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Thursday, March 01, 2012

What The “Freemen” Really Want

By Tom J. Kennedy

On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, I viewed, with critical ears and eyes, the CBC news documentary by Adrienne Arsenault, titled “Finding The Freemen.”

In my humble opinion, the 19 minute, 27 second, documentary was a prime example of biased, skewed, alarmist and yellow journalism. This CBC diatribe inflicts shame on the once honourable and renowned profession of journalism. I am reminded of the W-Five “No Tax” Story that aired on CTV on April 21, 2002.

Nothing has changed in the past 10 years. It appears that the mandate of the “bought and sold,” mainstream media is to portray anyone and everyone who is committed to researching freedom issues operates in the dangerous and often violent world of anti-government anarchists.

In fact, the mantra from the mainstream media is far more sinister - “Let’s accept the lies, deceits and deceptions and experience wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and face financial ruin rather than seek truth, honour and integrity and experience peace, prosperity and financial abundance for everyone on planet earth.”

Adrienne Arsenault explains very little about the reasons why the so-called “freemen” are committed to their self-imposed mission of re-educating the public about important issues that formal education neglects to teach. She makes no mention of the rights and freedoms that are being denied to not only to the “freemen,” but also to every Canadian citizen.

Furthermore, the side issue of detailing the violent actions of a couple of so-called “sovereigns” in the United States and then making a feeble effort to associate this violence with the peaceful “freemen” in Canada is definite evidence of yellow journalism.

My ongoing research indicates that the majority of people whom I commonly refer to as “Warriors of One” may or may not be active in the “freeman” movement in Canada. Their work and research is paramount in understanding why the “freeman” movement is becoming popular. The knowledge that they acquire from their research is the “universal truth” as the optimal platform on which our eroded freedoms will be restored.

These “Warriors of One” - whether they consider themselves to be “freemen” or otherwise - are commonly known to be peaceful protest-instructors who are intent on exposing the lies, deceits and deceptions that are commonly promoted through formal education, by all levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal) and the mainstream media.

I published an article in the LEADS Newsletter, twenty-five years ago, titled “The Genocide of the Farmer.” The content of that article is equally applicable to the situations facing the “freemen” as it is to the ongoing and ever-worsening plight of the “farmers” as we progress into this 21st Century. The article “The Genocide of the Debtor By Usury” was re-written in 2010 as it is as timely in this second decade of the 21st Century as it was in the waning years of the 20th Century. In fact, some researchers now suggest that we are already experiencing “Genocidal Globalization.”

Very early in this 21st Century (2000, 2001, 2002), farmers from all across Canada rallied in various locations to display their anger and sorrow about the plight of families down on the farm(s) - who were (and still are) experiencing problems with foreboding consequences for our children and grandchildren. I daresay that a few farmers have quite likely been motivated to more fully understand the legal issues behind the various theories being researched by the “freemen.”

The peaceful and honourable “freemen” are motivated to expose the same networks that the farmers were focused on - the international financiers (usurers), socialist legislators and corporate, monopoly capitalists who still gather regularly (and annually) to lay plans and/or adjust plans to facilitate the ushering in of their devious and criminal New World Order.

It is noteworthy that these same clandestine networks that have historically manipulated significant events and happenings are still directly and/or indirectly causing not only “The Genocide of the Farmer” and “The Genocide of the Freeman” but also “The Genocide of the Debtor” - whether that debtor be a farmer, or a freeman, or any other labourer, or any professional, or any level of government (municipal, provincial or federal) or any country.

The reporter, Adrienne Arsenault remarks that the “freedom” movement grows in tough economic times, but she fails to explain any details about our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money and how the design flaw of usury is the killer machine that keeps debtors financially enslaved to creditors for generation after generation.

Obviously, Adrienne Arsenalt is not aware that the majority of those “Warriors of One” who are identified or labelled as “freemen” know by their ongoing research that too many debtors have absolutely no idea that they are simply pawns in the intensifying game of global politics and usury finance where the stakes are increasing and the bets are becoming more risky.

I daresay that neither Adrienne Arsenault, nor the awakened “freemen,” nor the masses of enslaved debtors know of Section C-6 of the Millennium Declaration of May 2000, wherein every debtor (person) on planet earth is promised a usuryfree line of credit (loan) - if and when the world’s leaders ratify Section C-6. The Millennium Declaration of May 2000 states: "The Time Standard of Money must be adopted by the UN to deliver on the promise to restructure the global financial architecture with an upgraded UNILETS interest-free (usuryfree) time-based credit card letting the world's children "take care of the rest" themselves."

So that the “freemen’s” challenge to the faltering and failing ‘system’ do not become dismissed and misunderstood, I invite media pundits to do some thorough research as we progress through 2012 and beyond. I suggest that ongoing and self-motivated research by dedicated journalists will be beneficial to more clearly understanding why so many debtors (freemen or otherwise) in Canada (and elsewhere) are heading, by design, towards eventual financial ruin within these early decades of this 21st Century.

I am trusting that myself and other advocates of usuryfree finance are motivating debtors (freemen or otherwise) and journalists to do some thorough research on the specific problems associated with the design flaw of usury. Any cursory research will correctly identify “usury” as the root cause of “wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack” - these very same issues that motivate the “freemen” to engage in peaceful resolutions - which were obviously mis-interpreted by Adrienne Arsenault - who didn’t know she didn’t know.

Additionally, Adrienne Arsenault and all “Warriors of One” - whether or not they refer to themselves as “freemen” are invited to study and promote the tried and proven model of usuryfree time currency as a workable, economic concept that has the power and potential to create “peace, prosperity and abundance” for every debtor on planet earth.

I admire motivated journalists whose integrity is beyond reproach. Hopefully, Adrienne Arsenault will redeem herself and/or other journalists with integrity will come forth and thoroughly research the “freemen” movement as the issues raised by the “freemen” are intricately linked to debtors’ issues whether the debtors are “freemen” or “farmers” or “labourers” or “professionals” or “small to medium-sized businesses” or “major trans-national corporations” or any “level of government” or any “country.”

I firmly believe, that it is time the mainstream media (electronic and print) addresses (a) the problem of “usury” finance as it relates to our orthodox, economic system of debt money and (b) the solution of usuryfree finance as it relates to complementary economics, to determine which has the optimal capacity to foster “peace, prosperity and abundance” for every debtor (“freemen included) on planet earth.

Permit me to engage in a bit of honest, self-promotion by recommending the blog - The UsuryFree Eye Opener - as a starting point for anyone who is self-motivated to commence a mission of self-imposed research. There are plenty of relevant articles posted there, with an abundance of links to background reading material.

In summary, what the “freemen” really want is fair journalism and ultimate freedom from financial enslavement whereby usury is the control mechanism - the fifth column (the hidden column) that is supporting the other lies, deceits and deceptions that are designed to keep debtors forever financially enslaved in the forthcoming New World Order.

NOTE: Grasshopper Media assesses the CBC documentary "Finding The Freemen"

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At 5:05 AM, Anonymous K-Roc said...

The "money changers/parasitic usurers" own the dominant media, and anyone who tries to move away from debt slavery is a "terrorist" in there eyes. Meanwhile, the State perps violence on the People as public policy.

Solution? 10000 of usury/interest/riba free organic money systems so the People can liberate themselves from debt servitude.

Thanks Tommy for your tireless efforts for an abundant future for mankind.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Max Radico said...

Thanks always to the Usuryfree Network for representing!


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