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Sunday, April 15, 2012

UsuryFree Youth Making A Difference In A World of Usury
By Tom J. Kennedy

Today’s local and global economies look gloomy for many adults who are trapped - in a world of usury - as ill-informed debtors subservient to their greedy creditors (the global banking cartel) who are exacting monthly usury payments not only on their outstanding loans and mortgages, but also on the loans granted to the various levels of government – municipal, provincial/state and federal. Additionally, all levels of government deficits keep growing, unemployment rates remain at double digit levels and misunderstood, and controversial  environmental issues are becoming more pressing than ever.

In Canada, the USA and elsewhere, our emerging generations of youth are facing bleak economic futures if they are content to rely totally on our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money with all of its failings.

Many of their parents – the baby boom generation have evolved to become a generation of oppressed debtors beholden to their creditors as they commonly over-extended themselves financially in a gallant effort to support their growing children. Consequently, these baby boom debtors are forever enslaved financially, leaving little or no inheritance for their children in the future.

Those youth who are fortunate enough to be growing up in families of SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who double as active, usuryfree creatives are focusing on the possibility of a more positive economic future.

Respected parents who are SDI leaders, have commonly been recognized as out-of-the-box thinkers and, when offered new knowledge about the malfunctioning element of our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money, specifically, the design flaw of usury – they are more likely to first listen,  and then take action to learn what they didn’t know they didn’t know.

These enterprising parents and their entrepreneurial children are also more likely to embrace the possibility of usuryfree living as they have the power and potential to model a usuryfree alternative to a dismal world of violence, poverty, scarcity and lack. As active SDI entrepreneurs they have access to various quality products and/or services that can be sold to customers whereby a portion of any usuryfree community currency can be accepted in combination with a percentage of usury-based, debt money.

Their individual and collective re-education is arming them with a new understanding that a new era of peace, prosperity and abundance for all is not only possible but probable in the not-too-distant future.
Indeed, the possibility of usuryfree living is having a powerful, positive impact on this next generation of re-educated and highly motivated youth. At an early age, they are learning lots beyond the walls of formal education – lots that formal education neglects to teach.

For example, they are learning (a) to search for and find resources that explain how our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money really works (b) to step outside their conventional hassle free zones regardless of what adults or their ill-informed peers think (c) to pursue entrepreneurial possibilities as SDI entrepreneurs (and/or otherwise) rather than settling for salaried or wage earning jobs as employees and (d) to follow the lead of usuryfree creatives who double as SDI entrepreneurs (or otherwise).

The common quality present within this emerging network of usuryfree youth is their gratefulness for the inspiration received from those leaders in the SDI industry (or otherwise) who dare to double as active, usuryfree creatives.

Without a doubt, a new generation of usuryfree creatives is assuming leading roles as potential SDI entrepreneurs who will be well equipped with knowledge and resources acquired from their self-imposed process of re-education that will propel them to leadership roles whereby they will be positioned to teach others about the possibility and probability of usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth.


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