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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Kingdom Dream

By Wayne Walton

NOTE:  This is a vision for emancipation and abundance through self-issued monetary reform.

Question:  “How much more colorful and compassionate will the world be when artists issue money to control the government instead of banksters?”

Purpose: To win hearts and minds of artists everywhere to co-create a future which harnesses our true potential based upon self-issued money.

Intro: Shouldn’t there be just one place on planet earth; which isn’t controlled by the banksters? Just one place where the local people live independently without fear from the financial elite and their minions in government? Certainly there’s room in the US for just one county of 3100 to be controlled by locals. Just one place where the bank colony has been replaced by an art colony. Where artists issue money rather than bankers or their machines. Where creative artists of every possible expertise have abundant money to manifest their highest visions of enduring greatness.

“The Kingdom Dream”

Please let your imagination take you to a future, real-life Dream community.  A completely self-sufficient, voluntary society free from force, fraud and monopoly. One Love of humanity has already created what locals call Summit Consciousness. Human empathy, compassion and abundance replaced materialism, fear and scarcity. Here, regular people have achieved diplomatic immunity from 1000‘s of arbitrary statutes, codes and rules that we are subject to today. Here humanity lives in harmony with itself and nature. 

Originally, this idea started in the Kingdom of Breckenridge, CO. But, quickly all of Summit County joined this Love Revolution. The foundation for this idea is that “lack of money” would never be a barrier to what needs to be done. Money, like all technology must a tool for emancipation not subjugation. Mountain Hour local currency is issued by the “have-nots”. This ensures that money is a tool to create abundance and justice for everyone . The idea that everyone is a king in a genuine kingdom. Therefore, everyone can issue money as sovereigns without subjects. 

The People of the Kingdom understand that life is “Just a Ride”. They “go big” and live zealous. They choose to live at 10,000’ altitude where Earth touches Heaven. People come here for the mountains not the money. Before the Love Revolution ski bums with masters degrees would wait on tables. Now, most of them have their own businesses, work less and have more time to explore the majestic mountains. In the old scarce money paradigm artists would have to sell their souls to earn bank money. Now, their soul power backs their own “self-issued” money. 

Arriving into Summit County from Denver is an immediate shock. The Eisenhower Tunnel bores through the Rocky Mountains at the continental divide. The nearly 2 mile long tunnel is like a trip from slavery to freedom. Travelers experience a new reality as soon as they arrive. Trucks and cars which are passing through continue underground across the 20 mile width of Summit County. All roads and walks are heated with organic, geo-thermal energy for maximum convenience, speed and safety. 

First time visitors have their mind blown as soon as they arrive at the welcome center. Many long-time, frustrated, political activists cry tears of joy. Think of arriving at the world’s greatest theme park without paying an admission fee. The welcome center doubles as a currency exchange. Here visitors receive a $110(11 Hours) worth of Mountain Hours local currency in exchange for $100. Visitors decide if they want physical or virtual Mountain Hours which are accepted at every business. Hours can be traded back when leaving, but many keep them as souvenirs; or make purchases online after they return home.  

A sign above the currency exchange reads: “Sorry for the inconvenience, but private bank monopoly money must be exchanged here.” This is one of the very few rules which are enforced here in the Kingdom. Residents conscientiously object to the violence that Federal Reserve Notes finance. The Kingdom pays their “fair share” in a very innovative way.

Individual Kingdom residents pay no income taxes. Meanwhile, their commercial energy is harnessed through the money system to build a far better world for all humanity. The Kingdom directly finances its own statewide, national and international initiatives for causes which it agrees with. 

For example, the Kingdom finances its own small fleet of boats which are cleaning up the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean. Another initiative funds the construction of new, free energy power to replace coal and nuclear power plants. In Detroit we’re funding a project to put people back to work building new fuel cars just like we have here. On the state-wide level industrial, bio-degradable hemp is being used to replace hundreds of petroleum products. 

Robyn, the Kingdom greeter in the welcome center, addresses visitors with a broad smile:

“Welcome to the Kingdom where everyone is a King or Queen”. Here we teach children of all ages that they have very special gifts which are the basis for their very own business. Then based on that business they issue their own money. All of Summit County is a learning laboratory for that aspiring artist found in all of us. Here, individual entrepreneurism has replaced globalism. ‘When you do what you love for a living; You never work a day in your life!’” 

The Kingdom is an art colony which was formerly a bank colony. As a bank colony aspiring entrepreneurs were typically reduced to starving artists. Today, our entire society is built to support artists to become their greatest selves. We have abundant money for creative souls and scarce money for soul-less multi-national corporations. 

“Would you like to drive into town? Or would you prefer riding in our free, state of the art, elevated tourist tram; or high speed underground train. The view is much more enjoyable while riding aboveground rather than driving. We’ll gladly valet your car and deliver your bags to your hotel. 

Would you like to vaporize some our community’s finest organics? Or perhaps a drink? If your diving, please review Summit County’s driving rules. There is no enforcement of victimless crimes. However, we do remove benefits for irresponsible, anti-social behavior. Public transportation is free 24 hours per day so there is no need to drive while under the influence. 

We believe that everyone must play a role in the emancipation of the human spirit. That everyone is a super-hero who will help to unlock human potential. That everyone is an artist, or inventor who is capable of greatness. While in the Kingdom please put that best foot forward. Because the Kingdom is a voluntary society we are each required to self-govern. 

While you’re riding the train you can pick from any of our 10 better than Las Vegas style shows. While Vegas is Sin city; we like to say we’re “Sacred City’. But, don’t let that imply that you won’t have fun. In our shows we put YOU on stage. Here, everyone is a star. Think about that while enjoying an organic, raw green smoothie. 

Did you know that Summit County produces all of its own food in a year round, enclosed, stadium sized aqua-ponics facility. This keeps our food out of Fukushima and airline chemical fallout. Additionally, we have no landfill and all product packaging brought into the county is required to be re-used by the original manufacturers. 

If you would like to drive in town we would like to offer you a free rental car. You can park yours and use ours. You have the choice of 100% electric, 100% biodiesel or 100% hydrogen. Each are powered from renewable or free energy produced right here in the Kingdom. The cars are manufactured here too using industrial hemp. They’re specifically designed to last at least 50 years. We offer tours of each pollution free factory. But, what everyone loves to checkout is our Tesla free-energy facility. We’re very proud as the technology was introduced here. 

We’ve designed the Kingdom to be like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but it’s a real world art colony where we live and play. In the Kingdom residents can issue their own money. Residents have no income and property taxes. We never pay interest while few people have any debt. Money is very abundant and most people can do what they love in a 15-20 week work year. Residents are share owners of the ski resorts and have free lift tickets. Vail Resorts, Walmart, Lowes, Whole Foods and the monopoly bankers left during the debt forgiveness Jubilee reset. Today, we use their former buildings for art fairs and farmers markets. 

Most business you walk into are locally owned and operated. You’ll meet genuine craftsmen and women and their apprentices. The Kingdom produces all of its own news, media and entertainment. You can view everything on TV or in person. We have daily parades and festivals with something for everyone. We highly recommend you checkout our community feature musical. “The Jubilee Sheriff of the Kingdom of Breckenridge”. Local performers train at our state of the art schools whose shows guarantee smiles and tears of joy.

Because land is scarce and we didn’t wish to drastically change the skyline; we’ve built a small resort town, administration buildings, mall, parking garages and employee housing below ground. You can spend an entire day exploring in Kingdom underground. It’s like Atlanta underground, but much more modern. Affordable housing used to be one of the greatest challenges in Summit County. We’ve eliminated that and created a space which is prettier than most cities. 

Inventors, architects, engineers, builders and creatives of all types were given the task creating something truly unique. To create a grand vision for our community which servedresident artists, entrepreneurs and families first. To make Summit County affordable for those who live here full time. Since we are self-sufficient we’re not dependent on outside tourism and therefore globalism. We’re not desperately chasing tourist dollars. We want tourists to come and then export our vision and systems.

For those of you on a spiritual journey we have specially trained shaman and healers. Our churches, mosques and synagogues offer the genuine message of the prophets which prohibit usury based money. Each preach One Love spiritual co-existence and have weekly services together. Regardless of your faith you’ll experience a slightly different, highly empowered version of it here. 

Many people arriving in the Kingdom have a difficult time waking up to the oppression they live under in their home community. Healers are specially trained to return souls to unity consciousness. Additionally, we offer training for activists to bring this Love Revolution back home. In the Kingdom we are all sovereigns without subjects. There is no force, authoritarianism or oppression. Activists from all over the planet come here seeking “Summit Consciousness”. It’s our mission to inspire the entire planet to recreate what we’re doing here. 

If you’re here for medical tourism, you may already know that we use natural organic plants to cure cancer and a broad range of other diseases. “Let food be thy medicine” is motto at our restaurants. Of course you can have raw green smoothies delivered to your room too. 

Finally, before I answer questions; I want each of you to know that YOU can issue money which we accept here. We have a class which teaches this absolutely essential knowledge. We don’t want anyone to be tricked by the banksters. Don’t be duped into thinking that anything other than you is the value which backs money. Kingdom College offers a simple 1 Hour long class taught by middle schoolers. 

Here YOU issue money which pays for the class itself. This simple, but essential lesson was the key to our Love Revolution. “In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must become again like a child”. Humanity has an awful lot to unlearn. We believe that confusion about money creation is a direct threat to all life. The Kingdom College money class is highly recommended for children of all ages. lol! Sorry to be so heavy, but we’re trying to save the world and need your help! Please, take some time to feed your brain. Now, what questions can I answer?

A visitor raises their hand for a question: “How do you travel out of Summit County with Mountain Hours?”

Robyn answers: That’s an excellent question with a 3 part answer: 1. We try to travel to other Hours systems which accept Mountain Hours. They are part of our extended tribe. Hours can be traded internationally like a time share via an international, virtual LETS system. 2. Residents can trade in their Hours for FRN’s when needed. 3. Many individuals outside the Kingdom accept Mountain Hours as they wish to travel here. 

Another visitor hand raises: “How do you pay for the massive infrastructure without income and property taxes. And you have no taxes on necessities. How do you do it?”

Robyn responds: “That’s a very involved question, but basically we birth brand new money rather than robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Since so many people are working in the vocation of their passion; they are extremely productive. We are growing out of our problems by massively growing the economic pie. Overall tax revenue is far greater today although it is derived from far fewer sources. Abundant, inflation-free Mountain Hours offers everyone peace of mind.” 

Robyn continues: 

“Summit consciousness is our guide in all things. We have full employment, free health care, secondary education and retirement. Human beings, nature and animals have greater value than money, badges, governments or corporations. When we say Kingdom we don’t mean we have a King or Queen. We mean everyone is a King or Queen. 

“Final question, please” says Robyn as she sees that the next group is waiting for her.

A man with a Ron Paul Revolution t-shirt shouts: “How did you do it? How do you keep from getting raided by the government?” 

Robyn replies: “Those in government work for the banksters as they’re paid with bank money. We simply offered the enforcers, politicians and judges a better deal. They recontracted and agreed to accept artists money instead. Their new oath is to enforce the “non-aggression principle”. Free marketers committed to create a voluntary money system which provided life essentials as a benefit. Both the political Left and Right got what they wanted and united. 

By issuing money themselves artists script their future instead of banksters. Don’t you want artists writing the script for your future instead of greedy banksters?

The man interrupts: “But, what stopped the Federal government from raiding you?”

Robyn replied: “The bankers minions did raid. But, they were not prepared for a genuine artist’ Love Revolution when they arrived. The White River National Forest was claimed as collateral for international bankers. I don’t want to spoil the ending. So, please go get tickets to our community musical: “The Jubilee Sheriff of the Kingdom of Breckenridge”!

I’ve got another group now and can’t answer anymore questions. But, you can tune into “Kingdom Talk Radio”! There you can speak with the actual monetary and political activists who actually stood up to the banksters mercenaries. We believe it’s the greatest story ever told. 

I’m sorry, but I must go now. Please decide if you would like to ride the Kingdom train or,  or test drive one of our eco-friendly cars. Please enjoy your visit and make the commitment to build a similar art colony where you live. lol! Somewhere warm so I can come visit!

Moral: “The Kingdom exists wherever artists issue money to replace fear and scarcity with peace of mind and abundance.” 

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