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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The People's Voice & The 9th Annual UsuryFree Week

It is exciting that "The People's Voice" is being launched on Monday, November 25, 2013  - this is during the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week. 

Possibly on some future date "The People's Voice" will reserve a small block of air time to celebrate the Annual UsuryFree Week - which is scheduled from November 13th to 19th every year since the 1st Annual UsuryFree Week in 2005. A brief history of UsuryFree Day and Week is posted at this link.

It is even more exciting that The People's Voice is being launched just at the end of The Year of UsuryFree Living

Read more about the Year of UsuryFree Living in this article titled: "Real Reflections on The Year of UsuryFree Living" 

And My Presentation at the 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2012 offers more relevant background information.

Indeed, the technology is here for the information to travel - instead of individuals travelling to share the information so let's use and promote The People's Voice and has the potential to make the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week a truly global event. Remember, there was "Life Without Usury" and the will be "Life Without Usury" again in the not-too-distant future. 

Be sure and plan an event in your local area to celebrate this 9th Annual UsuryFree Week - making this a truly international event and let us know the details - maybe your community will be highlighted on this special program at The People's Voice. Send complete details of your event to: 

Otherwise, please - as soon as possible - forward you ideas for noteworthy stories of 2013 relating to (a) the design flaw of usury and how it is the direct and/or indirect cause of violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack as well as stories relating to (b) the usuryfree community currency movement and how a usuryfree community currency is fostering peace, prosperity, and abundance for all of those who choose to participate in your local community - as well as possible unique guests to for evaluation so that a fair selection can be prepared for the program which must be ready for airing on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013. 

One idea is to have some musicians to come forth and offer to write some lyrics  suitable for the theme of UsuryFree Week and then perform the song on The People's Choice on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

Also please forward any nominations for the annual Winged Lion Awards that are presented every year during UsuryFree Week. Please refer to the Winged Lion Awards of 2012 for ideas OR do a search for Winged Lion Awards in previous years.

What is The People's Voice?

How often is the question asked ‘What can I do?’ in the face of the global descent into Big Brother tyranny and oppression? How often do we hear it said that ‘the people’s voice should be heard’?

Well here is an answer to ‘What can I do?’ – an answer that will also guarantee that the people’s voice will be heard.

I have been communicating secret and suppressed information worldwide for nearly a quarter of a century and I spent nearly 20 years before that working in the mainstream media with newspapers, radio stations and BBC Television. 

I have vast experience of the corporate and alternative media and I can tell you this:

The mainstream corporate-owned media is NEVER going to tell you the truth or give you information that exposes what is really happening in the world. Corporations and governments are going to expose themselves through a media that they own?

Are you kidding?

This is why the mainstream media does not serve the interests of The People, but those of the corporations and governments that dictate the limits of the content.

The corporate media will never give The People a voice – so we have to give one to ourselves. This is our chance and it’s time to grasp it before the global collapse into economic tyranny and Big Brother oppression slams the door on what remains of human freedom.

We need £100,000 as the very minimum necessary to go to air within months and everything above that will ensure that The People’s Voice will be bigger, better and more effective on day one and the dream can be made a reality on the scale that I envisage.

This is my dream … this is how we go beyond protest and bypass the mainstream media to give people direct access to the microphone and camera while broadcasting and breaking the stories that will give the global population the background to world events that the corporate media censors refuse to investigate.

The People’s Voice would broadcast out of London, but this is aglobal station. We are all in this together and we must come together, talk together and cooperate together to bring about a global awakening.

We would have programmes every day by presenters in the UK and the United States with other regular programmes featuring presenters and content in Australia/New Zealand, Africa and everywhere else that we can secure quality programming.

What will you broadcast?

I especially want to give a voice to people in the Middle and Near East whose views, on-the-ground knowledge and experiences are ignored by the corporate media. No more silent wars. The potential is endless once we gain access to such a volume of daily airtime.

I want The People’s Voice reporters in media conferences where the rich and powerful will be asked questions about their part in world events that corporate journalists would freak-out at asking. Most of them don’t even know what to ask because they are so unresearched.

Whistleblower insiders and expert researchers in their fields across the world will be given airtime to share their knowledge and there will be on-going phone-ins for people to constantly have the chance to make their comments on what is happening through the day.

Public protests ignored or misrepresented by the corporate media will be given their voice with the most significant of them covered live to allow otherwise silenced people to tell their stories and make their points.  We would also be the vehicle to promote these and other events that bring people together in mutual support and dialogue.

We can have an explosive impact if we can raise the funds to launchThe People’s Voice on the scale that I want. The mainstream media itself will be challenged by our very existence to start behaving like journalists instead of corporate lapdogs.

The People’s Voice also refers to musicians and other artistic expression and I want to give talented, creative and inventive musicians, comedians and artists a platform they are currently denied to share their talents and insights with a global audience. Regular mass global meditations are another must-do that will bring everyone together on an even deeper level.

The People’s Voice will not do censorship, except within the bounds of libel, and it will not be silenced by intimidation or special interests. We have only two special interests – The People’s Right To Be Heard and The People’s Right To Be Told What They Need To Know.

The People’s Voice will be irreverent to self-appointed authority, impossible to intimidate, and will challenge hour by hour the unfolding tyranny of corporate and government imposition and erosion of freedom.

It is time for The People to speak – here is their microphone.

NOTE: The above article is originally posted at this website:

Please listen to this video clip and share it AND upload your videos for consideration at The People's Voice:
Upload Your People's Programmes For The People's Voice:
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NOTE: Watch for regular updates ... about the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week and The People's Voice.

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