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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The EconoChristian publishes "The Virtue of Giving Trumps the Vice of Greed"

The Virtue of Giving Trumps the Vice of Greed

House prices are falling and too many homeowners are discovering that the value of their home is less than the amount owing on the mortgage. Unemployment numbers are going up and estimates are that the rates for 2009 will spike beyond 8%.
Personal and business bankruptcies are surging with approximately 88,000 bankruptcies in Canada in 2008 and many more expected in 2009. Too many fellow-Canadians are experiencing serious financial troubles because of the downturn in the manufacturing and financial sectors of our economy. Why??

As we ponder the ?why? answer, it is worthy of note that the number one cause of these critical and depressing financial troubles facing individuals, families and small to medium-sized businesses is the growth of credit card debt due to the malfunction of usury. All debtors/borrowers are servants to creditors/lenders and are therefore victims of the modern tyranny of usury-banking practices.

Usurers commonly reduce oppressed borrowers (individuals, businesses, governments) to beggars. And for lack of knowledge, and because they too, are saddled with usury-bearing debts our fellow-citizens - the police, lawyers, judges and court staff - enforce the usury contracts and unknowingly become servants to their masters - the same greedy usurers.

Is the vice of greed a factor in what is currently happening in our orthodox financial system of usury-based, debt money? Is the virtue of giving a factor in the growth and expansion of the usuryfree community currency movement? And is usuryfree living not only a possibility but a real probability in this 21st Century? Let’s explore some facts as we seek answers to these timely questions.

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