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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Introducing Homegrown Hamilton

On the weekend of February 4th/5th, 2012, I had the occasion to meet Mike Pattison who is a Board Member with the Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative. Mike explained the combined missions of Homegrown Hamilton and the Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative.

It occurred to me that usuryfree creatives who live within driving distance of Hamilton, Ontartio would benefit from knowing about and frequenting the environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious community that is ever-expanding in downtown Hamilton.

If your community has or is birthing a similar community, you may find some good ideas that could be duplicated elsewhere. Please share details of other communities that are similarly promoting the concept of supporting local entrepreneurism.

Homegrown Hamilton offers “coffee, cuisine and community” in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada at 27 King William, St. Homegrown Hamilton is a partner with the Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative - which is dedicated to the goals of progressive social and environmental change.

At the Homegrown Hamilton website is is written:

“Our first choice is always local flavour and local talent!  Come by and enjoy our wholesome and delicious food and our fresh roasted fairtrade, organic coffee.  And come back at night to sample our range of craft beers and great local and not so local musical and literary acts!”

The Sky Dragon’s mantra is: “Change yourself, change your community, change your world.”

At the Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative website it is written:

“The Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative is a non-profit worker-coop dedicated to the goals of progressive social and environmental change.

We’ve created a multi-use community centre in downtown Hamilton where people can explore their individual and collective power for change.

We facilitate this process by providing environmentally and socially-conscious consumer and life-style alternatives, by strengthening the local economy, by raising awareness of social and ecological issues, and by facilitating direct democratic participation and community activism.

We strongly believe that people have the desire to make a positive difference in the world, and that there is a need for progressive organizations to facilitate this desire. What better place to start than here…what better time than now?

Since its birth in 2004, The Sky Dragon Coop has incubated several creative and transformative initiatives. All of them are 100% cooperatively managed, and dedicated to the highest ethical ideals in their operations.”

The Sky Dragon Centre offers rental space for community gatherings. More details at this link:

Lookng forward to future working relationships with “Homegrown Hamilton and the Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative” - in helping to share information and re-educate those who are ready and willing to be re-educated on topics that formal education neglects to teach.

Homegrown Hamiltion:

Homegrown Hamilton on Facebook:

Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative:


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