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Monday, July 11, 2005

Investing and Donating ‘Money & Time’ Differently in this 21st Century

Indeed, it is time to harmonize our spending with the intention to help us re-build the ‘spirit of community’ – which somehow eluded us in the latter years of the 20th Century.

Are you ready and willing to start channeling your hard-earned money away from the giant, transnational corporations and towards small to medium-sized community businesses and home-based enterprises? Are you likewise, ready and willing to gift your charitable donations to those registered charitable organizations that are really making a difference in helping others to experience the reality of usuryfree living?

As a becoming usuryfree creative and a conscious, social investor are you willing to begin screening your investments so that you are NOT contributing to the obscene profits of banks, nor to the evils of war and violence and the related problems of poverty, scarcity and lack.

As the Iraq War rages on, more and more conventional investors with a social conscience are divesting their shares to avoid earning profits for any companies that are directly and/or indirectly connected to the military war machinery.

Astute investors are learning that indeed, they have an impact and corporations are learning that common human dignity can no longer be ignored as we progress into this 21st Century.

Awakening investors are seeking to support solution-oriented enterprises, thereby raising the bar and causing all corporations to eventually improve their questionable practices.

Young, debt-free corporations are emerging in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry with a new and unique vision that attracts community-minded investors who are seeking to invest their federal cash with creative investment vehicles whereby their dollars will help to rebuild the ‘spirit of community’ locally, nationally and internationally.

By merging with key global industries under one umbrella, any privately-owned company could offer its participating SDI entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in several industries at the same time and/or the ability to work in as many or as few as they choose.

One SDI company is likely to lead the way in the SDI industry with its plan to permit participating SDI entrepreneurs to invest a specified fee to enrol and maintain customers who have purchased products and/or services after viewing infomercials. This innovative marketing strategy will attract ethical investors with a community-minded vision. No longer will SDI entrepreneurs be expected to enrol family, friends, and neighbours to build up their earnings in their respective SDI Portfolios. As the paradigm shifts, they can seek investors who are willing to purchase these active customers and earn a reasonable profit every time that customer purchases a product and/or service in the future. This would be an absolutely a brilliant twinning of an investment and SDI marketing strategy.

This timely and unique investment strategy would fit with the current shift in buying habits of consumers as more and more of them are making a conscious choice to spend their money differently, thereby helping to re-build local community. Indeed, the rush to the big box stores and giant transnational corporate retailers is expected to decline steadily as the SDI industry continues to attract astute and aware consumers who are ready and willing to shop at small to medium-sized community businesses and at home-based enterprises where federal cash is accepted as a complement with whatever usuryfree community currencies that are in circulation within local networks.

Whatever products that can be accessed at wholesale prices, can be marketed to customers within our circles of influence whereby we request federal cash to cover any wholesale and distribution costs and agree to accept a usuryfree community currency for the mark-up portion of the sale. Any new lines of products (which are free of toxins) would be ideal for marketing locally for partial federal cash and partial community currency.

Notice that the usuryfree community currency movement is likewise attracting national media coverage as this shift to home-based shopping transforms local community. In June 2005, the Canadian MoneySaver, a renowned, national, financial magazine in Canada published an excellent article entitled ‘Print Your Own Money.’ Those interested can read that article at this URL:

This is significant as the SDI industry is ideal to be twinned with the usuryfree community currency movement. As mentioned above, time-traders need access to products and/or services at wholesale prices so that they can be marketed for a portion of federal cash and a portion of any local usuryfree, community currency.

The SDI industry offers multiple opportunities for people to access various products and/or services at wholesale prices, which can then by requesting federal cash to cover the wholesale costs and accepting any usuryfree community currency for the retail markup portion of the sale. And leaders in the the SDI industry can bring forth large networks of people to enrol with ‘Hour’ Third Market Network as participating time-traders.

Enter the Family Life Foundation. Historically, the usuryfree community currency movement offered from zero to a low rate of return to any investor BUT participants within the movement keep relating how their lives are being transformed in profound and wonderous ways. As a duly registered charitable organization, the Family Life Foundation welcomes generous donations from supporters who are interested in helping to advance any participating, usuryfree, community currency projects.

Investors who are ready and willing to turn away from traditional investing - with its singular goal of maximizing personal profit - are similarly ready and willing to turn away from the traditional solicitation of funds by those conventional charitable organizations that are not achieving the results expected by the grassroots workers and donors. Indeed, donors of federal cash are needed and appreciated by the Family Life Foundation as it is the key charitable organization funding the growth and development of the usuryfree community currency movement.

Let’s encourage all participating SDI entrepreneurs to not only implement the best practices of ethical investment in regards to ‘money and time,’ but also to channel their donated ‘money and time’ to help people experience the reality of usuryfree living. This is best achieved by supporting the Family Life Foundation in its efforts to expand the database of time-traders enroled with ‘Hour’ Third Market Network so that it serves us locally, nationally and internationally.

Special Invitation to long-time supporters/readers at The Cyberclass Network:

I am invite readers to carefully review this information and share it with others. I am seeking to enrol one SDI entrepreneurs, who are ready and willing to be re-educated about the benefits of becoming ‘usuryfree’ and ‘toxicfree’ while understanding that we are still required to function within the currency financial system. In this regard, it is my intention to network with leaders who are promoting the idea of becoming ‘usuryfree’ and becoming ‘toxicfree’ while earning a paycheque to advance our ultimate mission for everyone on this planet to experience the reality of ‘usuryfree living’ and ‘toxicfree living.’

I am seeking to network with SDI entrepreneurs who will assume a leadership role in helping to build the UsuryFree Network and the ToxicFree Network so that all who participate are enroled with ‘Hour’ Third Market Network as time-traders who are ‘ready and willing’ to market their respective products and/or services using partial federal cash and partial usuryfree community currency.

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