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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Eighth Annual UsuryFree Day & Week - Start Making Plans Now

Historically, the term “usury” was commonly used instead of “interest.” In the Islamic economic world “interest” or “usury” is referred to as “riba” - a tool of oppression and a means to unjustly take the money of others. Islamic law forbids a riba-based, economic system.

For a very long time, here in the western world, creditors (bankers) have been exacting usury on money loaned to debtors. In this 21st Century, “interest” which ought to be correctly identified as “usury” permits the creditors (bankers) to legally exploit the debtors, keeping them in debt bondage for generation after generation.

For lack of knowledge about the truth of money creation, debtors rarely question the evil and immoral aspects of the design flaw of usury as it is applied to our orthodox, economic system of debt money.

According to all of the conventional Holy Books any rate of usury (interest) above 0% is truly forbidden and unacceptable. During the 20th Century, many of the elder and experienced Socreds explained the evil and immoral aspects of usury by relying on these two statements of fact: (1) “Money cannot have babies.” (2) “Usury or interest is theft.”

It is unfortunate that as we progress into this 21st Century, the majority of debtors have been conditioned to accept that the word “usury” applies only to excessive rates of “interest” - above the legal limit of 60% in Canada. However, in reality, any rate of usury or interest above 0% is truly evil and immoral.

There was “Life Without Usury”  during the Middle Ages when the practice was banned and both creditors and debtors were given 30 days to cancel and loan contracts that permitted the creditor to exact usury from the debtor or face execution.

This brief communication is designed to inform and/or remind readers that the forthcoming, Eighth Annual UsuryFree Day/Week is scheduled to occur from November 13th to 19th, 2012. Usuryfree creatives and becoming usuryfree creatives are invited to make plans to host local events to help celebrate this Eighth Annual UsuryFree Day and Week.

Readers are invited to review the details and happenings of the seven previous UsuryFree Weeks. Simply type in “UsuryFree Day” or “UsuryFree Week” at any search engine and browse the postings.

The next step is to assume a leadership role and commence making plans to host a local event to celebrate the forthcoming Eighth Annual UsuryFree Day and Week from November 13th to 19th, 2012. These events would be scheduled at a mutually convenient times and places on any day or evening during the Eighth Annual UsuryFree Week.

Keep these events simple and informal. The focus during UsuryFree Week is (a) to expose the lies, deceit and deceptions about our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money and (b) to offer solution-oriented, economic alternatives such as implementing a usuryfree community currency within our respective, local communities.

Please forward details of any planned events for this Eighth Annual UsuryFree Week by sending an email to: with “Eighth Annual UsuryFree Week” in the Subject line.

As of this date one event is planned. UsuryFree Day will be celebrated at Conspiracy Culture in Toronto where Rocco Galati will be the guest speaker bringing us details of the happenings in court on November 13th 

There is a Motion to Strike the Statement of Claim by COMER is on November 13, 2012 at 9:30a.m. at the Federal Court at 180 Queen Street West. Rocco will bring the news and happenings of that timely, UsuryFree Day event. 

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy aka “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy”
The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 3V1

PS: Donations to help fund events for this Eighth Annual UsuryFree Week are welcomed. Any donations can be forwarded to The Family Life Foundation if an official receipt is required. 

Family Life Foundation, 6 Kings Inn Trail, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L3T 1T7

If no receipt is required, the donation can be forwarded directly to the UsuryFree Network at the above mailing address.

NOTE: Read about the previous Winged Lion Awards and if you can suggest/nominate a worthy candidate for a Winged Lion Award in 2012, please forward details to: with “Winged Lion Award” in the Subject line. And do this before October 15th, 2012, so that the awards can be prepared for UsuryFree Week.


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