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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Introducing "Economics 102"

Art Powell's blog "Economics 102" applies basic economics to real problems. There are many relevant articles at "Economics 102."
Art Powell writes:
"A 4000-word essay titled “LETS go to market: Dealing with the economic crisis“  has been added as a page to this web log.  Some of the ideas in this essay have not (yet) been presented in the web log.
The ideas in this article are outside mainstream economic analysis but I believed they are mostly based on the economics I learned as a student at the University of British Columbia.
We look at the formula from the quantity theory of money which I prefer to call the connectivity  formula  because it shows how the real part of the economy connects with  the financial. There have been many ups and downs in the Q part of this formula. These changes have impacted previous economic crisis. The underlying cause of the current crisis is probably the unsustainable use of resources.
Three ways of creating money are considered  (gold, fractional  reserve and Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) and the advantages and disadvantages of each. If there is anything that should be considered funny money it is fractional reserve money. Therefore I suggest we expand LETS into  a National Exchange Trading System.(NETS)
Such a radical change in our financial organization would be an opportune time to make other changes on our economic organization. I would like to see the perfect competition model  used as a guideline.
I believe subsidies should be given to consumers rather than producers therefore I propose that transfer payments and subsidies should be replaced with a universal subsistence program." (snip) ...
You are invited to read the complete essay "LETS Go To Market: Dealing With Economic Crisisat this website:
NOTE: In the essay, Art Powell has included much relevant information about "LETS" (Local Exchange Trading System) and "NETS" (National Exchange Trading System) - worthy of reading and bookmarking for future reference.


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