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Monday, February 28, 2011

Introducing Margrit Kennedy

No Anglo-American economist has come close to countering the scam of usury -- losery -- as has Dr. Margit Kennedy. Her empirical findings simply wipe the field of all opposition. In Germany the poorest 80% pay 1 billion Euros in interest to the richest 10% PER DAY.

Yes, that's right, one billion euros per day. That is a grand total of 365 billion euro's per year. That is one seventh of German GDP and extrapolating this to America, the poorest 80% must be paying at least a trillion a year. (Migchels)

Some good documents by Margrit Kennedy "Why Do We Need Monetary Innovation?"

Margrit Kennedy's website:

Margrit writes about "Complementary Currencies."

An excerpt from Margrit Kennedy's 1995 book titled: "Interest and Inflation Free Money."


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