has freely chosen his occupation. If someone loves to do a certain thing, no matter if it is farming or lumber-jacking he will do a good days work. This cannot be said of the man who is forced to do that which he has no passion for.

Compensation is maximized by the time one puts into being productive. If one truly loves their work and puts in 20 hours per day they will earn the equivalent seconds. This structure leads to a maximum amount of seconds that can be earned in any given year. Understanding this, no man will rise above the rest to the extent that we see today. Today Banksters print or digitize and then hoard currency at will. They then use those ill-gotten gains to subjugate the rest of humanity. In the Second system every man will earn exactly what he puts into the system.

No man will be forced to work in any environment that is unsafe or detrimental to their health or well being in any way. If a corporation cannot create a safe, healthy and rewarding environment for its required workforce, it will simply not have a workforce.

So where is the incentive to work hard if everyone makes basically the same wage? Ah that is a question born out of the old paradigm, where more is better. The old paradigm is based on the fear of deficiency or lack. I would wager that as soon as one year into the new paradigm that the fear of lack will be replaced with passionate abundance. Just think of the personal energy shift within yourself if you could wake up and go do whatever it is that you absolutely love to do, all day, everyday! Now multiply that joyous energy by seven billion. I truly feel that if a man’s basic need for food and shelter are met and his personal life is truly fulfilling then the harmful ideologies of the old paradigm will never resurface.

Employment vs Contribution

The word employ or employment will cease to be a mainstay of our vocabulary. To employ means to “make use of”. In the current system an employee is simply a tool that is utilized to make a profit for the corporation.

To change this paradigm we need to embrace the shift with a new ideology that is referenced through the spoken word. I suggest we use a word like contribution.

In the Second system anyone may choose to contribute their time and energy in any way they choose. If their contribution is tracked through a corporate mechanism then they will be rewarded with monetary seconds. So if one wishes to be a writer/journalist then they will go and write for a tabloid or newspaper of their choosing. The corporation will welcome their contribution to its product and reward the contribution with the appropriate quantity of seconds.

Now one should be analyzing this scenario from a critical perspective. What if the writer sucks? Why would any newspaper take on a contributor who writes about things that do not fit with its current readership? The scenario would probably play out as follows. The writer will never get his work published and realize that he should try another avenue of publication or perhaps even another occupation, after all, everyone wants to be successful in what they do.

In the above scenario the corporation does not have “profit” as it’s main ideology so allowing various contributors to participate in creating the corporate product will only add to its pool of talent. The seconds dispersed to the contributor is a of little concern because even in the worst case scenario where the corporation runs at a loss for the fiscal year, the “Corporate pot” will zero out the account as long as the product or service is actively supported by the community.

The greater question comes when thinking about the jobs that are essential to the community but few if any really want to do. This topic will require some debate but a quick answer would be that people are required to volunteer for one week a year in which they are randomly assigned the essential tasks.

The Corporate World

Corporations have been bastardized beyond belief. The original purpose of a corporation was to provide a product or service to enhance the life of the people. This basic concept is what must return to. Profit cannot be the end goal of our endeavours if we wish to thrive as a species. Profit as an ideology necessitates manipulation, greed and control.

Corporations should be chartered based on necessity or public acceptance through a process overseen by the PSA (see below).

The mandate of any corporation is to provide a product or service that will enhance the lives of the people. All productive time is tracked through a corporation.

Prices & Profit

Prices for everything will be set through a mathematical calculation that will be based on the required efforts to bring that product or service to market and into the hands of the people (much like it is today). The difference is that any profits accumulated get transferred at year-end into a corporate pot that is overseen by the PSA (explained later).
If a corporation has a successful product or service and is running at a deficit at year-end then the prices should be adjusted and the corporate pot makes good on the corporations debts. The goal of every corporation is to provide its product or service at “cost” and every corporation’s account is zero’d out at the end of every fiscal year.

Chartering a Corporation

Anyone can apply for a chartered corporation. This is where creativity is enhanced. If a man has an idea to build a free energy device, he starts a corporation and seeks the required help to manifest that idea, product or service. The funding for the enterprise comes from the corporate pot. Yearly reviews will determine whether or not a start up corporation will continue to receive funding if it is running at a loss. Running at a loss proves one of four things: 1 – price for product or service was set to low 2 – lack of interest in the product or service 3 – mismanagement of corporation 4 – lack of production support from workers (maybe no one wants to work there). If a corporation is not supported by the people through the purchase of it’s product or service or by democratic agreement then the charter is revoked and the corporation dissolved.


I suggest we use the current infrastructure of the banks to manage the Second system. Everyone gets an account (maybe based on their SSN or Sin #) into which seconds will be deposited or withdrawn. The current move toward digitization of the currency is happening for a reason, I just want that reality to be turned into a useful positive rather than a mechanism for control.

Banks would simply be mandated to create and maintain the hardware and software required to complete the function of exchanging seconds as efficiently as possible. Banking is free to all users.

Peoples Servants Administration (PSA)

When a paradigm shifts, new concepts must be named or labelled in order for people to integrate the new idea. We must rid ourselves of the concept of Government. Government by definition means the control of the mind. Instead I propose the concept of an administration where people work to support the many requirements of the general populace.

The two main mandates of the PSA are: Protection of the people, Service the people.

The will of the people is voiced through true democratic means, such as on-line voting specific to topic. If a man wants to start a corporation to build birdhouses then he must gather the support of the people in order to receive a charter to start the corporation. If the PSA determines the need to widen a road then the PSA itself must petition the people for their support.

The PSA will oversee all things corporate and will be the acting administrative arm that manifests the will of the people. Some of the administrative functions will include: Courts for dispute resolution (corporate and individual).

Societal protection – policing, firefighters, health care Implementation of Societal mandates such as administering new and existing infrastructure.

All positions within the PSA are voluntarily filled by anyone who desires to serve the people. There are no elected officials or authorities of any kind. The concept of power and control cannot be given a crack to work itself into, as we all know how that always ends up.


I have maintained for the last few years that we are approaching an economic fork in the road. Very soon we will have to make a choice as the world ponzi scheme economy disintegrates before our eyes. We will then be enticed by the same con artists responsible for the meltdown, who will say “We know where it all went wrong and now we know how to fix everything!” These are the same guys who have been raping you, me and the earth for at least the past century. Align yourself with these guys at your own peril.

Or, we could choose the road less travelled, the path unknown. If we wish to shake off the shackles of oppression that have bound us for so long in the invisible prison of debt we must chose the new path. We must do it differently this time around.

Of course it would be best if we could all agree on the Second system and implement it using a well planned and integrated strategy, but history tells us, that people for the most part will not change until they absolutely have to. So I fully expect that the people will not be proactive in this most challenging of times and will instead, wait for the economic devastation to pull the world they currently know, completely apart. So be it.

To implement the Second system all we really need is a marketing strategy to get everyone thinking about it. If enough people are made aware of a truly fair and workable system that can be implemented in a matter of weeks, then we stand a good chance of success.

I would suggest an immediate switch over to the second monetary unit as soon as the accounts can be set up. Making use of user account set up technologies via the web would expedite the process. Everyone who currently has a job producing something tangible is to continue at their current place of work doing what they do. This will minimize supply chain interruption. Then at a chosen date (say a few months out) people born on a specific year (ex.1947) can change their occupation. Then the next month the next year up (1948) can make the change. We continue on this cycle until everyone is free to roam the occupational workplace looking for the work that best fulfills them.

Start up prices for products can remain the “same”. The difference would be that $1 dollar which equals 100 cents would be now termed 100 seconds. A pair of shoes that today costs $45.00 dollars would now be purchased for 4500 seconds.

I base this logic on the following: 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 7 hours = 25,200 seconds which would equate to anyone who puts in a 7 hour workday earning in today’s purchasing environment - $252 dollars, extrapolated out that roughly equals an average salary to be $63,504.00 per year. Since everyone that wishes to participate and be a contributor to the community will earn approximately the same amount, there should be an immediate end to poverty.

Manufacturing and the Supply of Consumer Goods

This is by far the hardest part of the immediate equation. Not many people will choose to work in a factory producing washing machines or shoes regardless of how much working conditions improve. The solution here lies in automation.

Necessity is the mother of invention. There will always be those who are passionate about invention and who have the desire to share their creations with the rest of humanity. It will be these engineers that will have to solve the potential problem of lack of “people power” required for tedious factory type work.

On the positive side, if the above scenario does come to fruition, the result will be the minimization of “stuff”. If there is a lack of factory labour then factories that can produce will be working to fulfill real needs rather than “crazy straws” or “spray on hair.”


If the system is continuously being expanded with seconds then inflation would surely be something to monitor. This potential problem will be much more easily managed by the PSA on a monthly basis compared to inflation management today. Gone are the days where “money” and credit are pulled out of the Bernake’s hat to be dealt out to the “to big to fail” banks. Instead every second created is due to someone’s effort and it should be fairly easy to anticipate the amount of seconds in the system at any one time.

Other Thoughts

The Law

All statutes are to be abolished. Statutes are the child of control and compulsion. Instead we absolutely must return to Natural Law and the Law of One. When the phrase ignorance of the Law is no excuse is used today most people are confounded because they realize they cannot know let alone understand the hundreds of thousands of statutes on the books these days. Little do they know that statutes are not Law. Statutes are legislative rules of a society given the force of Law. We must revert back to Natural Law and the Law of One where we can legitimately punish those who refuse to obey the one Law which is DO NO HARM. That’s it. One Law. Everyone can understand this one concept and it will be easy to determine whether anyone breached the one Law.

Compensation for any breach of the one Law will be between the parties. This means that if I am found guilty of an offence that has harmed you, any compensation awarded will go directly to the harmed party. If on the other hand, a man falsely accuses another man then he must compensate the falsely accused party. This system is self policing, efficient and after a short time I could see the court system becoming a very quiet place indeed.


Is and also has been the responsibility of the parent. It has only been in the last century where Government has sought to gain access to the young malleable minds in order to indoctrinate them at as early an age as possible. Parents need to re-insert themselves as the true guardian of their children’s minds. Having said that, with the huge variety of human knowledge available their will be plenty of opportunity for the young to study with many and varied members of the community thus allowing them true access to actual and useful knowledge. One on one mentoring or small group sharing of specific knowledge will quickly show itself as a superior method of knowledge transference compared to the useless memorization and regurgitation paradigm we see used in the “edumacation” system forced on the child today.

Health Care

Profit has “no business” being associated to healthcare. If someone is ill they should be taken care of, period. The idea that a man cannot be treated for an illness because he cannot afford it shows just how far down the ladder of humanity we have slid. There has always been people who feel compelled to heal others and there always will be. The Second system will allow anyone with the healing touch to first learn this truly exceptional calling as well as practice its methods for the betterment of all.
Medical research will expand quickly and with the profit system disposed of, cures for some of our perceived incurables such as cancer will surely be quickly brought into the light for all to see.


There is no energy crisis. There has never been an energy crisis, ever. The crisis burned into the minds of the people have always been crafted out of greed and control using the most successful of all tools, fear.

The combination of solar, wind, tide, hydrogen, magnetics plus many other esoteric possibilities will easily provide more energy than we could ever use. The current fear of economic and societal backlash that keeps the Governments of the world from adopting any of these energy-harnessing methodologies (in any truly useful amount) will fall away when the Second system is adopted. The pollution/petroleum paradigm will die as quickly as it can be replaced with new, abundant and clean sources of energy.

Questions not yet answered

There are many questions that I cannot answer. I do not have the expertise to do so. What I am attempting to do with this essay is to start a conversation, so that minds much brighter than mine can massage this concept and make it into a truly workable system.

Peace to all,

Rod Morin


At 12:37 AM, Blogger Jared Bond said...

Very nice. I like this. While it may be idealized, it's important to dream of what an ideal world would look like, in order to try and figure out exactly why things aren't like that. Where do things go wrong?

There have probably been many visions of utopia before, but this is the first one I've personally taken the time to read, and it seems pretty well thought out. Technology makes fairness and transparency so much easier, or at least it should.

But, since people have no doubt been thinking of these sorts of systems for so long, I have to wonder, could it ever really be possible? Something must be wildly unrealistic every time, because it never seems to come close to happening.

Although, maybe things would have gotten better in our modern age, had it not been for the biological warfare against the masses, and their own negligence as well. Perhaps their diminished abilities and productivity has counteracted the tremendous possibilities of our modern technology.


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