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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iceland Rebuffs The Banksters

By Joseph P. Farrell

"Remember back when all this financial “crisis” started? It was Iceland that first went belly up. Now, recently, of course, we’ve been treated to endless news about Greece,Italy, and to a lesser extent, Spain and Portugal. Greece and Italy are of particular interest, because of course, the banksters have seen to it that “technocrats” – a nice fancy term for money managers, carpetbaggers, and banksters – will “rescue” Greece and Italy from the bumbling hands of their politicians and democratic processes, and restore “order” to their fiscal houses. Hip hip hurray for the banksters, that wise and beneficent class of well-intentioned businessmen out to create a world of sustainable growth and peace.

Except….what happened to Iceland?

Well, the IMF, the big British and Dutch banks, tried to do in Iceland what they’re attempting to do in Greece and Italy, namely, introduce “austerity” and make each Icelandic citizen pay increased taxes to bail out the banks. Iceland, however, didn’t play ball quite the way the City of London and Zurich and Basel wanted them to play. Instead, they put the whole matter up to a popular referendum of their citizenry – note that didn’t happen here in the supposedly “free” USA whose compliant bought-and-paid-for Congress bailed out American banks – and of course, as to be expected, the tiny nation’s citizenry of about 325,000 people overwhelmingly told their bankster class to go to hell, criminalized their behavior, and just for good measure, began to arrest some of them…. and to put out Interpol arrest warrants for the rest that fled the country.

Then, just for good measure, the Icelanders decided it was time for a new constitution, which was being written not by a committee of politicians behind closed doors, but by the entire nation’s citizenry online, on the Internet. Doubtless we haven’t heard about that too, because we can well imagine it has a few things to say about private international central banks too. Don’t believe me?

Read about it at this website: Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

Now, to put all this in perspective, it would be as if the Occupy Movement had suddenly grown a pair, and a brain to match, grew to national majority proportions, decided to pressure the politicians to such an extent that they had to round up the shareholders of the “too big to fail banks,” brokerage houses, and coordinate a series of Marine raids on the Federal Reserve banks before the latter’s shredders could destroy the incriminating evidence, and audit the whole mess, and throw the various major shareholders of same in the pokey for criminality. No such luck here, but hats off to Iceland for having the moxie to do so." (snip) ...

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At 10:06 PM, Blogger FastTadpole said...

Glad you're bringing attention to this while the MSM and the fake alternative media agencies completely ignore the plight of Icelanders and how they have made the best effort to date to execute a proper revolution unlike the impotent and, in part, rigged Egyptian, Libyan .. Arab Spring overthrows of their regimes.

I've been following this story for awhile they did agree to a $2.1 Billion (USD equivalent) bailout with an IMF.

They are on the fence on the issue about paying out to central banks in the EU (UK and Netherlands) but may still default. They also received a small bailout from Nordic countries. It will likely end in a partial default since the banks had sunk Icelanders with debt amounting to 10x their GDP.

Iceland remains a holdout from a regional EU government but does have many trade and economic agreements with the EU body and many individual nations.

Read More / Sources:

Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks

Iceland : The little Island that could?

Iceland: Transaction Log and Outstanding Debt with the IMF

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Iceland Should Be News!


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