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Sunday, September 06, 2009

AnarchoJesse Introduces his own “Labor Notes”

"AnarchoJesse Labor Notes was founded in August of 2008, with the first minting occurring on August 17th, 2008. Founded by Free State Project member Jesse of Keene, the AJL is to serve as an alternative currency backed by the Hours of labor proprietor and distributor Jesse can provide.

What is the AnarchoJesse Labor Note?

The AnarchoJesse Labor Note (AJL) is an alternative currency established in New Hampshire by myself, Free State Project member "AnarchoJesse". Breaking from the Federal Reserve Note, which is backed by nothing but "faith and credit" (read: literally nothing), the AJL is backed by the promissory labor of myself, AnarchoJesse.

Why have you created the Labor Note?

I have created the AJL as a means to combat the inflation of the Federal Reserve Note by giving consumers something more tangible to invest in. Additionally, the Labor Note would possibly open up those who aren't familiar with Alternative Currencies to accepting the legitimacy of them, as well as understanding that their investment in the FRN is that is inevitably at their own loss.

How many labor notes will you have in circulation?

Approximately One Hundred (100) hours of labor will be in circulation in One ("1") Hour, Four ("4") Hour, and Eight ("8") Hour denominations.

How can I come to possess AnarchoJesse Labor Notes?

There are a few ways of coming by AJLs. The most direct would be through direct purchase from myself, which are being sold at a price of Two Federal Reserve notes per Hour. Another method would be through barter, which can either be done with myself or whoever might have some on hand." (snip) ...

Read more about AnarchoJesse Labor Notes at this website:


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