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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Illuminati X-Factor

The mind-controlled showbiz celebs

By Richard Leon

Weirdness watchers will be only too aware that the occult has seeped into the media mainstream over the last few decades. The nexus of strangeness that was once high occultism has a history spanning many millennia, but over the 20th century it passed from being the exclusive preserve of (mostly English) eccentrics into a commercial media phenomenon. 

The word ‘occult’ itself means anything hidden and sinister – but how hidden is the occult these days, when you can buy pre-written spells and cheery beginners’ guides to magic in almost any high street bookstore? And just as bookshop shelves were colonised by titles written to flatter teenage witches, primetime television slots were filled with imaginary vampire-slayers and professional ghost-hunters. The image of the occult became domest­icated and tamed – defanged, as it were. Where the subject once had the power to shock and terrify the uninitiated, now only a vestigial frisson of danger remains.

But recently the conspiracy world has started to redefine the occult, reinventing its darker origins and relocating it in more mundane settings. The devil hasn’t so much ridden out as moved into fashion, films and pop music. The old imagery of goats, virgins and scrappy chalk pentagrams has been replaced by a subtler and more sophisticated language. Virgins continue to be abused, but rituals no longer rely on bodily fluids collected from altars in old churches. Spells are no longer chanted or drawn on parchment. Instead – so the newly minted history goes – rituals are promoted in the media and played out to packed audiences in giant stadia, with international satell­ite coverage for those watching at home. Like millions of other people, you may have taken part in an occult ritual without even realising it… 

At the apex of the occult pyramid of new world evil are the Illuminati – less a coven of hammy Victorian ritualists, more a dynastic network devoted to the moral and psych­ological destruction of their victims and the promotion of terror, sociopathic selfishness and bestial sexuality. Endowed with a finely honed sense of dark irony, the Illuminati particularly enjoy flaunting the very symbols of their control in public to influence the collective unconscious. 

A key part of the new conspiranoia is a radical restatement of the Illuminati’s aims, methods and mission statement. Older forteans are likely to have fond memories of the Illuminati’s earlier popular exposure in Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea’s Illuminatus! trilogy. Wilson – who was or wasn’t a high-level initiate, depending on whom you ask – portrayed the Illuminati as something like a grim secret society of occult middle managers. Their recent reinvention is very much darker. Promoted by conspiracists like David Icke, the 21st-century view of the new black magic ties together CIA mind-control methods with both overt and covert military and political operations. While military and political authorities plan and execute acts of economic and physical terrorism, a public propaganda machine channels distracting, destruct­ive and degrading influences through the fashion world, the music business and the endlessly shiny and disordered lives of Hollywood’s rich and famous. 


Claims of Satanic influence in rock music are hardly new. Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page notoriously bought Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House beside Loch Ness, and the Rolling Stones were promoting “Sympathy for the Devil” through the 1960s and ’70s. But the recent revival of interest in occult-influenced media has moved the focus away from individual performers and towards an invisible network of handlers, managers, psychiatrists and supporting ‘creatives’. In this new view, celebrities and famous performers are victims of the conspiracy, not its leaders. According to conspiracy investigators, many actors and performers, including almost every famous name in the business, have given up their freedom involuntarily. They now live in a kind of twilight world where their actions are controlled and their media presence is carefully stage-managed to promote Illuminati imagery – and to keep the public focused on consuming it.

The means of control and coercion used by Illuminati handlers are more psychological than physical. According to Icke, the Illuminati are obsessed with ritual, cold-blooded abuse, territorial possessiveness of resources and people and top-down political and economic power. Icke has walked back from his claims that the Illuminati are literally alien lizard people, morphing into their true form when angry or stressed (see FT129:30–31). His curr­ent view is that the alien lizards live in a nearby dimension and manipul­ate the Earth via their hench-people, aristocratic bloodlines literally wedded to polit­ical and financial privilege and dedicated to personal, political and financial degradation and amorality. According to one self-proclaimed bloodline member who posts regularly on the David Icke message boards, abuse also condit­ions the next generat­ion of Illuminati bloodline leaders so that they’ll be ready and willing to continue that agenda. The cult is managed internally through a dramatic ethic of ruthless conflict and internal assassination. Only the most predatory individuals survive to reach positions of power and influence, and they can be replaced at any time by a more successful and ruthless competitor. 

These occult crime families employ forced prostitution, deliberate mental breakdown, and total psychological control to further their agenda. Some of the most controversial suggestions come from individuals who claim to be former victims of the mind-control cult, and offer tales of systematic and ritualised pædophilia and sexual abuse, designed to deliberately shatter the minds of victims into compartmentalised and compliant sub-personalities called ‘alters’. 

Icke associate Arizona Wilder claims to have been involved in organising ritual abuse for the Illuminati until she left to become a whistle-blower on the conspiracy scene. According to Wilder, abuse is ritualised, symbolic and systematic, and plays a key role in promoting the Illuminati agenda. A similar story is repeated by Cathy O’Brien, who claims to be a victim of a CIA mind-control programme called MONARCH, which was – and supposedly still is – a subunit of the notorious Cold War MK-ULTRA. This programme is a matter of histori­cal record, backed up by offic­ial documents, but in O’Brien’s two books, The Tranceformation of America and Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security, she claims that individuals are deliberately tortured with drugs and other forms of both sexual and psychological abuse until they dissociate into multiple personalities which can then be moulded at will. 


So is the music business controlled by inter-dimensional lizards? Apparently so. 

Unlike most corporations, the Illuminati have occult skills and arcane knowledge, as well as an advanced understanding of psycho­logy which goes beyond the feeble marketing boosterism of positive thinking and PR. The Illuminati run everything – including the music, TV and movie industries. By incorporating trigger images and developing projects which promote their own form of amorality, the Illum­inati can influence entire populations and promote their reptilian values of systematic abuse, pathological self-centredness and ruthless competition. 

This makes celebrities very useful to them. The mark­eting value of celebrity is worth billions, which is why famous names appear on the packaging of everything from breakfast cereals to cars, seducing their followers into buying the officially approved choices of their idols. But less positive occult leverage is also possible. Rather like voodoo dolls, Illuminati magicians and psychiatrists stick psychological pins into their pet celebrities, both for the instant gratification of immediate sadism and because the mass attention focused on celebrities transfers and amplifies the tort­ure for the public at large. If the conditioning starts to slip, as sometimes it does, celebrities can always be sacrificed to create an upwelling of popular emotion that’s immensely useful in ritual magic. 

Central to this new form of conspiranoia is the belief that imagination and attention are the most precious of occult commodities. According to conspiracist Matthew Delooze, music festivals and other media events provide opportunities for the harvesting of human energy. In the same way that David Icke’s reptilians bear an interesting resemblance to the lizard people shown in the 1980s sci-fi series V, Delooze’s human-harvesting echoes scenes in the 1970s TV series Quatermass, where aliens compel young people to gather in large groups and then harvest them for food. The Delooze re-imagining assumes that emotional energy is more useful to invisible entities than physical body parts, but the theme of humans as willing prey remains recognisable. Appropriately enough, in the TV series, the most attractive locations for public ritual sacrifice are sacred sites like Stonehenge and Glastonbury, and giant stadia like Wembley. 

Delooze believes that music festivals and very public deaths like those of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson are equally valuable. Glastonbury may be the ultimate feel-good festival, but the existence of a pyramid stage and the presence of ‘ley lines’ sugg­ests that it’s up to no good. This may confuse survivors of the original festival scene, who saw festivals as venues for free expression away from the rigid values of a Cold War culture. It may also surprise survivors of the 1980s and 1990s, who saw festivals and raves as places where ordinary people could escape from work and authoritarianism at none-too legal gatherings; not to mention historians of popular cult­ure, who have traced the lineage that leads to modern-day festivals back to rowdy public fairs and markets, some of which date to mediæval times. 

To Delooze-ians this is all part of the plot. Participants think they’re having fun, when really they’re being mind-controlled and manipulated. Mass media promotion of festiv­als and celebrity news traps viewers inside an emotional world where they can be herded from experience to experience like farm animals. Others have suggested that all media content is Illuminati-controlled for maximum occult benefit, whether it’s Live Earth or coverage of Britney Spears’s latest breakdown. 
" (snip) ...

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