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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Conspiracy Culture Update

By Patrick Whyte

It was 2002 when I first had the idea of opening up a shop dedicated to spreading awareness and alternative information. It took a few years of hard work and saving to finally get it open in 2006. Both friends and family were quite skeptical about the endeavor and cautioned against it. I was a nervous wreck and really didn't know what to expect as there's no business model for a "conspiracy" shop. Quite a stretch from managing artists and putting on concerts/musical events.

Anyhow, here we are 8 years later and I truly feel like Kadina and I have accomplished quite a bit. I can't even begin to explain the perspective gained over the years... the incredible personalities we've met, and the stories we've heard! As difficult as it was at times, it's all proven to be extremely worthwhile and I'm a better person for surviving the challenges.

I'm pretty nervous about the move, I'm a creature of habit and the slightest deviation from routine can throw me into a vortex of frustration and anxiety... but at the same time, I'm pretty damn excited! A new space on Bloor... exposure on all four directions, a minute from the subway station, great neighbors, and a tenant upstairs who's set up the coolest organic garden out back. I'll have an office (with a door) and we've got air conditioning! A few windows for fresh air and sunlight (which means lots of new plants on top of our old ones), and a parking spot.

Just bought a new bike and plan on riding to work on a regular. I haven't been on a bike in almost 6 years! Really looking forward to strengthening my legs and getting in better physical shape. Two doors down from the new digs... organic, heirloom seeds and organic honey!

Just a week left in the old haunt.

I'm really going to miss this place. It's been my home for almost a decade. Kinda get sad thinking about leaving Parkdale and all the friends, businesses and locals. Time to make new friends and create a new wonderful shop for the GTA!

We'll be putting an emphasis on our website next... hope to relaunch, fully loaded with all our products, by the new year. I also plan on writing original content for the site. I've been approached by a couple production teams who are interested in producing a Conspiracy Culture podcast... but I've yet to reply as the plate is quite full at the moment.

Once the move is done, going to take a break and do some camping for about a week before opening the doors. Then it's time to celebrate our 8 year on August 26th.. and start preparing for our big November 8th event.

Anyhow, just needed to get that off my chest....

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