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Monday, June 18, 2012

I Want The Earth Plus 5 Percent

John "KingofthePauper" Turmel writes:

"Great series of videos. Only one small mistake."

"Part 2: 5:15 Voorhis mistake of thinking banks lend out 900% of the deposit in new money when it's 90% over and over again up to 900%. The error is thinking he collected $45 and paid out $3 to the first depositor but he actually paid out $3 to each of the other depositors totalling $30, not $3. But that's a minor erorr that does not detract from being ritght on everything´╗┐ else." 

Here are the links to the 5 parts of this video "I Want The Earth Plus 5 Percent"

Part 1/5 

Part 2/5 

Part 3/5 

Part 4/5 

Part 5/5 


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