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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Book Review of a new book by Jack Allis

A Book Review - By A UsuryFree Creative for Jack Allis’s New Book -
“Prophecy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & The Shift”
By Tom J. Kennedy

Prophecies and projected happenings for 2012 are becoming firmly enshrined as we progress into this 21st Century. While there seems to be a focus on the abundance of doomsday scenarios, I am pleased that some researchers/authors offer mouch more enlightened and limitless possibilities. Asking questions about 2012 and questioning any and all answers is an activity that engages people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Earlier this summer, Jack Allis announced the launch of his new book “Prophecy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & The Shift” at his website with this message - which is also printed on the outside of the back cover:

“We are living in an age of monumental transformation, known as the shift. This is the hottest of topics, particularly with all the attention given to the ending of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. It is also one of the most misunderstood. In his latest book, “Prophesy, Challenge & Blessing – Visions of 2012 & the Shift,” Jack Allis cuts through the confusion with a message that is simple, yet profound, echoing the ancient indigenous prophesies from cultures spanning the globe, including the Hopi and the Maya. This is an age when the old world is coming to its inevitable end, so a new world may be born. We can already see this playing out in our world, with the collapse of virtually all the structures of our civilized world. However, this does not have to be doomsday. The solution, again, comes from our indigenous relatives, who knew how to do the one thing we don’t. This was to live sustainably in harmony with the forces of nature and with Mother Earth. A huge topic? A formidable task? Yes indeed, but Jack tackles it with eloquence and inspiration. It’s up to us to reconnect with our heritage as spiritual beings. We are fully capable of this, but we must get to work.”

I recently ordered and received my autographed copy of “Prophecy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & The Shift.” Inside the front cover, Jack wrote: “To Tom - My UsuryFree Soul Brother.” Without a doubt, Jack knows that the usuryfree community currency movement has a unique, solution-oriented role to play as “The Shift” evolves in the days, months and years ahead.

Jack and I have known each other since our connection on a regular telephone conference call earlier in this 21st Century where Jack acted as host and engaged his listeners by encouraging them to take responsibility for their own lives by involving them in interactive conversations. Jack dared to address topics related to personal and financial freedom, alternative and natural health and wellness issues, and the many problems of this modern world which are directly and/or indirectly related to the design flaw of usury as a malfunctioning component of our orthodox economic system of debt money. I remember talking briefly about the ultimate solution as offered by the tried and proven model whereby we-the-people learn how to create and spend our own usuryfree community currency.

The growth and evolution of the usuryfree community currency movement continues as more and more debtors awaken to the truth about modern money creation. This year (2010) marks the sixth annual usuryfree week which will be celebrated from November 13th to 19th. Readers can read more about usuryfree week and other matters about the usuryfree community currency movement by doing a search at any search engine and by spending some time at Community Currency Magazine:

In his new book, Jack makes reference to a forthcoming, severe financial collapse that will be the catalyst for the global banking cartel to fully implement their planned, plasticized and mandatory, usury-based, digital money. It is my humble opinion that any reader of “Prophecy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & The Shift” ought to be sufficiently motivated to take an active role in re-building our respective local communities by initiating action to launch a usuryfree community currency. It is the vision of myself and various other usuryfree creatives that eventually, a usuryfree, time-based currency has the potential to serve us locally, nationally and internationally. I encourage Jack Allis to more fully address this possibility in the next book that he publishes.

Jack Allis is a well respected author and spiritual teacher who offers consultations in the areas of personal growth and spiritual teaching. Jack is currently living in the rural area of Wisconsin - on the shores of Little Okauchee Lake. Jack previously authored these two books: (a) Infinity’s Flower and (b) Infinity’s Children.

Jack’s latest book: “Prophecy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & The Shift” shares a simple and profound message about current events as we approach that much-talked-about date of 2012.

I first browsed the Table of Contents of the 142 page book that is divided into 8 chapters. This is a list of the Chapters: Chapter 1 - The Shift Update, Chapter 2 - What is the Shift: Short Version, Chapter 3 - What is the Shift: Full Version, Chapter 4 - Transforming Challenges into Blessings, Chapter 5 - Understanding the Dark Side, Chapter 6 - The Process of Ascension, Chapter 7 - The New World of Light and Spirit, Chapter 8 - The Last Time

I read the first half of the book on the day that I received it in the mail and I finished the book the next day. I have now read through the book two times and I know I will be reading it again. Thank you Jack, for yet another timely book that offers hope with words of wisdom during this chaotic and turbulent era of wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack which is commonly accelerated by the greatest of our social/financial scourges - the design flaw of usury and its immoral and evil elements that keep debtors financially enslaved for generation after generation.

One statment by Jack Allis that best exemplifies his message about 2012 is: “What most people see as doomsday is actually the most unimaginable blessing, as we have all been blessed with this opportunity to not only spiritually transform ourselves, but also to play our part in creating the new world.”

In recent years, Jack has learned much from our indigenous brothers and sisters by associating with them to gain their love and trust. By experiencing ceremony, sacred chants and prayer to enhance a connection with spirit, Jack has been actively involved with key leaders within various groups/tribes of indigenous elders. In turn, they have willingly shared many details of their respective indigenous histories - much of it differs significantly from the traditional perspectives of history that are commonly taught within our sacred walls of formal education. Jack writes about his Indigenous Soul Brothers and shares their wisdom in this book. I find it noteworthy and interesting that our indigeneous brothers and sisters used various forms of usuryfree wampum to facilitate their trades or exchanges. Perhaps, once again in this 21st Century, we should be referring to our usuryfree community currencies as wampum.

I admit that I was motivated to read the 17 pages of Chapter 5 first as the title “Understanding the Dark Side - The Most Positive News Imaginable” grabbed my attention. In reference to the ‘dark side,’ Jack lists a few terms commonly used to refer to them such as: the Illuminati, the elite, the global elite or the shadow government. To leave no misinterpretation due to semantics, Jack clearly defines the ‘dark side’ as ‘the hidden powers that own and control the world.’

Since I read Gary Allen’s paperback titled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” in 1980, I always look for authentic and experienced authors who dare to write about what is really going on regarding world politics, power and global economics. I found such an awesome author in Jack Allis. I propose that Jack Allis’s new book be included to make 1001 things listed in the next “Book Of Awesome.”

This statement of truth by Jack jumped off the page and earned highest marks for exposing the lies, deceit and deception as routinely published by the mainstream electronic and print media: “The ultimate objective, the crown jewel, of the dark side is called the New World Order. The New World Order is a fascist world government, controlled from the top of the pyramid, by the global elite. This would consist of a world government, along the lines of the United Nations, which is a stepping stone toward this end. It would also consist of a world army, and again the UN Security Force, as well as multi-national armies, such as NATO, are stepping stones for this. The New World Order would consist of a world central bank and a world system of money, ultimately of the non-paper variety. As is usually the case, the international banking establishment is way ahead of the game in this area, with self-appointed, non-elected world banking entities already in place, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These are the play toys of the global elite.”

In Chapter 5 of the book, Jack offers a Readers’ Digest version of the ‘dark side’ and their association with the New World Order and provides enough thought-provoking information to motivate any reader to pursue a self-imposed course of study to confirm any facts presented.

Jack’s radical and revolutionary approach to address the role the “dark side” plays in our world challenges the thought processes of those well-intended “new agers” who claim that there is no “dark side,” nor any negative forces that are designed to manipulate we-the-people. By intertwining factual material with his personal and self-imposed odyssey, Jack refuses to burden his readers with the idea that the “dark side” will succeed in imposing their selfish and greedy agenda of global, financial enslavement within their New World of Dis-Order. I highly complement Jack for his daring initiative to write about the ‘dark side’ and their selfish, greedy and evil hidden agenda while encouraging each one of us to take complete responsibility for our own lives as we progress through these shifting times.

It is a relief that Jack Allis defines the ongoing and forthcoming shift as personal. Jack seeks to relieve his readers from the stress and fear that bombards us daily from the mainstream media and from the doomsday prophecies and labels commonly applied to 2012 by Hollywood or otherwise. Reading about the personal odyssey of Jack Allis while being open to re-educating oneself with information published in the book is likely to motivate any reader to take action to change the way one lives by changing the way one spends one’s money while pursuing the ultimate goal of spiritual ascension.

Jack devouts Chapter 6 to the ‘Process of Ascension’ as a primary tool to facilitate the creation of our new world after the paradigm shift is completed. He points out that it is essential to raise our vibrational frequency by making a commitment to disengage or de-program ourselves from the old, crumbling paradigm while re-programming ourselves for the forthcoming new and improved paradigm of light and spirit by tuning our mind, body and spirit through relaxation tools such as breathing, meditation, yoga, energy healing, sacred ceremonies, sweat lodges and prayer. Jack also advocates spending time in nature, listening to inspirational music, reading inspirational books, doing regular exercise and eating what he refers to as a healthy, ascension diet.

In the Introduction of the book, Jack Allis writes: “When we resonate in harmony with the energy in our world, we begin to manifest incredible things in our lives. When enough of us do this, which is referred to as critical mass, we will generate the power to create an entirely new world, one that is in harmony with the forces of nature and in harmony with the divine spirit. Contrarily, the vast majority of the people in our world today are resisting the flow of this shifting energy, and pushing against it. They are doing this by clinging to the energy of the old paradigm world, which has lost its connection with spirit, and is in a state of collpase. As a result, they are feeling the anger of a crunbling world.”

Jack’s new book encourages readers to avoid being a victim by striving to become a co-creator and taking charge of their own ‘shift.’ I recommend that absolutely everyone by offered an opportunity to read and re-read “Prophecy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & The Shift.” After reading and re-reading Jack’s book anyone and everyone is invited to become a usuryfree creative and reach out and tell debtors that usuryfree living facilitated with time currency or time wampum (hours and minutes) created and spend by ourselves is the last, best answer to financial bondage and enslavement with their (the bankers’) conventional currency (dollars and cents) created and loaned by greedy creditors who manage and manipulate the exacting of usury.

In summary, my recommendation to any usuryfree creative or otherwise, is to purchase and read Jack Allis’s new book “Prophecy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & The Shift” and then facilitate the universal awakening by helping to make Jack’s book go viral both in cyberspace and within your respective circles of influence in real life.

An accompanying DVD is also available which includes excerpts from Jack’s live talks, complete with dazzling images and captions. The DVD is an exceptional tool, especially for those auditory learners who have not yet created and cultivated the habit of reading.

To order your copy of “Prophecy, Challenge & Blessing - Visions of 2012 & The Shift” visit Jack’s website: or call 1.800.995.0796 Ext.9486

NOTE: Be sure and tell Jack Allis that you were referred by his “UsuryFree Soul Brother” Tom J. Kennedy otherwise known as “Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy.”


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Great Review of a Hard Thought Out Book, look forward to reading more.



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