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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Legal Cancellation Of All Corporate Debt Awaits Lawful Cancellation Of Same

By Tom Riley

I was writing a comment to a blog post entitled, “Justin: What did the OPPT really do for humanity?” located at when I thought about you and wondered if you are familiar with the work of OPPT, the One Peoples Public Trust or not. 

It is a very interesting topic that held a lot of promise (and still does) for liberating us from the bankers fraudulent money system. They did this through certain UCC filings that went unrebutted whereupon the filing of the remedy went unrebutted which meant that that remedy was then established in private international law. 

I had never even heard of private international law till I came across this info.  Consider this. The central banks issue private money and the UCC code is actually their private code used to regulate their private money.  It is actually copyrighted by them.  Nations, through treaty, agree to adopt the UCC code and this explains why UCC codes trumps national laws. It is private international law that supersedes national law. This is how the bankers got over the governments, then replaced the governments with corporations. UCC is the modern name. It really started under the Pope in 14th century.

That above mentioned remedy, which has the force of law, was the foreclosure of all corporations that were disguising themselves as national governments (any nation with a central bank) and consequently any corporations chartered under that (fake) government. All the corporations in the world have been foreclosed upon!!!!!!  With the proper noticing and filing of UCC paperwork and a fee schedule, you can file a lien on any individual who represents himself as an agent of any bank, corporation, or government who is coming after you for a debt. The debts have already been canceled!!! (Albeit under their own “Legal” system yet none the less a result that forces them to do either one of two things. 

They either recognize the forgiveness of the debts as legal, or their own “Legal” system as inoperative. Talk about a rock and a hard place. The UCC code self imploded by its own process. This was a genius piece of work by the three trustees who essentially founded a trust superior to the original papal bull that created the first trust that the whole corrupt banking/birth bond system was founded on in the first place.) There are deep spiritual implications revealed by the founding of this trust that was not lost on the trustees who created it and some, although not all, of their followers.

Very few people know about this cause the corporate news channels sure aren't going to tell us. It has kind of wound down since a lot of people who were following it were thinking that they were just going to be given access to lot of money based on the bond created by their birth certificate. They didn't want to do the internal spiritual work necessary to come to an understanding who they are as sovereigns and the recognition of the need to reform the monetary system as the work incumbent upon such a sovereign. 

The OPPT definitely dismantled the old system but it did not build anything new to replace it. There was an attempt with a thing called CVACS but they were still based in the old paradigm system and thus failed to materialize. It is definitely something you should look at if you haven't done so already since the UCC filings still stand unrebutted and unrebuttable and might be useful to you/us in our quest.

What follows is my comment in reply to the above mentioned blog. Feel free to use any of it in responses of your own if you wish.

Justin has done an excellent job of summing it up. Look at the slave money system as a giant spinning fly wheel. The oppt has effectively sawed off the drive shaft of that fly wheel so that power is no longer being delivered to it, but the inertia in it has kept it spinning. If everyone would have just been “given” millions of dollars without having done the internal spiritual work, it would have been like trying to use a pawl instead of a brake pad to stop that flywheel and the thing would have shattered into a million pieces. 

If we tried to use the CVACs with each person having to have “awakened” at least enough so that they had to apply their own paperwork to the bank, that would have at least been akin to using a brake pad to stop that flywheel. But being only one brake pad on the wheel, and given the massive inertia of the system, there would have been so much friction/heat generated at that one point it would have been bound to fail. 

The solution is for millions of little brake pads to be applied to that flywheel in millions of places around the globe/perimeter without so much pressure that they self destruct from overheating. "How is that done?" you ask. 
 I believe that local currencies need to be created all over the place, issued by the local people as they “awaken” to the scam slavery system money that has been foisted on them.  Similar to Ithaca Hours it is based on an hours worth of labor of an individual that we all know is where true value comes from. Being that an hour of time is the same around the globe, it provides a universal unit of measure that is independent of the “country” that the laborer lives in. Think how much more just that will be to all the peoples of the world as a unit of currency compared to the old systems' unit of a “dollar” or “an ounce”.  

Part of the problem with the oppt solution was it's not coming completely out of the old paradigm. That was evidenced by the effort to “redistribute” all the worlds gold to obtain a new equity. That continued the thinking that the gold was what still had the value, or could at least continue to represent the value. When local currencies based on hours is issued by the people themselves, it circumvents the problems associated with gold and with who has it, and who doesn't. 

  If you look at history and the wars fought over gold, what do you think will happen when the currencies all over the world collapse at the same time. For some reason many countries store their gold in other countries. What kind of a setup is that?  Germany wants her gold back and the Fed tells her “Sure, you'll just have to wait seven years for it”.  Sounds to me like the monopoly money bankers have printed a new “Get out of jail free card” for themselves for when the SHTF.  

It has been disguised as “Distract them with war because THEY (the country supposedly storing your gold) actually STOLE your gold.” It wasn't we the bankers who secretly store/hoard the gold. It wasn't we the bankers who leased it out, never to return again, or who have sold it to China for our own reasons. It wasn't we the bankers who stole the value of your labor through the practice of USURY.

When local currencies are used, there is no more central controlling/issuing authority which creates debt money out of your signature (mortgage, credit card use) or someone who re-presents your signature (gov't created debt you are on the hook for) with the added usury attached (which is where the enslavement is created).

All of the ability of the bankers to enslave us is based on their issuing the currency and charging interest on it. All of that ability is taken away from them when people issue their own currency locally and charge no usury. The added advantage is that a local currency starts out as a supplement to the national currency or reserve note and gradually increases alongside the existing currency. 

As more people realize its advantages, its usage increases and the existing currency becomes less and less relevant and will atrophy over time. This is the equivalent of a million little brake pads being gently applied to the system so it is transitioned more smoothly. A more organic process, if you will, that allows people to awaken to their true spiritual nature and reclaim and re-establish their own sovereignty. 

 Please don't misunderstand me. The seeding of this idea/practice needs to be quickly implemented in a widespread manner.  People need to understand both the spiritual and practical nature of local currencies before the impending dollar collapse. The catastrophic effects of that event will be mitigated to the same degree that local currencies are already widely established. 

For me, it is the answer to why did the oppt secure our value and then not allow us to access it. We are allowed to access it.  Promoting and establishing usuryfree local currencies is how we do that.


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