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The UsuryFree Eye Opener is the electronic arm of the UsuryFree Network. It seeks active usuryfree creatives to help advance our mission of creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. Our motto is 'peace and plenty before 2020.' The UsuryFree Eye Opener publishes not only articles related to the problems associated with our orthodox, usury-based 1/(s-i) system but also to the solutions as offered by active usuryfree creatives - and much more for your re-education.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hidden History of Money-Usury Secrets

This document of 700+ pages was first compiled and published in 2009 by Alexander James. In the "Dedication" Alexander James writes: "This book and CD are dedicated to PRO-TRUTH and ANTI-LIES seekers. It is a product of my desire to understand the invisible forces controlling the world, and to share this knowledge of truth."

The content of this book is now available at this website:

NOTE: Worthy of bookmarking and keeping for future reference.


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