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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Judges Responsible!!

By John C. Turmel

During the 1980s, I asked the Supreme Court of Canada 6 times to "restrict the banks' computers to a pure service charge and abolish the interest charge" which would have, in effect, re-created the tally mechanism for our government. 

Unfortunately, they were dismissed and an extra billion souls perished from lack of life-support tickets than would have perished had the Canadian global banking system started extending interest-free chips to the whole world. If you had collateral to pledge, would you go to an interest-bearing national bank or would you go to the interest-free Canadian network? 

Ah well, the analysis warned the court of the millions who would be morted by the death-gamble mort-gage if they did not act, they did not, and their souls are now running the gauntlet of the billion whom they could have saved but chose not to. Ending the mort from the mort-gage is the only goal, they had the power and did not use it.


I pointed out they had the might to instantaneously,
Effect repair on our industrial capacity.
It's just like a conveyer belt with people in a line,
Who fall into abyss of Luciferian design.
If you could press a button and cut power to the beast,
The belt would have momentum but you'd lose the very least.
With the production maximized of butter, not of guns,
We still could not get there in time for all the weakest ones.
So there would be a finite loss of souls until the day,
When all may access credit and for life support may pay.

But if you'd waited for a while before you used your might,
You'd lose some extra souls for failing to so expedite.
And if you had refused to press the button to this day,
It would, on you, the blame for every fallen soul we'd lay.
With simple mathematics we can count the number who,
Have perished by inaction of the men with power few.
The number of souls perishing, all due to the delay,
Is equal to the number who do perish on that day.
With 40,000 children dying every single day,
Responsibility belongs to those who had the say.
Since all the judges had the power to compel the banks,
To fix the killer program so they don't deserve our thanks.
The number they must answer for which day to day does climb,
Is equal to the number who have perished since that time.
Each motion was a shot on goal, a chance to fix the flaw,
I took as many as I could but interest is law.


Six times I went right to the top and all to no avail,
Since they found it too hard to grasp, the motions all did fail.
The judges all ruled that they failed to see what they could do,
They could not change the software to the service charges few.
And though I tried a hundred times to get the software switched,
The banking system seems to have the judges all bewitched.
I honestly believe their rulings did not pass the test,
Because there seems to be a real conflict of interest.
The judges may be prejudiced for they too are in hock,
Or judges may be prejudiced by owning banking stock.
Rewrite the banking software and give the bailiffs all a rest,
For maximum production please abolish interest.

Anyway, 34 years worth of extra dead people because of 3 judges! I'd love to watch their gauntlet run to get into heaven. 

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