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Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Time Currency Explained by Tom J. Kennedy"

Kudos to Frankie Gotz for creating this video clip that focuses on "usuryfree time currency" at the optimal, usuryfree, trading currency for we-the-people to negotiate our trades and exchanges.

Frankie Gotz writes:

"I apologize for the delay of this production. Here it is" I hope it can be used for its intended purposes of advertising the Seventh Annual Usury Free Week and your upcoming presentations. I have much respect and love for you Tom, in your dedication on tryin' to wake up the masses to the truth about the functions of the monetary system and exposing the fraud of the bankstaz..

Enjoy and share the video clip which I titled: "Time Currency Explained by Tom J. Kennedy"

Frankie Gotz's Youtube Channel - "The Awareness Network."


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