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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why Foster UsuryFree Local Currencies?

Local communities are invited to create and spend a usuryfree community currency - preferably a usuryfree time currency. Do this NOW - instead of continuing to rely on usury-based, debt money (federal dollars).

Local consumers watch this usury-based, debt money (federal dollars) come to your respective local communities, pass through a few consumer’s and business people’s hands who use it to ‘buy and sell’ products and/or services.

Then these paper notes or electronic blips of usury-based, debt money leave the local communities to fund the war machine of their (the global, usury bankers) New World Order.

A usuryfree time currency, by contrast, will stay in your respective, local community and with a high local velocity, it will provide mutual benefit for a long time, with all of those local consumers and small to medium-sized, business owners who choose to participate.

Remember, their usury-based, debt money model (federal dollars) is not sustainable and it is the usury-based, debt money that keeps debtors in financial bondage to their creditors - the global banking cartel of usurers - for generation after generation.

Debtors are becoming aware that because of the design flaw of usury, there is never enough money in circulation to repay both the principal and the usury (interest) portion of any loan or mortgage since the usury (interest) portion of the loans and mortgages is never printed and issued into circulation.

By contrast, any usuryfree time currency is sustainable, since it is free of usury (interest) and it fosters local trading and exchanges of products and/or services. Indeed, a usuryfree time currency will expand local commerce of any community where local debtors choose to participate.

Here is a relevant and interesting short video clip titled: “Innovated lending for MORE loans, money, and abundance”


At 12:54 PM, Anonymous K-Roc said...

HOUR money will stay in town with the local mom, and pop's. But, if another HOUR money system wishes to contract in hours; Calgary and Ithaca and Summit can all trade. However, we will trade OUTSIDE the banksters system without usury, without exchange fees etc.

1000's of local hour based systems are going to save the world with a Universal Debt Jubilee in 2012. Let's take our energy back from the parasites.


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