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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Celebrating Usury Free Living

Wayne Walton Mountain Hours
A transformation of awareness of money is necessary and possible. How to get the message out there? Wayne Walton is showing the way.
When Wayne opened up to the Usury issue, he wondered why interest-free money was not yet the norm. And he came up with an answer - marketing.
To create new units and market them properly, that is his mission.
He managed to create not only his own Mountain Hours, but helped initiate a number of other similar initiatives throughout the country.
His communication is great, he’s a good orator, knows his stuff and really passionately puts forward the usury free case in a most comprehensive way.
He’s also absolutely great with videos. Here’s a very powerful one, getting right to the heart of the matter:
Walton brings people together around his themes. He seeks the common ground. And what could be more beautiful than interest-free money? Because he’s actually doing it with his Hours, people love it.
One of his themes is Jubilee. Here’s a typical and wonderful video showing all this:
He used to toy around with Austrianism, before being exposed to Sacred Economics. This helps in bringing them on board also.
Here’s Adam Kokesh, with a good and very enthusiastic analysis of the Mountain Hours. True, their monetary architecture is not the greatest, but it is all being developed as it goes.
He’s revolutionizing the promotion of usury free living. He radically posits the problem, quoting Jesus, Moses and Mohammed, and offers direct solutions: Jubilee and Hours. He does so in a way as to really touch people.
Wayne is very active on Facebook too.
There is another way. We don’t need to exploit to survive. We can have abundance. Usury is the original sin, the ultimate cause of our economic and social woes and the ‘conspiracy’ and its nasty tricks are simply retribution. The suffering it causes worldwide is unfathomable. As always the solution is simple: quit sinning and start interest-free money.
More power to Wayne Walton.
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