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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Science of Effective Usury Evasion

While tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is legal. In fact, any taxpayer has a right and a duty to legally engage beneficial strategies to minimize the amount of income taxes payable to any level of government.

The Science of Effective Tax Avoidance is well explained in the paperback book “Call it Extortion - Volume I of the Hart System of Tax Avoidance” - (pages 39-43), authored by George Armstrong with Bjarne N. Aasland (researcher) and with the co-operation of Gerald (Gerry) Hart and published in Virden, Manitoba, January 1990.

According to Gerry Hart, the basic science of income tax avoidance is “standing up on your own two hind legs and refusing to pay taxes.”

NOTE: The book “Call it Extortion - Volume I of the Hart System of Tax Avoidance” is part of a 2 book-set. Interested taxpayers seeking full details about where the book might still be available are invited to forward an email to: with “Call It Extortion” in the Subject line.

Unlike tax evasion, usury evasion is legal and highly recommended as is usury avoidance. The basic science of effective usury evasion is evidenced when a debtor takes a stand for truth, honesty, justice and integrity, regarding our orthodox, economic system of debt money - thereby refusing to pay usury to any creditor.

Debtors burdened with usury payments are often motivated to become usuryfree creatives who double as meticulous researchers. These debtors are uncovering and sharing information that has been hidden from the people - The Court of Public Review.

Indeed, these motivated debtors are seeking effective means to evade and/or avoid usury and they are applying their knowledge with a scientific method that aims to successfully paralyse any creditor from defending their lies, deceits and deceptions. It is only through lies, deceits and deceptions that creditors are legally permitted to fraudulently steal billions of dollars from the unsuspecting debtors.

These re-educated debtors who double as usuryfree creatives are completing and submitting certain, specific, paper work to their creditors. When the paper work is carefully completed and properly submitted, it is impossible for the creditor to do anything about the debtor’s refusal to pay the personal loan, car loan, or mortgage whereby the contract exacts usury.

As we progress into this 21st Century, the usury evasion movement is in the birthing process, similar to the usuryfree community currency movement. Growing numbers of researchers are dedicated to exposing the fraudlent banking practices that have been keeping debtors (borrowers) enslaved to creditors for generation after generation.

The knowledge being acquired by debtors who are intent on evading and/or avoiding usury is based on a rock solid foundation of Common Law principles and legal precedents that when applied with hard work, commitment and dedication guarantee positive results.

Evidence suggests that it is through a scientific application of the fundamental principles of effective usury evasion (avoidance) that countless debtors are managing not only to evade the usury portion of loans and/or mortgages and credit cards, but also some debtors are claiming success by evading or avoiding the entire outstanding principal of the formerly contracted debts that they are challenging.

This is because lending institutions are neglecting to offer full disclosure to the debtor when the debtor completes and signs the loan application (which in reality is a promissory note) that authorizes the creditor to create the principal portion of any loan or mortgage as brand new money.

Creditors never advise the debtor that the interest or usury portion of any loan or mortgage in never created and put into circulation simultaneously when the loan or mortgage is created and put into circulation.

It is noteworthy to consider that if a service charge was created and put into circulation simultaneously when any loan or mortgage is created, there would not be scarcity-by-design in our debt money system.

A service charge could be a fixed amount, thereby ensuring that such a service charge would not grow exponentially in the manner that usury grows the debts of any debtor. The intention would be that the service charge be directed to pay the staff who work in the lending institution.

The idea of replacing usury fees with a simple service charge on loans and/or mortgages is a creative, monetary reform idea whose time is now, however, it may take some time before such an idea is fully implemented for the mutual benefit of all who choose to participate.

In the meantime, debtors intending to apply the science of effective usury evasion are invited to implement these five elements of the self-imposed process. It is noteworthy that these five elements are as equally important as the four tines on any fork are to the farmer. Remove or bend any single tine and the farmer no longer has an effective fork - instead he has a defective tool that will not do the job he expects of it.

These five elements of scientific usury evasion are:

1. Taking direct control of your own financial affairs
2. Employing proven strategies to remove your assets form the system’s jurisdiction
3. Absolutely refusing to pay usury to any creditor while keeping in honour be keeping up the pretense of complying with their system
4. Being prepared legally and emotionally to engage in proven strategies to evade paying usury thereby preserving all assets that are rightfully yours.
5. Join or create any usuryfree community currency group/network and learn how to create and spend your own usuryfree personal or community currency.

These five elements of scientific usury evasion require a brief explanation.

1. The optimal manner of taking control of your financial life is to become an entrepreneur and create an SDI (Self Directed Income) Portfolio. By initiating earnings from more than one source as an active entrepreneur, there will be no employer to deduct income taxes at source.

2. The watchwords are “own nothing.” Explore and implement strategies to keep any assets out of the jurisdiction of their “system.”

3. Do your homework and make positively sure that you understand the consequences of employing any (one or more) of the strategies being offered to effectively evade (avoid) usury.

4. To be prepared legally and emotionally to evade paying usury you must commit to pursuing a self-imposed course of re-education. This means studying the information compiled by the various researchers who have taken action to seek out, find, complete and submit the proper paper work to the respective authorities (banking corporations and government entities.)

5. Become informed about the usuryfree community currency movement. Begin your research by typing any of these words, phrases into any search engine: usuryfree community currency, usuryfree living, usuryfree network, usuryfree day, usuryfree week, usuryfree eye opener, usuryfree creatives, life without usury etc. After you have familiarized yourself with the usuryfree community currency movement, join a local group or network that is already in operation and/or create a usuryfree community currency group for your local area.

Learn how to create and spend your own usuryfree community currency within your own loyal networks - locally and/or online. Even if you choose not to complete and submit the proper paper work to “evade” and/or “avoid” usury, any debtor can learn how to create and spend their own usuryfree community currency - thereby avoiding or evading usury when you negotiate trades/exchanges etc.

NOTE: Do NOT take any action until your assets are somehow protected from the jurisdiction of their “system.” Let these websites be the beginning of your own self-imposed research about how to “evade” and/or “avoid” usury payments to creditors. There are many other websites with relevant and applicable information. Readers are invited to please forward other websites, resources, discussion groups etc. - or add these in the comments section of the blog - that may be useful for others who are seeking re-educational resources.

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