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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Change The Money - Change The World

The bankers took over the planet with a very few people by controlling the monetary system. Those few evil/deceptive people FOCUSED their energy, time, talents, and relied on themselves. They sacrificed. They didn't wait for someone else to do it for them. They set aside their egos and achieved their evil goals.

We are doing the opposite of them. We are losing because we won't focus, or sacrifice. We keep waiting for a savior, or someone else to fix it. If we focus on fixing the monetary system ourselves we can fix everything in weeks/months. We don't face a difficult technical challenge. We don't need large numbers.

Does anyone wonder why "truther/bank resistor" Alex Jones never has a debate on monetary systems? Why has Ron Paul never debated Bill Still or someone similar about gold/silver vs Greenbacks vs usuryfree local currency? Isn't monetary reform the most important topic on the planet? Why no real, deep widespread public debate?

"An honest man fears no question."

Why does this debate not occur immediately BEFORE we pick who are "leader" is? Why don't we decide this one single question, then put the correct answer into affect ourselves?

How many millions of posts, rants, protests, elections, donations, Occupations, sit ins, and other futile efforts will be taken before we decide to just focus on fixing the monetary system?

The evil people in charge did it. Why don't we? is a place where you can learn, and copy a system which now has $20k in circulation, but no debt or interest. 65 businesses use mtnHours after only 4 months. Additionally, mtnHours can be loaned without interest (usury). Imagine a 10 year mortgage to replace a 30 year for the same payment.

Usury/interest free monetary and lending systems outcompete the existing system and make it irrelevant.

There is nothing stopping us all from doing this together, and networking them across the planet.

Nothing is stopping us other than "learned helplessness". We must now make a choice of love, or fear?

Fear will keep us enslaved. Love will emancipate as we will love ourselves enough to win.

NOTE: Anthony Migchels penned an article about Wayne Walton and his dedication to helping usher in the new age of usuryfree living. The article is titled: "Celebrating UsuryFree Living."


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