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Monday, June 11, 2012

Bilderberg 2012 - A Summary

“On May 31, the annual Bilderberg conference kicked off in Chantilly, Virgina. Every year the world's elites meet to make decisions that will potentially have an affect on millions around the world. Beatrix one said "de leugen regeert" which means "the lie rules" . You can find something about this on Wiki. Knowing what we know now, I don't think that 'the explanation given for this statement, is what she really meant.People in general ,are completely clueless , the sheep are willing to migrate to a greener pasture, once they are shaken from their slumber. We must all continue to exhaust our efforts to awaken the sleeping sheep. All civilizations eventually collapse. the only question is, how much longer will ours persists. a year? a decade? a 1000 yrs? something tells me that whenever it is that it begins to, the police will finally have used up the last of whatever credibility they once had, and following certain events, being a cop will be a phenomenally unpopular job. on that day, they will flee their posts like they did when Katrina hit their comfortable profession. they have no loyalty. just job security.”

Bilderberg Conference 2012:

Exposing Bilderberg on Facebook:

NOTE: These are very interesting interviews - worthy of listening to and sharing.


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