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Sunday, September 27, 2009

5th Annual AMI (American Monetary Institute) Monetary Reform Conference

Sept. 24-27, 2009 at Roosevelt University in Chicago

"Talks will focus on what can be done NOW, to turn this monetary and banking disaster, created and perpetuated by false people and false economic and monetary ideas into an opportunity to achieve real and lasting reforms for humanity. We'll focus on why A moral approach is at the heart of successful reform. Warm regards." Stephen Zarlenga, AMI

This conference has just completed. If any readers were present or if you know of someone who attended, please share any significant information/ideas that were presented.

A list of the various speakers is included at this AMI Monetary Reform Conference website:

More details about theAMI (American Monetary Institute) are at the main website:

"Over time, whoever controls the money system controls the nation." - Stephen Zarlenga, Director, AMI


At 12:20 AM, Blogger GENEWA SAKIASI LIVINAI said...

Thank you so much indeed for accepting me to share my own personal views towards the Monetary Reform Conference of America.

Its a pleasure to see that many contributors towards this important conference will exposed and highlight many things which will one day be authored for the next generation to read and understand what transpires during our time... with un-control credit, usury, fractional banking and balloning of Debted system, that divided many millions of people around the globe without nothing today and leaving only few people with little to show.

What I am driving here is realy a basic focussed on example, if the global population is rising over 7 billion and the money that is printed is over 1 Trillion, why cant the remaining balance just pay off the debts and switch the banking system called "Gold Saves Lives Inflation Free Formula" so that children age 2 to 20 can have chance to go free to education, free medication and free insurance cover etc. and while those past 55 years can retire with million dollars to protect them in their last living expenses.... and finally all the nations of the world is free from economic pressures from investor with dragonized terms and conditions of money lending that is not helping but creating and contributing towards Global Hunger, no decent homes, unpaid bank loans, no jobs, now water and electricity, no money to buy three meals etc. The formula is based on 40/60 % against the Yellow Gold daily price, which is capable to replaced the licensed commercial banks world wide to utilised on lending funds to fund projects creating jobs for Unemployed Global People in over 500 Million


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