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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Take Me Back To The Sixties

This is a very good presentation of the sixties when life was much simpler and debt was not the burden that it has become in this 21st Century.

Just click on the website below, sit back and enjoy a few minutes of memories - if you were lucky enough to have experienced the 60's. There are great photos, sounds and facts.

If you are not old enough to have lived in the 60's, enjoy what that generation experienced and pass this link on to others in your circles of influence who did experience life in the 60's and to others so they will know what they missed!


At 4:16 AM, Anonymous K Roc said...

I read a tee shirt the other day that said "The Hippies were Right"

I like to view it as "Jesus was Right" as he got angry only one time with one group of people who he called "thieves". "Money changers" are "thieves" when they perp usury on their Brothers and Sisters. They perp an impossible contract on the People.

This is still the greatest sin on the planet.


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