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Friday, May 27, 2011

"Usury-Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed"

"Usury-Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed" was penned by myself in 2001 and posted at The Cyberclass Network. Though the article is dated by 10 years, the content is applicable in 2011 and in the future. Below is an excerpt from "Usury-Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed."

"Usury-Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed"

"Since its creation in 1983, the LETS software has gained world-wide recognition and respectability as the perfect software for establishing and maintaining a "usury-free" banking system.

After reading and re-reading John’s conclusions about the design flaw of "usury" and how it causes malfunctions in our orthodox system of "usury-bearing" economics I (as have many others) have been committed to playing our respective roles in helping to usher in a new age of abundance and prosperity by teaching others "what they don’t know they don’t know" about "usury greed" and "usury-freed."

The truths that I have learned and am still learning resonate with me. I am now 52 years young. I have been aware of the "usury-free" LETS software since 1983 and I am an active trader within the Ottawa LETS network of people who regularly exchange goods and/or services using a "usury-free" community currency known as "eco dollars." I have been trading approximately 2000 eco$ annually for the past three years.

As an advocate of the "usury-freed," I promote the Ottawa LETS in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada market and at The Cyberclass Network, on the Internet, I advocate the concept of a Global LETS whereby everyone can exchange a "usury-free" time currency locally, nationally and globally.

I have hosted seminars/workshops for groups of up to 100 people where John C. "The Engineer" Turmel and other advocates for the "usury-freed" reality of living have re-educated those whose presence indicates that they were ready and willing to be re-educated about "usury-greed." Many of us have also re-educated smaller groups and/or individuals at restaurants and in kitchens and living rooms.

We teach those who are willing and ready to learn the "truth" because as excited students armed with a gnosis of having the truth, we enjoy being beacons of light in a wilderness of ignorance and indifference. We enjoy, not only the challenge of re-educating, but also the opportunity of challenging people in positions of authority to take leadership and implement political action to expedite and maximize the benefits of the "usury-freed" concept of economics so that the greatest number of people may experience the maximum benefits in the quickest possible time.

We also learn everyday how little we know and we contemplate how the so-called economic experts demonstrate that they know nothing of the differences between the "usury-greed" and the "usury-freed" economic concepts despite being referred to and respected as "experts."

New ideas conceived with input from listeners/readers inspire unique possibilities and offers of support (financial and/or otherwise) are greatly appreciated. This ongoing learning process has not been an exercise in futility as family, friends, and close associates often warned.

Indeed, we learn from our adversaries as much as from our supporters and whatever knowledge we acquire can be applied to the eventual implementation of a "usury-freed" economy which can be established and managed by any level of government to ensure that all citizens have access to a "usury-free" currency for the mutual benefit of everyone.

Though any level of government can implement a "usury-free" currency for its constituency I am of the belief that the initial model will have to be created and developed as a pilot project within the infrastructure of a municipal government. It will prove itself in a very short time period and then the politicians from other levels of government (provincial, federal, global) will beat a path to the doors of those newly prospering municipalities to ask: "What are you doing to overcome "usury-greed" and how are you helping you constituents become "usury-freed?"

How does one keep the dream of creating a economy which will be "usury-freed" in spite of very little noticeable progress for the past 20 years? This question is often asked of those of us who are actively advocating the concept of a "usury-freed" society BUT it is asked more often of a leading activist such as John C. "The Engineer" Turmel who has been speaking of the "usury-freed" concept publicly in 52 election campaigns.

Our repeated response continues to be that one day in the not-so-distant future we will expand our database of people who understand the power of being "usury-freed" to the magical 3% required to effect change and there will emerge a political will to initiate action at the municipal level of government.

This long and arduous journey of teaching the truth about the significant differences between "usury greed" and "usury-freed" - when "lies, deceit and deception" have become so engrained in the psyche of the populace - is a grave challenge indeed. Understanding that forces of "mind control" and/or other means of conditioning paralyse most ordinary citizens into a mode of acceptance of the orthodox, "usury-greed" economic system is essential to furthering the cause. The first step in moving beyond what David Icke refers to as the "hassle free zone" is to re-educate people and then motivate them to action. One of the best steps is to encourage people to join and/or create a local LETSystem and commence trading immediately so that they can experience being "usury-freed."

Once you admit that "you’ve been had" by a "usury-greed" system that you bought into as a youth and you believed in until now – only then can you address the issue of re-education by committing to follow self-imposed course of study to teach you how to become "usury-freed." You will question your years of formal education which has so-conditioned you that you have resisted questioning any authority about any topic - especially those so-called complex economic theories.

The resources now available on the Internet make this re-education process possible at a minimal cost. Jeff Rense hosts a very informative radio talk show wherein he interviews guests that are never invited as guests on the mainstream electronic media. He archives these radio talk shows and everyday he posts news and information as resource material for those pursuing the "truth." There are numerous "re-educational" websites with much relative information.

Over time, meticulous research will verify the "truth" and expose the "lies, deceit and deception" about the "usury-greed" economic system that you have been accepting and following.

I guarantee that you cannot accept "usury" as a necessary component of a "usury-greed" economic system when you learn the "truth" about how "usury" is a devious, design flaw and that it can be completely erased with the benefits of modern technology so that you can truly experience "usury-freed" living.

Substantial "truth" awakens a gnosis within the individuals who grasp the simple fact that "usury" is the killer machine driving our "usury-greed" economy. The "truth" becomes woven into our being "usury-freed" and it expands our minds as we get more confirmation of its possibilities.

Much conversation has been made of John C. "The Engineer" Turmel’s passion for the creation of a "usury-freed" society. His relentless 20 year mission (though it may not be the way you or I would have done it) has awakened many people to the point where they are asking questions and questioning answers about "usury-greed" and "usury-freed." In his recent 50th, 51st and 52nd election campaigns during the fall of 2000 the concept of "usury-freed" was given a higher status and more credibility.

Towards the end of John’s 51st campaign (The Municipal Campaign in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) the newly elected Mayor of Ottawa, Bob Chiarelli, agreed to meet with John C. "The Engineer" Turmel, myself and other "usury-freed" resource persons to explore how the LETS software might be used for funding municipal programs. During John’s 52nd campaign, the federal election of 2000, John challenged both the mainstream fringe political parties to openly endorse the LETS software as the perfect model of a "usury-free" banking software.

John C. "The Engineer" Turmel is a champion for a "usury-freed" economy and his example speaks loudly to anyone who dares to commit to a re-education process to learn the "truth" about "usury-greed" orthodox economics. For me, John has it right – he correctly identified both the problem of "usury-greed" and he has had a significant role to play in funding and promoting the "usury-free" LETS software as the "usury-freed" solution. To know that abundance and prosperity of a "usury-freed" society is knocking at our door is indeed an inspiration to experience.

On examining the brief history of LETS development and one notes the correlations between "usury-free" community currencies and the evolution towards prosperity and abundance within the participating communities and the struggle with scarcity and lack within those communities which are still fully dependent upon "usury-bearing" federal currency. It appears that more and more of those who participate as traders within local LETS communities are experiencing the differences of "usury-greed" and "usury-freed."

Any municipal, provincial and/or federal politicians who take note of the evolving history lessons of these "usury-freed" communities which are trading with "usury-free" community currencies ought to be motivated to take immediate action to ensure that their respective municipal communities trump "usury-greed" and win with "usury-freed" thereby assuming a leading role in establishing the new age of abundance and prosperity for all." (snip)...


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