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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Review of the "Alyona Show: "I majored in debt, July 22, 2010

A Review of the "Alyona Show: "I majored in debt, July 22, 2010

Alyona interviewed Natalie Clay - a college graduate with a debt load of $70,000. and no job. John Turmel interspersed some comments between those of Alyona and Natalie Clay.

0:00 = Clips from the Alyona video
JCT = John Turmel
NC = Natalie Clay

The interview is posted at YouTube at this url:

Jct: Real Caouette said creating jobs was as easy as replacing a bulldozer with50 guys with shovels. Want more jobs? Take away their shovels and give them spoons. It's not jobs that are sought, there are plenty of them needing to be done. It's paychecks that are sought. And how to create money is really how to create jobs. Attached is my video "How banks create money" to explain there are never enough paychecks for everyone to have a job. I've posted a 4-page parsing at my blog.

JCT: Youtube doesn't allow links so they'll have to find my blog. What can I do when I hear the pleadings of the sheople who have been taken in by the hunt for jobs when I know the real quest is the hunt for paychecks that create jobs.

I parsed Alyona's "I majored in debt" and I hope I haven't been too rough on the kids.


0:40 Alyona: "What it's like being a college grad looking for a job in this economic climate."

Natalie Clay (NC) : It's a hunt and I haven't caught anything.

JCT: Hunting for jobs instead of hunting for paychecks.

NC: I apply for about 5 jobs per day...

JCT: Puts out 5 hooks per day hunting for a bite.

NC: Nobody is hiring.

JCT: No bites.

1:20 Bills are piling up and no one tells you as the caps are flying how to survive.

JCT: Welcome to the Kingdom of the Paupers where you have to use a LETS software to create your own job through barter and community currency paychecks.

NC: I don't know what to do. I'm kind of stuck in this problem.

JCT: You signed your "mort-gage" musical chairs "death-gamble" and it's now time to pay the penalty through denial of life- support tickets, poverty. Jesus called it the "alley where men weep and gnash their teeth" when he explained how to fix it. Your priests didn't tell you how to run banking on Earth as it is in Heaven, no loansharking, sad. In those days, the women and children were also seized in the foreclosure with the papa.

Alyona: It's interesting that no one ever prepares you for real life.

JCT: Of course, they can't teach survival of real life, they'd have to figure out what's knocking people into poverty and teach that it was a death-gamble first. And some people might ask why not switch from the usury charge to the simple service charge. After all, didn't John The Engineer ask the Supreme Court of Canada five times to restrict the banks' computers to a service charge and abolish the interest charge as a panacea for global money shortage 30 years ago?

Alyona: Do you ever feel gypped by the education system?

1:50 NC: Obama said we shouldn't be punished for getting educations. News flash, I'm broke and eating noodles.

JCT: Join or start a LETS with a restaurant and do his bookkeeping or waitress one night.

2:20 NC: I traded my debt for a degree. The system is setting me up for failure.

JCT: That's how death-gamble works. It's set up to generate a certain amount of failure among debtors. Not everyone can escape their death-gamble.

NC: I worked hard for 4 years and what did I get? I got debt. I majored in debt and that's not fair because I could have worked at the Dairy Queen but pursuing a higher education that left me $70,000 in debt.

2:53: Alyona: That's not chump change. Are you scared?

JCT: On the verge of bankruptcy and starvation, is she scared?

3:10 Alyona: What are your alternatives?

JCT: There are no outs from the "death-gamble" contract other than winning a lottery or the equivalent.

3:11 NC: It's a lot of anxiety, stress, I can't sleep because it's all I think about. As the debt piles on and on, I have to find immediate work... I've signed up to donate plasma, and my body, becoming a substitute teacher for $100 a day, temp agencies. I'm living dollar to dollar. I'm being punished for getting an education.

JCT: No, you're being punished for signing a usurious contract. If all payments went against principal with no interest with all the time needed to pay, you'd succeed.

3:50 NC: I have so much stress, anxiety, it's really hard.

JCT: Welcome to the Kingdom with alleys where we weep and gnash our teeth.

4:05 Alyona: You're not the only one in this situation. The recession is hurting everyone, especially college grads.

JCT: Too bad the college grads didn't have the brains to start up their own "College Grad" timebank to offer their services to the world.

4:20 Alyona: What about your classmates? Do they have jobs?

NC: No, no one has jobs.

JCT: Looking for jobs under the rocks, up in the trees: here jobs jobs jobs jobs. Come here jobs jobs jobs jobs. The futile search for jobs without realizing it takes a paycheck to create a job and maybe trying to create paychecks instead of trying to create jobs is the way to go.

4:27 NC: Or an intern. But those internships aren't paid to get experience.

JCT: Rich grads can afford to work for free to get experience as interns while poor kids must can get experience with paid work at Dairy Queen.

4:30 NC: Everyone's in the same boat and we're all sinking together.

JCT: The Australia Bulletin called the LETS Greendollar timebank an economic lifeboat a couple of decades ago and it's just too bad Natalie hasn't found LETS Economic Lifeboat in her searches. Of course, she's hunting for a job, not a paycheck which she'd have to create herself.

4:35 NC: The class of 2010, we're on the same boat and it's sinking. I'm drowning in debt and I don't know why.

JCT: Because you can't pay the banks 11 when the banks only loaned everyone 10 so there's always shortage and someone must always get knocked out of the mort-gage death-gamble. That's why, and you've got a exponentially growing mill-stone around your slave neck because you're not in the hunt for control over paycheck creation, you're in the hunt for a "job."

4:47 NC: Friends are just as low and down as you are.

JCT: Start a self-help LETS timebank to swap skills and at least some of your needs will start to get covered. Set up your LETS lifeboat or drown, sucker. LETS has been called an anti-poverty system, it's been there for your use for years.

4:52 It's hard and aggravating because I need to call on networking skills...

JCT: So get one of the LETS timebank softwares and use your networking skills to build up your own economic lifeboat. Besides, In 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with a timebank IOU for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hours. Do you endorse the UNILETS Millennium Declaration C6 to governments for an interest-free time-based currency to restructure the global financial architecture?

is my video "UNILETS Timebank in U.N. Millennium Declaration"

5:00 Friends can only do so much.

JCT: If you register how many Hours ($10US = 1 Ithaca Hour) you owe them in public, they and you will feel a lot better about doing more.

5:10 I can't blame it on the economy. I could twiddle my thumbs and blame it on the economy but I have to keep pushing myself and stay positive.

JCT: No, it is the economy to blame for not providing enough paychecks for all to have jobs. Or rather, the banksters who run the economy choose to create the unemployed underclass in the alley where we weep and gnash our teeth. You have to quit hunting for a "job" and create yourself a community currency bank to fund your own paycheck for a "job." Laying out hooks in waters with no fish isn't paying off now, and it's not going to get any better. Quit the hunt for jobs and join the quest for money reform.

5:15 Alyona: But who else are you going to blame?

JCT: How can Natalie know who's to blame for her not finding a job when she's bears some blame for not helping finding herself a paycheck through community currency, if not federal currency? But the loansharks are to blame.

6:05 NC: Internships should be paid.

JCT: Yes, if only you could only hunt up the money. But you're so busy with the job hunt, you never thought of the money hunt so internships could be paid. Okay, I have.

6:30 Alyona: What do you say to the people who also have families and mortgages to pay. Are they more important than you?

JCT: Musical Chairs mentality. Who merits survival. Kind of like the "build a home for a worthy slave" shows on TV. Someone's go to suffer the recession, why not you? There's no out from the death-gamble we're all in.

6:45 NC: Not more important because we're all in the same boat.

JCT: Yes, nobody's looking for how to create paychecks in the focus on how to catch jobs.

6:48 NC: No matter the circumstances, you have to stay positive.

JCT: Sorry, staying positive about a losing strategy is not the answer. Switching strategies from job hunting to paycheck hunting and not why jobs are so hard to find but why paychecks are so hard to find, is the answer.

7:00 NC: If you think you're more qualified and I'm going to show that I'm hungrier and want it more... it's a hunt out there...

JCT: It's a musical chairs with money death-gamble out there.

NC: And that's something I'm getting used to and adjusting to, that it's a hunt. I don't think they're necessarily more important than me, or they deserve the job more than me, I'm going to he quicker, faster, hungrier,

JCT: The kill or be killed mentality from playing musical chairs for jobs hasn't worked so far. How about creating enough chairs?

7:20 Alyona: Sounds you're going to provide some stiff competition out there in the work force.

JCT: Fighting it out over not enough jobs because they don't know they should be looking for the paychecks that create jobs. You kids keep hunting for "jobs" and I'll keep hunting to create paychecks for those jobs even without help from you who are too busy looking for jobs to help look for paychecks.

7:30 Alyona: Good luck in the job hunt. Even though you're sinking, you've got a smile on your face.


is my video "How banks create money" if you want to know "How to create paychecks for jobs" and really get a smile on your face.

JCT: Anyway, Alyona's a rare sharpie. If she sees the silliness of the invading army that couldn't use the captured railway because the trainmaster had destroyed all the..... tickets, she might see the silliness of not creating jobs because they don't create enough tickets to pay them and save her generation from being like the Great Depression generation to sit down before their trees with hammers and chains saws unable to build themselves housing because they had no money tickets.


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