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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why Jesus Rebelled And What We Can Do NOW !!

By Wayne Walton
"The love of money is the root of all evil"

"Usury is the weaponization of the love of money" - Michael Hoffman

Jesus rebelled from the corrupt Church and religion of His day. The phony "religious" ignored the divine Mosaic laws requiring usury-free lending and Jubilee debt forgiveness each 7 and 49 years. Jews were corrupted with the Babylonian money system based upon silver/gold/usury while in captivity.

Formerly, beautiful, courageous Jews were great resistors to the "money power". Elite "money changers" sold out. Now, they were no longer Jews as their identity was stolen as each of the religions would become later. Usury loving, evil souls became the Synagogue of Satan. They then became elitists with separation consciousness: "God's(Satan's) Chosen people". Similarly, fake Christians committed genocide on native Americans as they believe in "American exceptionalism".

The corruption of our humanity comes from the "money power". Debt forgiveness allows for the People to serve humanity/Christ consciousness/the One rather than being debt slaves for the Beast. Our current debt servitude allows the "anti-Christ"/separation consciousness to keep us divided and conquered.

He exposed the fraud of usury by calling the "money changers" "thieves". The ONLY time the "prince of peace" got angry was with this one single group. The MONEY CHANGERS! He did not get angry with prostitutes and petty thieves; not even those who crucified or betrayed Him. He knew it was the "money power" who ruled from behind the scenes. It was the "den of thieves" who ordered the Romans to execute Christ.

The universal debt Jubilee and usury-free money are the Creators laws. Humanity learned hard lessons over thousands of years denying these truths. Hundreds of millions of lives have been lost through Mammon's war on humanity. The Beast has engineered brutal genocide on our species. The Beast has engineered the destruction of our humanity through control of the "money power". Today, the Beast has installed a Vatican Bank based on usury. The Beast protects pedophile priests. Each to taunt His memory and sacrifice.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims all FORBID usury, interest, riba on money creation and lending. The "money power" has corrupted each of these religions who are now agents for "divide and conquer" and perpetual war. Our entire global economic system is based upon usury fueled debt! Nations have lost their sovereignty and become bankrupt. Puppet politicians offer austerity measures of increased taxes and lower benefits while Mammon's compounding debts are protected. Ever more human and natural resources will be committed to feed the Beast.

Humanity is being WARRED upon for thousands of years. We are all now debt slaves who serve the Beast. Agents for the Synagogue of Satan, the fake Vatican, usury and the anti-Christ have destroyed ALL of our institutions. Through the "money power" our food, air, water, soil ecosystems are being poisoned.

Elections, schools, media, art, military, law, government, energy medicine and entertainment are all tools to destroy the human soul and keep us ignorant. Our human empathy is used against us to enslave us in even more debts and division. The TV is a festival of false values, propaganda and control. Mammon even controls the topics we think about.

The entire debate over gun control is not about guns. It's about dividing humanity and keeping us in conflict. It's about Brother debt slave vs Brother debt slave blaming each other for violence and destruction of natural rights. Meanwhile, each faction is being warred upon by the most destructive, machine evil, psychopaths could design. In order for these tiny few, evil souls to rule they used every topic imaginable to divide and conquer humanity/the One. We are involved in a spiritual war for the soul of humanity. What will it take to unite humanity against its common enemy? What will it take to remove the phony walls of division?

Jesus' very first gospel was to have Jews remember Mosaic laws and proclaimed the "Year of our Lord's favor" JUBILEE. While politicians and phony usury loving economists offer a "fiscal cliff" for humanity. He offers forgiveness of all our debts and sins". While TV talking heads just joke and deride the "prince of peace" to keep humanity divided; He says:

"forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors"

Why do we go the PHONIES for answers when ancient wisdom shows us the truth?!

"Jubilee, Let it Be"

It's time for the emancipation of global debt slaves. A debtors revolt. Income, property taxes, interest are all based upon usury. With usury-free sacred economics your human artistry can soar as one may only need to work a 15 week year. Your soul is returned from a rat race which was meant to make you a human battery for Mammon.

It's time for humanity to unite and take back its destiny. Once the People take back the "money power" for themselves they can script a future of abundance for themselves and their children.


"Jubilee, Let it Be!"

Beautiful Jew, atheist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, agnostic, truth seekers, Wandering Monks, Rastafari, KarmArmy, Jedi Knights, Jah Army and everything in between; UNITE OUR HUMANITY AGAINST MAMMON! Unite with the One human spirit to defend all that is beautiful. Our separation has been a tool for our common enemy to keep us divided, docile, domesticated and defeated. This is an elaborate lie which these truths will destroy. Our greatest days are ahead. It is the time for the return of the Champion! The rise of humanity!

The emancipation of debt slaves is the human rights cause of all time. Please share this message of hope, love, unity, peace, freedom and immediate abundance with the world. Bring down the "stone walls which divide us". Sound the shofar and manifest the greatest miracle in human history.

"Jubilee, Let it Be!"


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