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Friday, May 07, 2010

“Operation Liberation” or “Big Pharma Medication”

Greetings regular readers and new readers:

New readers are invited to review any of the previous posts here at The UsuryFree Eye Opener and you will quickly realize the financial connections between "sickness and disease" and the function of "usury" or "interest" on money.

Being aware of the fragile economic chaos that is currently underway in various countries in Europe all readers will quickly connect the dots and follow the tenacles of the the manufactured controversy over the CCSVI procedure.

If there was an abundance of money in the “system” everyone diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in Canada could be tested and treated with CCSVI if necessary.

The design flaw of usury as it is applied to our orthodox economic system of debt money is the evil and immoral, killer machine that is directly and/or indirectly responsible for wars, violence, poberty, scarcity and lack.

Consequently, it is because of the perceived scarcity of money, that the “system” claims it cannot fund the required research for the approval of the CCSVI procedure. Additionally, the owners and shareholders of the giant, trans-national, pharmaceutical corporations have become so powerful financially that they can influence federal and provincial politicians and their respective bureaucrats.

Obviously, there is major profit potential in selling drugs to MS patients for their entire lifetime, and since the “system” is in the business of “sickness and disease” rather than “health and wellness.” Consider how the sales of drugs would decrease if this simple and inexpensive CCSVI procedure improved the health of countless thousands of people diagnised with multiple sclerosis.

Of course, Big Pharma manufacturing facilities have loans with the usury bankers and are therefore paying tribute to their creditors. These usury costs are simply added to the end product and the consumer who buys their drugs pays these usury fees in addition to an ever increasing tax burden.

And Big Insurance corporations offer to insure anything and everything and they charge monthly premiums to cover any potential claims. Some researchers claim that the Big Insurace companies are equally as powerful as the global banking cartel.

“Nuff typed for an Introduction. Below is my article: “Operation Liberation” or “Big Pharma Medication.” You are invited to read it and share it.

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy aka “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy”

“Operation Liberation” or “Big Pharma Medication”
By Tom J. Kennedy

Those are the words that I painted on one side of the sign that I painted and carried at the MS Liberation Rally on Parliament Hill on Wednesday, May 5, 2010. The people who commented on those words agreed that indeed, it is “Big Pharma” that has been influencing the “sickness and disease” system to withhold the CCSVI (Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency) from people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

On the otherside of the sign I painted this message: “The People vs Big Pharma, Insurance and Banks.” It was this side of the sign that the most people gave me the “thumbs up” sign with numerous comments affirming that indeed “Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Banks” are holding we-the-people hostage for their selfish, financial gain.

My partner who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis carried a sign that displayed this message: “$1500. for CCSVI or $20,000. annual meds - either way, you pay.” She is currently taking the pharmaceutical drug called copaxone at a cost of $20,000. annually and she too would like the opportunity to receive the CCSVI treatment.

I chose to attend the MS Liberation Rally as an activist for CCSVI and an informed and self-educated, citizen about related topics commonly dismissed as “not newsworthy.” My estimate is that apporximately 300 people attended the rally in Ottawa. Thanks to the MS Liberation Group in Ottawa for organizing this event - especially Andrew Katz and Rebecca Cooney.

A summary of the MS Liberation Rally is published by the Ottawa Citizen at this link:

My Letter To Steve Medley at CFRA Radio Ottawa re: the interview with the MS Liberation Group on Tuesday, May 4, 2010:

There were numerous MS Liberation Rallies all over the world on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 to call for fair access to the CCSVI treatment otherwise referred to as “Operation Liberation.” Special thanks to all of the organizers and to those fellow-Canadians who made the effort to attend any and all of the rallies in Canada and elsewhere.

I also attended a special meeting hosted by the Parliamentary Sub Committee on Neurological Health at 7:30 AM on Thursday, May 6, 2010 in Room 209, West Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This Parliamentary Sub Committee was chaired by Joy Smith. The Clerk of the Subcommittee is Chrisitne Holke David.

A note from the MS Liberation website: “The main purpose of the meeting will be for the MS Society of Canada to request money from the federal government for lengthy studies regarding CCSVI and MS. One independent Canadian (Laura Radley) will be speaking for 7 minutes about the urgent need for all Canadians at risk for CCSVI to have immediate acces to screening, and to the services of Vascular specialists to advise on any necessary treatment.”

Written submissions to this Subcommittee are also being accepted. Submissions must be forwared as soon as possible. Below are the electronic contact details complete with the mailing address for those who prefer to use regular mail (postage-free) to the House of Commons. Request that copies of any submission be made and passed along to all members of this Subcommittee.

Chrisitne Holke David
Clerk of the Subcommittee on Neurological Health
Sixth Floor, 131 Queen Street
House of Commons
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6
Tel.: 613-995-4108
Fax: 613-992-7974

Here are my observations regarding the Parliamentary Sub Committee on Neurological Health. Since this communication is directed to those involved in the MS Liberation Group, I focused my observations only on those issues relevant to CCSVI.

This meeting was open to the media and the public. Obviously, the early starting time hindered many people with multiple sclerosis from attending. I wondered why the meeting could not have been scheduled in mid-morning so that more observers could be present - or was the agenda to have only a few people attend? The good news is that there were approximately 25 people sitting in the gallery as observers.

There are a four Members of Parliament on this Sub Committee. I managed to get the names of these three MP’s: Mauril Belanger, Liberal, Ottawa-Vanier, Ontario, Megan Leslie, NDP, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dr. Kirsty Duncan, Liberal, Etobicoke North, Ontario. I was only able to see “Luc” as the first name of the Member of the Bloc Quebecois.

There were three people with multiple sclerosis invited to make seven minute presentations as well as Yves Savoie, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Since seven minutes is a very brief time allotment, most of the presenters did not complete their oral submissions. It was fortunate that some of them had written submissions which they shared with the observers.

Yves Savoie was the first presenter. He pointed out the neurological sickness would become the leading cause of death for Canadians within the next 20 years. He also informed the Sub Committee that the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada was meeting the Minister of Health regarding a request for $10. million of additional funding for CCSVI research.

Since many people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis are critical of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada for their lack of support for the “operation liberation” otherwise known as “CCSVI,” it is interesting to read the quote about their mission as posted on the website:

“The mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada is: To be a leader in finding a cure for multiple sclerosis and enabling people affected by MS to enhance their quality of life.”

Those people afflicted with multiple sclerosis who are seeking the CCSVI treatment see no need for further research as this simple procedure has been commonplace in the medical profession since the 1970’s.

Dr. Kristy Duncan’s presentation with respect to CCSVI and its relation to multiple sclerosis and the “operation liberation” was most impressive.

Kristy pointed out that the International Union of Phlebology has released a Consensus Document whereby 47 countries already recognize CCSVI as an effective treatment of venous malformations.

She also pointed out that approximately 300 Canadians have already been treated with the CCSVI procedure - most of these in a foreign country - with little risk for the testing or the procedure itself. In her written submission, Kristy commented on how many Canadians have gone overseas for the imaging and follow up “operation liberation” and she asked what sort of tracking is being undertaken to evaluate their condition following their trip to a foreign country.

Yves Savoie agreed that any risks regarding the imaging or diagnostics are minimal and he concurred that the CCSVI treatment itself was not available in Canada. I found it noteworthy that Yves Savoie responded to Kristy Duncan saying that he was unaware of the Consensus Document released by the International Union of Phlebology regarding diagnosis and treatment of venous malformations.

Laura Radley (from British Columbia) who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis was speaking on behalf of the 75,000+ people in Canada who are currently afflicted with this disease. She made it very clear that she was in attendance to specifically talk about an emergency topic - CCSVI.

Laura revealed that more than 50% of those Canadians diagnosed with multiple sclerosis have a seriously compromised vascular condition. One of her key questions was: “Why are MS patients being denied access to testing for CCSVI, despite this procedure being a commonly insured condition?

Another key point voiced by Laura was: “I do not want any neurologist to weigh in on any decision regarding my vascular health.” She pointed out that the brain is being damaged by the blocked veins and that there are already protocols and procedures in place to treat CCSVI. Laura explained that since the risks are minimal, that no further experimental research is required according to the 750 people from all over the world who have already received the treatment.

Laura made it very clear to the Sub Committee that to deny the consultations, the screening and the “operation liberation” was a violation of the Canada Health Act. She stated that the current discrimination of people with multiple sclerosis must cease immediately, since a simple, vascular treatment is being withheld from them.

Megan Leslie used less than seven minutes, so she was generous to Kristy Duncan and invited her to use her remaining time to direct questions to Yves Savoie.

After the seven minute presentations there was time for a brief discussion and a few questions. During this discussion period, Yves Savoie agreed with Dr. Kristy Duncan and Laural Radley, that indeed, we are currently facing an emergency because testing and treatment for CCSVI is being refused in Canada.

Yves agreed that there is currently discrimination against those people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who are requesting to have the “operation liberation.” He also admitted that the risks are minimal for the imaging and diagnostic procedures done by doppler or MVR.

At precisely 8:30 AM Joy Smith adjourned the Sub Committee meeting. I found the seven minute presentations to be very short for such important issues regarding the health and wellness of 75,000 fellow-Canadians.

After the meeting we - the observers - were immediately ushered out into the hallway where we had a few minutes to debrief and share our observations. As the expression goes - Laurel Radley “gave good suit” and represented the 75,000 people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis with words of intergrity and honesty spoken from her heart.

I was also very impressed with Kristy Duncan’s knowledge about CCSVI and her empathy for the 75,000 people in Canada afflicted with multiple sclerosis.

Later in the day, Dr. Kristy Duncan posted an open letter to Federal Health Minister, Leona Aglukkaq at this link on the Liberal website:

I stand by my earlier observation that I formed about six months ago when I first learned about CCSVI or “operation liberation.” Indeed, it is the pressure from the giant trans-national, pharmaceutical corporations, in cahoots with the big insurance corporations and the global banking cartel that has been denying the CCSVI treatment to my fellow-Canadians afflicted with multiple sclerosis.

The good news is that this current emergency in the “health and wellness” industry has awakened countless, fellow-Canadians who are now demanding that the discrimination cease immediately and that the CCSVI testing and follow up “operation liberation” be made available NOW!!

Let us keep writing letters, making phone calls, attending rallies, communicating in person and on the internet while expanding our database of people who are willing to take a stand to stop the discrimination against people afflicted with multiple sclerosis. It could affect you or your family and loved ones next.

It has been said that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” and let me remind readers of this noteworthy quote by Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Megan Ryan-Walsh said...

Thank you for your post.
I have been trying to follow this overload of information myself for the past 6 months. Your post is something that I can share and use as a tool to inform those that I know. One trip to Poland will cost me less than a year of Copaxone, hmmm.
My father attened n info session in Calgary on April 30, 2010 on behalf of my mother and myself (I don't live there anymore). He noted on his walk into (a block or so due to no parking) that many of the vehicles has labels from dealerships surrounding Calgary, a 900 seat venue with standing room only. So, suffice it to say, this movement is taking a strong step forward.
As for the MS Society, I have received nothing in terms of support from them. We tried to grow a chapter in our "rural" community and Edmonton basically made it impossible. They just want the funds from the walk - for research. Well we just raise $79,000 in a community of about 50,000 people. Not all of the 181 walkers have MS, but we would be able to send 4 - 5 people to Poland if we could use the funds any way we wanted.
We have to keep fighting the good fight!!

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a very informative post from Jeff Renses's website from December 2009:

Multiple Sclerosis 'Cure' Panics Big Pharma

Readers are invited to pass this along to others in cyberspace...

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger usuryfree said...

Government collusion in human medical experiments no longer just a conspiracy theory:

NOTE: Mike Adams comments: "We all must ask this important question: If the U.S. government would collude with Big Pharma to infect innocent human beings with deadly diseases just so they could study the effectiveness of an antibiotic drug that would be sold for huge profits, what else are these institutions capable of doing?"

My question: "Is it possible that our Canadian government would collude with Big Pharma to deny a simple angioplasty operation to those people who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?"

At 3:41 PM, Blogger usuryfree said...

Correction for the above comment:

The link for the website: "Government collusion in human medical experiments no longer just a conspiracy theory" should be:

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