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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Budget of an Interest Slave (Usury Slave)

By Anthony Migchels

"The main reason why interest slavery goes largely unnoticed is because most of what we pay is invisible: it is included in prices. Producers cannot avoid capital costs and must pass these on to consumers.

It has been established that 45% of prices we pay are for interest on business loans or other capital costs. No less than 50% of taxes we pay go to servicing the National Debt and capital costs included in prices the Government pays. So what does the budget of a typical interest slave look like?

Here’s one from a young man, 31 years old, living in North Western Europe and working as a civil servant, making €37,200 per year. He has bought his own apartment a few years ago, so most of it is still property of the bank. He has a €10,000 credit line which he has used to decorate his place.

His monthly gross income is €3,100, of which €1,000 goes to income tax and other levies. Of this money, €500 is lost to interest on the National Debt and capital costs included in prices the Government pays.
His net income is €2,100.

Percentages differ per expenditure, depending on the capital intensity of the industry involved. The percentages in the left column are the fractions of the prices that are lost to interest." (snip) ...

NOTE: Read the complete article with accompanying charts at this website:


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