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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How I buy groceries without cash (Equal Dollars)

"Philadelphia locals volunteer their time to earn Equal Dollars, an alternative currency that can be spent on food and medicine." (snip) ...

More About "Equal Dollars"

"Equal Dollars Community Currency is one of several local currency communities across the US & Canada. As with other local currencies, Equal Dollars is meant to empower communities, allowing merchants and consumers to lay the foundation for an alternative economic future for their communities.

Equal Dollars Community Currency distinguishes the local businesses that accept the currency from those that do not, building stronger relationships and a greater affinity within the community. The people who choose to join the community and actively use the currency make a conscious commitment to buy within the community first. The members are taking personal responsibility for the health and well being of their community by laying the foundation of a truly vibrant, thriving local economy.

Equal Dollars will not, and is not intended to, replace federal currency. But they can alleviate the need to solely rely on often-scarce federal dollars as a means to obtain goods and services to live.

It is particularly important to note that Equal Dollars is a non-interest bearing currency; it does not create wealth but is rather designed to stimulate the exchange of goods and services within the community. Their use will help strengthen the local economy, favoring locally owned enterprises, local manufacturing, and local jobs, and reducing the region's dependence on an unpredictable global economy." (snip) ....

Lots more about "Equal Dollars" at this website:


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