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Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Trust Wayne Walton?

By Wayne Walton

The information which I have presented is very counter culture. Remember, Jesus message was rejected in His time too. He challenged the most powerful, evil cabal in His day just as we must today. Evil psychopaths have always used the "money power" to war on our Lord's Creation. If our existing church and political leaders worked for you; you would already know this. 

The majority of "Christians" will reject Christ, me and this message. However, this is the hard ugly truth which we must admit before we rise to the challenge and emancipate humanity. 

The "money power" verses humanity has been the core of nearly every war, revolution and clash of nations for thousands of years. The American Revolution was fought over usury and a debt Jubilee. The Civil War ended chattel slavery but expanded debt slavery. 

The usurers simultaneously financed each combatant nation of WWI and WWII. The usurers financed Hitler, FDR, Stalin and Churchill all at the same time. The same for the Cold War too. Today, the banksters fund all at the same time: the peace movement, the Military Industrial Complex(MIC) and the agent provocateur "radical Muslims".

Think about it: isn't this exactly what the "father of lies" would do in order to engineer conflict between all God's children. Isn't this what the true face of evil looks like? Isn't this how profound deception, ignorance and betrayal manifest?

When I learned of all this I broke down and cried. I grew up in a 3 generation Navy family which volunteered for nearly every war since WWII. Both my mother and father volunteered for the Korean War. I'm a former Marine who swore an oath to defend my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Please feel the weight of my soul when I say to you: "I have committed my life to emancipating humanity from this evil"

During the fall of 2008 the puppet politicians were voting for the bankster bailout over the objections of the vast majority of Americans. This is what compelled me to deeply investigate the monetary system and the Federal Reserve. I discovered that the Fed was private and was the creditor of the 1933 bankruptcy of the US. During the Great Depression President FDR ordered Americans to turn in their gold(collateral) to the private bankers not the US Treasury. 

This is when I realized that we live in a private bank oligarch. This is when I realized that my BA in History from the University of South Florida was meaningless. 

Why should you listen to me? Everything I have done since the fall of 2008 has been focused on resistance to Mammon. We have designed 5 usuryFree local currency systems. mtnHours in Summit County, Colorado has roughly 100 businesses which accept it. 

We have had some of the biggest names in 3rd party politics come and test Hour Money. We support the interests of both the left and right and all humanity. We are manifesting the Love Revolution through the LAW of the usuryFree Jubilee. Why listen? Because we are truly followers of Jesus' message of love and truth. 

Remember, good defeats evil. Stick around for our action plan for victory over the "den of thieves". 

Monetary reformer, jubilist and Love Revolutionary.

NOTE: Wayne Walton is the founder of Mountain Hours - a usury free time currency being traded in Summit County, Colorado. and many of the relevant resources that Wayne Walton has created are posted at this website:


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