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Monday, April 04, 2011

"They Own It All"

Review of “They Own It All (Including You) by means of Toxic Currency”

By Ron MacDonald

This little book will explain in vivid detail the corruption and the complicity of our United States Congress, with the international bankers, who pulled off the greatest heist of money and the greatest deprivation of rights of human beings in the history of mankind, and how cleverly and stealthily it was done. If allowed to continue, the global international banking cartel will, WITHIN THIS GENERATION, have ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER ALL HUMANITY ON THIS PLANET!

I know that this is hard to accept. But consider this;

· The United States, and, indeed, almost every country in the world is in great economic turmoil at this time. It is hard to identify what is happening, why it’s happening, and where it will lead.

· Each country in the world has its own “central bank” that controls the money of each country in the same way as the federal reserve bank in the United States;

· These banks all belong to the international banking cartel, organized into such groups as “The International Monetary Fund”, “The World Bank”, “The Bank for International Settlements”. These groups meet secretly around the world and plan their strategies for whatever they are going to do. There is strong military control at their meetings, and no public reports in detail are permitted.

· The bank of each country controls the politicians of that country with the same power of bribery, intimidation, and favoritism, and also controls that country’s economy with manipulation of the money supply, creating inflations and depressions, which have been misnamed “the business cycle”. Knowing whether the money supply will be inflated or depressed allows the bankers to profit enormously by “playing the market” that they alone create. Working together they can easily cause a global economic crisis, and call for a “One World Order” as a “solution”!

· These banks are already established within each country, are well recognized and accepted, are familiar with the inner workings of each country, and familiar with the power centers of each country both political and economic. The mechanisms for world domination have already been put in place and set in motion to allow for the smooth takeover of all the countries of the world by the international bankers and their political allies!

· The “New World Order”, mentioned by president George W. Bush, will need large amounts of money to manage the whole world! Would it not be reasonable, even expected, to find collusion and cooperation with these world banking interests? In fact, it is totally reasonable to expect that the bankers may be in control of this “new world order”, and are controlling the political areas of activity. Politicians come and go; bankers stay on with banking firms forever, allowing for continuing control. Why would our politicians continue to stop the development of our own oil fields and prefer to force us to purchase oil from foreign sources at greatly inflated prices, except that it increases the money and power of the international bankers, who own that oil? And where would the “environmentalists” get enough power to dictate how all the land in the U.S. will be used? You can’t cut down your own tree without permission (and paying a fee). You can’t build on your own land because of the furbish mugwort or some other insect! The Sierra Club has that kind of power? Of course not! But the bankers do!! Examine almost everything you hear, read, or know about today from the standpoint of “how can the internationalist bankers profit from this?”, and almost always you will find an answer that makes more sense than the one given in the mass media, especially if it otherwise doesn’t make any sense at all.

And now I have two big questions:

1. Where did the international bankers get all that political power?

Why, from their alliances with the politicians of each country, through favorable loans, conditions, legislation that the bankers help write, and other dealings and interactions .

2. Where did the international bankers get all their money?

Why, from legislation passed by the politicians that allowed “public” funds to flow through their hands. For instance, the U.S.Constitution authorized the congress to “coin money and establish the value thereof…”. It did NOT GIVE THE CONGRESS THE AUTHORITY TO DELEGATE THAT FUNCTION TO A PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL BANK, WHICH WOULD PRINT OUR MONEY AND LEND IT BACK TO US AT INTEREST, WHICH WE ALL GET TO PAY IN INCOME TAXES!

Which is bad enough. But now we are not dealing with gold and silver, which is real money, but with Federal Reserve Notes, which are not dollars ( a dollar is defined as a given weight of gold or silver, not paper) but is an IOU of the federal government to the Federal Reserve Bank. In commercial terms it is a “debt instrument”, and since we are all conducting our daily business exchanges with “debt instruments”, commercial law labels us as “debtors.”

We also lose our common law status as citizens and, under commercial law, are “debtors”. We can never become “creditors” until our debtor status is removed by payment in gold or silver. But FDR removed gold from currency status in 1933, and Nixon removed silver in 1977, so we remain “debtors”. And who is the creditor? Look at the top of your (dollar) bill. The Federal reserve bank literally “owns” us and everything we used federal reserve notes to purchase, like our house, our car, ….. EVERTHING WE THINK WE OWN!


You really have to buy this book, and share it with everyone you know.

John P. Toth, M.D.

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