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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Ron Paul Challenge -

- 10 reasons why the Alternative Media is failing this test

By Anthony Migchels

We can consider ourselves lucky Ron Paul is not likely to win the elections. His economics are a disaster and the Alternative Media’s credibility would suffer a horrible blow from bringing him to power. Just think of the field day the Main Stream Media would have explaining they warned us of Paul when millions take to the street to resist his destruction of the economy with his 1 trillion austerity drive.

How could our best and brightest be suckered in to supporting a Freemason wanting a Gold Standard with an austerity program the IMF would tout as an example?

In many respects it’s heartwarming, the momentum that he creates. It does show how deeply felt the desire for ‘change’ really is. But on the other hand it’s sobering to realize how easy it still is to fool people with a promise of change. Even if it’s just four short years ago that millions were led to continuing disaster with that other change agent. How is it possible that after all these years of exposing Illuminati change agents it is still so hard for people to understand that ‘change’ can be a real threat and that it is not ‘change’ in general we want, but a very specific kind of change?

How is it possible that after all those years of digging in real history, exposing the Money Power and the Illuminati’s control of the money supply that we still can be sold a candidate like Paul?

How is it possible that when I write Ken Adachi about Ron Paul’s Austrian Economics and how he will maintain the Illuminati’s control of the money supply with a new Gold Standard, I get this reply:
“You are mixing apples and oranges. I have no quarrel with Paul if he favors a gold backed US currency. That’s what we used to have until Roosevelt ended the fixing of gold at $35 per ounce and took us off the gold standard……

…….. We have a congress filled with NWO traitors who are working day and night to bring about the destruction of this once great land. The only one addressing the real issues of the shredding of the US constitution and the insane fiscal and war policies that are destroying America is Ron Paul.“

Please understand I greatly respect Ken Adachi. I’ve been following his work for almost ten years. He was already exposing Chemtrailing when I was still explaining to people how wonderful our free market democracy really is.

But how can a man of his brilliance NOT understand that the NWO rules through their control of our money supply while using this control to destroy us with interest and the boom/bust cycle?

The fact is that of all the major outlets only Jeff Rense consistently provided links to Ron Paul’s real opposition within the Alternative Media. Most notably through the writings of Henry Makow and Dick Eastman.
And this shows that the Alternative Media is prone to the same myopia the MSM suffers from when it comes to ‘their own’.

All this is incredibly annoying. Ron Paul singlehandedly disabled the entire blogosphere as a source of opposition. He’s hijacked the voice of reason and we need to clean up our act.

So here’s a top ten of what went wrong.

1. Not understanding economics, not knowing of Interest Free Economics
How can we support a candidate offering a Gold Standard? What’s wrong with us? What does it matter whether the Government pays 700 billion in debt service for paper based credit or for gold based credit?
While it can print interest free money itself?

The choice is not to pay interest for Gold or for Paper.

The choice is to pay interest or NOT pay interest.

How can all the pundits miss that we had a Gold Standard up to the thirties (and via Bretton Woods actually up to 1971)? How can we forget the Rothschilds got rich from lending Gold to Sovereigns in the 18th, 19th AND 20th century?

How can all the commentators denounce the deflationary policies of the IMF and Brussels in Europe and next hail a man calling for a 1 Trillion austerity drive as the new Messiah?

We are falling for just another dialectic: Mainstream Economics vs Austrian Economics, or Inflation vs. Deflation.
It’s worrying that these dialectics still fool us so easily. Whereas they can be easily recognized: they always offer a choice between a rock and a hard place. Evil and lesser evil. When facing such a choice we should realize we’re being played.

I was lucky, I read Lietaer first and only then Rothbard. But it’s not too late: read up on Ellen Brown, Margrit Kennedy, Eisenstein, Greco, Dick Eastman, C.H. Douglas. These people are for real, because they show the way to end interest slavery. And the Money Power cannot be defeated without defeating Usury.

How are we going to end Usurious Usurpation with a Gold Standard?" (snip) ...

NOTE: Read the complete article and the other 9 (of what went wrong) at this website:


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