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Monday, August 22, 2011

Networking Solutions & Aiding Debtors To Avoid Taxes and Evade Usury

By Tom J. Kennedy
As we progress into this 21st Century, usury and taxes are enslaving the masses financially and otherwise. The philosophy of various levels of government has become tyrannical and oppressive.
Our politicians are supposed to be our servants however, during the past half-century they have assumed the role of dominating master. Too many fellow-citizens in Canada and elsewhere accept and foster this role reversal by requesting more protection and privilege from governments at all levels - municipal, provincial/state and federal.
The awakening ones are rejecting the various forms of dependence such as welfare, grants, licenses, subsidies etc. Their intention is to live as sovereign, responsible citizens refusing to continually see our liberties and freedoms being eroded. Overcoming financial enslavement is a significant issue in this mission to maintain our freedom.
According to hearsay, the three greatest lies ever told are: (1) I put the cheque in the mail yesterday. (2) I am a Baptist preacher, and I am going to speak only a few minutes. (3) I am from the government, and I am here to help you.
More and more people are asking questions and questioning the answers on all aspects of government agendas. The simple fact that none of the three branches of government are in control of the money supply is a key issue of ongoing discussion and revelations.
The most damaging element of the dishonest, orthodox, economic system of debt money is the malfunction of usury as it is applied to the Federal Reserve System, the fractional banking system, the commercial banking system, the credit card system etc.
Whether the Federal Reserve System in the United States or a similar financial entity in other countries of the so-called Western World, the vast majority of debtors have no idea that “money” and “credit” are created by private corporations.
In the United States, the Federal Reserve System is a private corporation owned by a cabal of greedy, global bankers. Since 1913, when the Federal Reserve System was established, four generations of unsuspecting debtors have accepted the false belief that it is part of the federal government. A small minority of re-educated people know otherwise, but the lies, deceit and deception is so entrenched that any opposition is commonly ignored.
Throughout the 20th Century and into this 21st Century meticulous researchers have uncovered a tremendous amount of information and made it available for debtors to re-educate themselves. Every debtor is encouraged to become informed and enroll as a student with a self-imposed course of study to learn what formal education neglects to teach. A good starting point is to read the posts at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.
Hopefully, the next generation will become better informed and take the necessary actions to regain their liberty while rejecting the devious plans of the New World Order advocates who are seeking total, financial enslavement of all debtors through taxes and usury, and the use of plastic cards where every transaction can be tracked. Personally, I prefer to negotiate trades or exchanges with a combination of paper notes of federal cash and paper notes of any usuryfree community currency.
Our last, best hope of ultimate change is for mass numbers of debtors to refuse to accept the modern government philosophy of lies, deceit and deception as it applies to not only economics, but also, education, medicine, religion, justice (courts) etc.
The question arises to determine the optimal vehicle to use to inform mass numbers of debtors in the fastest time possible. The answer is to network solutions that will aid debtors to “avoid taxes” and “evade usury” through the sales and marketing industry that has become known as the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry - formerly or otherwise referred to as the Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing industry.

A very good backgrounder about the SDI industry is this article titled: “Analysis, Projections, Obseervations & Proposals For The SDI Industry."
The SDI industry continues to grow at leaps and bounds locally, nationally and globally. SDI entrepreneurs are actively investing time, energy and money to build Portfolios of SDI opportunities that give them access to secondary sources of residual income(s) - rather than passively investing in the volatile stock market.
What makes the SDI industry unique is the globally, interconnected and ever-expanding networks of active SDI entrepreneurs who are willing and ready to re-educate themselves and thereafter share their newly acquired knowledge and resources with others in their respective SDI networks.
Also, leaders within the various active networks in the SDI industry have the power and potential to share information and resources with large numbers of people who are enrolled in their respective teams/groups/networks etc. By the click of a mouse, countless thousands of people can be informed instantly, not only about specific information related to the selected SDI opportunity, but also about other important information that is not readily available within our walls of formal education nor from the meddling, mainstream media.
Historically, the SDI industry has focused on offering selected products and/or services that consumers repeatedly buy on a monthly basis. There are numerous, conventional SDI opportunities offering various health and wellness products, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, communication services etc.
The majority of these conventional SDI opportunities require the participating SDI entrepreneurs to commit to a monthly purchase of products (usually in the range of $100. To $150.) to qualify for commissions as described in the respective compensation plans. Any one (or more) of these SDI opportunities are worthy of having in an SDI Portfolio.
Additionally, there are now numerous SDI companies offering unique online opportunities whereby replicated websites contain all of the necessary information about the selected SDI opportunity and accompanying products and/or services. Many of these new SDI, online, opportunities offer hybrid marketing plans whereby participating SDI entrepreneurs are placed in a revolving matrix system (from left to right) by using a time-stamped entry date with a priority alogorithm.

These matrices often group the participating SDI entrepreneurs on “boards” that split after a given number of new enrollees and move on to another “board.” Commissions are paid to those at the upper levels when a board splits. Some of these online SDI opportunities permit individual SDI entrepreneurs to purchase more than one position on the “board.”
A note of caution to SDI entrepreneurs - be certain that the SDI companies that you enroll with will permit you to be active with more than one SDI opportunity. Some of the conventional, SDI companies have restrictive policies that forbid their enrollees to be active with more than one SDI company.

Though this policy is outdated in this 21st Century of online, free enterprise marketing, some of the conventional SDI home offices still enforce it and close the account when it is determined that the particular SDI entrepreneur is marketing products and/or services from more than one source in the SDI industry. In this modern world where “snitching” is approved and promoted by government authorities, it seems to have also infiltrated our honoured and respected free enterprise system.
More and more awakening debtors are being attracted to the SDI industry as are usuryfree creatives who are seeking to be re-educated about (a) the current dangers of the present, faltering economic system (b) the cause of these dangers and (c) how to experience the reality of usuryfree living.
How is this being accomplished? Obviously, debtors (we-the-people) must be re-educated and thereby be better prepared to take matters into our own hands. This takes organization and economic resources. SDI entrepreneurs are optimally positioned in the marketplace to network with like-minded people and organizations that are willing to share their expertise, skills and resources.
The UsuryFree Network which offers a FREE online blog titled The UsuryFree Eye Opener is a leading network of usuryfree creatives, intent on sharing knowledge, resources and information with debtors who double as SDI entrepreneurs. Likewise, the Family Life Foundation is a duly registered charitable organization that is committed to advancing the principle of usuryfree living by promoting the usuryfree community currency movement.
Each of these organizations needs economic resources (money) to further their self-imposed missions of teaching what formal education and the mainstream media neglects to teach. Participating SDI entrepreneurs are invited to donate or gift a minimum 10% of earnings from their SDI Portfolios to either or both of the above-mentioned organizations.
If an official receipt is requested for income tax purposes (for those who are voluntarilty filing annual income tax returns), the Family Life Foundation is authorized to issue such receipts. If an official receipt is not required, gifts or donations can be made to the UsuryFree Network.
In summary, debtors (that’s 90%+ of people) are invited to explore the SDI industry. A good starting point is to read and review the posts at the blog - The SDI Eye Opener. When any debtor has acquired a cursory knowledge of the SDI industry, s/he is invited to enroll with a minimum of one conventional SDI opportunity and a minimum of one, innovative, online SDI opportunity to give them access to monthly residual income(s). This action will commence your personal SDI Portfolio - likely to be more profitable than any conventional Stock Market Portfolio during these volatile economic times.
As more and more debtors realize the power and potential of the SDI industry they will enroll and transform to become active SDI entrepreneurs. Likewise, they will be motivated to become committed usuryfree creatives seeking proven ways to “evade usury” and “avoid taxes” - eventually experiencing the reality of a usuryfree lifestyle.
Furthermore, when debtors who double as SDI entrepreneurs improve their respective financial situation, they will be capable of funding the movement towards usuryfree living by gifting or donating money to either the UsuryFree Network or the Family Life Foundation and they will likely be motivated to do so.
There are a few conventional SDI opportunities presented at the blog - The SDI Eye Opener. Readers are invited to explore those SDI opportunities as presented there and select any opportunity that appeals to you. Of course, there are literally hundreds of other SDI opportunities in the global marketplace and readers have the option of researching any SDI opportunity and eventually adding it to an SDI Portfolio.
It is my humble observation that historically, there has been a high rate of attrition in the SDI industry. Secondly, because newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs are often employees with little or no experience in entrepreneurship, they have difficulty enrolling new SDI entrepreneurs with their respective teams or networks.

Therefore, there is great appeal for the new, online SDI opportunities that require a minimum of two enrollees to qualify for commissions from the respective compensation plans. While earning solid sources of secondary income(s), SDI entrepreneurs also learn about “avoiding taxes” and “evading usury,” thereby having extra money to help advance the usuryfree resolution to live a life freed from usury.

The Family Life Foundation, 6 King’s Inn Trail, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L3T 1T7 is a duly registered charitable organization that supports the usuryfree community currency movement,

NOTE: Readers with specific questions are invited to forward an email to: with the name of the SDI opportunity in the Subject line.

Like Daniel Butts says: "What We Can’t Do Alone We Can Do Together."


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