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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Billion Dollar Club of SDI Companies

AND The SDI (Self Directed Income) Industry Will Come Of Age With The “SDI University”

By Tom J. Kennedy

NOTE: This article deserves attention as the SDI industry offers an opportunity for "usuryfree creatives" to launch a part-time enterprise and learn how to negotiate trades/exchanges by accepting partial federal dollars and partial usuryfree community currency. I daresay that the home office and any SDI company could launch its own usuryfree company currency. With a usuryfree company currency, products/services could be offered for sale by accepting an agreed ratio/combination of federal cash and usuryfree company currency. LIkewise, a similar ratio/combination of federal cash and usuryfree company currency could be paid in earned commissions to active, SDI entrepreneurs.

"Though we are experiencing a failing and faltering economy by design, the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry which was birthed in the mid-20th Century, continues to flourish as we progress into this 21stCentruy. Various SDI companies are experiencing record-breaking years as annual, retail sales revenues steadily increase.

Research indicates that numerous SDI companies are making significant gains in a challenging economy where the conventional, Trans-national, retail corporations are struggling to maintain market share.

Without a doubt, the secret to the ongoing success of multiple SDI companies is (a) their quality product lines at reasonable and fair prices (b) personalized service for preferred customers and (c) creative sales and marketing plans that fairly reward SDI entrepreneurs for their sales and marketing efforts.

A growing selection of health and wellness products are surfacing within the SDI industry. Melaleuca, founded in 1985, assumed a leadership role in 2011 with the unique achievement of $1 billion in retail sales. Melaleuca refers to its marketing strategy/plan as a “consumer-direct” marketing model.

Melaleuca joined the Billion Dollar Club of SDI companies which includes: Avon, Amway, Vorwerk, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Primerica, Tupperware, Forever Living. Oriflame, Natura, Nuskin – and perhaps other noteworthy billion dollar SDI companies that I am not yet aware of.

Additionally, there are countless other successful SDI companies that have not yet achieved the Billion dollar landmark, but just as the billion dollar SDI companies, they are well-respected corporations that pride themselves in marketing selected, quality products directly to consumers who are enrolled in the respective company networks of SDI entrepreneurs.

It is common for all successful, SDI companies to have sales and marketing plans that offer residual income(s) through various levels to active SDI entrepreneurs who maintain the minimum monthly purchases as outlined in the company policy.

Residual income is defined as: “income that continues to come in month after month and year after year because of the repeat purchases of products by loyal consumers.”

It is the sales and marketing efforts as well as the personal purchases of all the enrolled SDI entrepreneurs (in their respective SDI companies) that creates and increases the residual income(s) of all those who choose to participate by operating a part-time or full enterprise.

Indeed, the concept of ongoing residual income is the foundation of any successful SDI enterprise and new customers are commonly enrolled as SDI entrepreneurs to offset the previous customers (SDI entrepreneurs) who are lost due to attrition.

The questions arises: “Why is attrition so high in the SDI industry?" The term “attrition” is applied to SDI entrepreneurs who terminate or do not renew their annual membership with their chosen SDI business opportunity.

Historically, the rate of attrition in the SDI industry has been an ongoing concern since this unique sales and marketing industry was birthed in the 1950’s. Research indicates that most newly enrolled SDI entrepreneurs have little or no knowledge about how to launch and operate a home-based enterprise.

Before being exposed to the SDI industry, most people have been conditioned with an employee mentality where they expect a higher authority (boss) to tell them what to do when they report for work each day." (snip)...

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