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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Blog Report for October 1st, 2009: "Break Free From Usury Slavery"

I was invited to participate in a radio interview by way of Skype - with Chris Toland at Radio Skidrow in Austrailia on Tuesday afternoon, September 29th, details at this URL:

Then, I attended a workshop on Tuesday evening, September 29th, 2009 at the Ottawa office of Solution Finance where the “Smart Equity” program was presented. A brief presentation can be viewed at this link:

While at the office, I browsed through a book titled “Who Took My Money - Break Free from Debt Slavery.” In my mind, I was thinking a better subtitle would have been - “Break Free from Usury Slavery.”

In reference to the book “Who Took My Money” authored by Ottawa author, Monique Amyot it is written at this website: “The author of this book is committed to help you become debt free quickly.” I concur with this statment because when you are free of debt, you are free of usury and I add: “Usuryfree creatives are committed to help you become usuryfree.”

Here are a couple of memorable quotes from the presenter of the Smart Equity program at Solution Finance: “Nobody is shy to say they are mortgage free.” I concur with this statement because if you are mortgage free you are likely usuryfree and I add: “BUT no debtors can say that they are usuryfree and a very small percentage of home owners are mortgage free since most mortgages are renewed every eight years and the cycle of positive feedback on the debt (usury) continues.

The other memorable quote from the presentation is: “Compound interest is the killer for everybody.” I concur with this statement and I add: “The design flaw of usury is the killer machine that keeps debtors subservient to lenders - generation after generation.” John “The Engineer” Turmel keeps telling me to stress the point that the real problem with our orthodox system of money is the “positive feedback on the debt money” - of course that “positive feedback” that he is referring to is the function of “usury.”

I do encourage anyone who lives in the area of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and who is a novice in the realm of money creation BUT who has a gnosis that the growth of their debt is killing them financially to visit the website: and purchase the book “Who Took My Money” from the online store at this URL: The ideas in the book will give any debtor a starting point for his/her re-education about our orthodox money system.

Likewise, if you seek coaching to help you develop a positive view of how you can survive in our orthdox system of usury-based, debt money, you may very well benefit from the information and perhaps some of the resources offered by Solution Finance will accelerate your mission to become free of debt (usury).

As you begin to climb out of debt, you may be ready to take your re-education to the next level where you will learn the “truth” about the design flaw of usury and the “truth” about money creation. When you are ready for this segment of your re-education, I recommend that you watch some informative and persuasive film documentaries.

A good starting point are the two separate DVDs made by Paul Grignon: “Money As Debt I” and “Money As Debt II.” “Money As Debt I” is posted at google video at this url:
I have additional copies of the DVDs - “Money As Debt I” and “Money As Debt II” for distribution. For details of how to get your copies please forward an email to: with “Money As Debt” in the subject line.

Another highly recommended film documentary about the historical origins of the political and economic power structures that have ruled the world and still rule the world today is “The Money Masters.” This film documentary if 3 1/2 hours in length, so for novices, it is best to view it in shorter segments from this URL at google video:

And “Money: Who Creates It? Who Controls It” by Issac Isitan is yet another good film documentary about money creation. It also introduces people to different aspects of the usuryfree community currency movement.

And as you graduate in your self-imposed course of study on economic topics that formal education neglects (or neglected) to teach you will hopefully choose to become a voluntary, usuryfree creative.

As a voluntary usuryfree creative, I encourage you to continue pursuing your self-imposed courses of study and you will find that when you have exposed the lies about the design flaw of usury, you will quickly discover many more lies and much deceit and deception in many elements of our “sacred systems.”

In conclusion, you will eventually determine that all of the “lies, deceit and decpetion” in matters relating to education, greening and global warming, religion, energy, big pharma, etc. revolves around “money” - that’s why I refer to the design flaw of usury and the hidden “fifth column” being protected by the banking cartel - which includes politicians, media barons, and executives of the giant trans-national corporations, all of whom are hoping to usher in their New World Order.

As a becoming “usuryfree creative” I draw your attention to some articles with relevant background information at these websites:

UsuryFree Creatives:

The UsuryFree Eye Opener:

The UsuryFree Network:

The Cyberclass Network:

I also invite you to actively participate in the forthcoming "Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week" scheduled from November 13th to 19th, 2009. Details about that at these urls:

I have other resources to share and I offer private consultations for those who are motivated to become an active usuryfree creative. As well, being available for radio talk shows, I am also available for workshops/seiminars.

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy aka “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy.”

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